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Slate Tiles


$5 per slate tile, 30x20cm.
OzMosaics has stock of earthy, hewn brown/grey Indian slate tiles.
Each slab is unique in colour and slate tiles range from thin to thick.
Phone Dave if you would like a photo of slate tiles to make a selection re colour and thickness.
Each slate tile is sized approx 30 x 20 cm and most have a smooth back side but hewn surface. Each slate is unique in it's surface finish.
Enrich final mosaic slate colour surfaces, with OzMosaics High Gloss Slate Sealer or leave natural. Maybe a mix of finishes will look great in your project.
Reshape this slate with a wet saw for slate strips or gently tap with hammer or hammer and hardie for fabulous irregular pieces. Just keep breaking down until you are happy with the tesserae shapes.
Thin shards of slate may be snapped easily if you so desire.
Slate may also be gently nipped with Leponitts and tile nippers. Shaping all depends on your mosaic of the moment!
OzMosaics has used slate in mosaics for decades! So many ways to place slate in your mosaics! Layered, flat, stacked, on edge, overlays, tree trunks, tilted, special effects and more!
Tinted thinsets are awesome when doing the Mosaic push-in method!
Mix slate with other types of tesserae (stained glass, vitreous tiles, crockery, found objects, metals, smalti, mirror and more)!
It's fun and easy!

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