Unearthed: A Creative Exploration with LATICRETE

In my award winning mosaic called “Unearthed.” I was inspired by a trip to China to view the Unearthed Warriors. As I experimented with LATICRETE Australia products, I discovered a world of possibilities. These materials allowed me create contemporary mosaics, creating pieces that defy convention. LATICRETE’s 4237 Latex Additive, with its strength and flexibility, enabled me to create intricate details and ensure the longevity of my artwork..

Bridezilla and the Dressing Table Mirror: A LATICRETE Love Story

One of my most captivating works emerged unexpectedly. It all began with a dressing table mirror I selected for a BCC Exhibition.  As I gazed into its reflective mirror surface, the idea for “Bridezilla” was born. This fictional bride, her spirit captured in mosaic form, demanded attention. But how could I bring her to life? Enter LATICRETE’s 4237 Latex Additive. With its magical properties, I transformed glass fragments , crockery and more into a mesmerizing mosaic that now graces the dressing table and mirror.  LATICRETE became my trusted partner in this creative endeavor.

Australia Zoo: Where Art and Wildlife Converge

Henry Rothberg was very supportive of the Australia Zoo Steve Irwin Tribute Mural Global Community Mosaic Project, led by me.  Laticrete Australia donated all the grout, Hydroban and cement based adhesives (thinsets) for this massive project. Beyond my studio, I find inspiration at Australia Zoo. The vibrant colors of exotic birds, the graceful movements of reptiles, and the raw energy of wildlife fuel my artistic soul. As I wander through the zoo, I imagine translating these encounters with wildlife into mosaic masterpieces.

Christmas Island: A Natural Wonder Reimagined

My artistic journey extends to Christmas Island, a remote paradise in the Indian Ocean. Here, I collaborate with mosaic students and fellow artists to encapture the beauty of the island, waters, flora and fauna3. Again, Laticrete Australia assisted in transporting the grout and thinset, Hydroban to Christmas Island.  Due to the extreme weather conditions, heat and salt water which could affect the mosaics,  Laticrete Australia professional range of products ensured the success and longevity of the stunning mosaic mural wall project, with  more to come in 2024.

As I weave mosaic magic, I recognize the threads connecting art, nature, and humanity. LATICRETE Australia products allow my imagination to run riot and create  3D mosaic murals.
, Australia Zoo, and Christmas Island represent these threads—each contributing to a vibrant tapestry of creativity and conservation. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of our world and take action to protect it. 
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Sandy Says: Laticrete Australia products for mosaic artists, when only the best will do!