Join Me at OzMosaics for Mosaic Addicts Tuesdays!

Hello my wonderful students! 

I’m thrilled to invite you to our Mosaic Addicts Tuesdays, a special day dedicated to all of you who have completed the A & B courses and are eager to continue your mosaic adventure. Mosaic Addicts Tuesdays is more than just a class; it’s a place where you can explore your creativity, refine your skills, and work on your mosaic projects in a supportive and inspiring environment.

It’s a day when we, as mosaic artists, come together to learn, create, and share our passion for this beautiful art form.

What I love about these Tuesdays is the energy and creativity that fills the room. Each of you brings your unique style and ideas, making every session a vibrant and dynamic experience. Whether you’re working on a new project or need some guidance to finish an ongoing one, Mosaic Addicts Tuesdays is the perfect place for you.

If you just want to turn up and you don't have a current project to bring with you, join in and work on OzMosaics wall murals, which are always in progress, uisng the mosaic on mesh method. Remember, this day is all about you! It’s about taking your mosaic skills to the next level, challenging yourself with new designs, and most importantly, enjoying the process.

So, why wait? Come join us at Mosaic Addicts Tuesdays and let’s create some mosaic magic together!

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Sandy Robertson
 Exclusive Invitation:
    • Open only to OzMosaics students who have completed past workshops:A & B.

  • Creative Sanctuary:

    Beyond a class: a place for artistic growth and project development.
    • A continuation of the mosaic learning journey.
    • A collective environment for sharing and enhancing mosaic artistry.
    • Aimed at skill improvement and creative challenges.
    • Emphasizes the joy of the mosaic-making process.

  • Dynamic Atmosphere:

    • Energized by diverse artistic expressions.
    • Each session is a unique blend of styles and ideas.
  • Project Development:

    • Suitable for starting or finishing your personal projects.
    • Support during day from Sandy Robertson. 
    • If you wish, work on OzMosaics murals instead of your own project.