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Just press your tiles to the sticky mesh surface!


Suitable for indoor/dry area mosaic installations.

Packaged as a folded 20cm wide x 100 cm long strip or order continuous metres from the roll. Non-alkaline fibreglass mesh.

Overlap strips or cut to size for mesh appliques, inserts or worksheets.

Simply press smooth backed tesserae to the sticky mesh.

For bumpy back, hollow or curvy tesserae; apply thinset (cement based adhesive), tinted where necessary to anchor the tesserae to the Sticky mosaic fiberglass mesh.


Before starting your mosaic mesh project please test samples of tesserae on the mosaic sticky mesh for vertical and horizontal holding strength and suitability.

Attend an OzMosaics beginner workshop for hands on experience with mosaic fibreglass mesh, both sticky and non-sticky.

OzMosaics does not recommend Sticky Mosaic Mesh for outdoor or wet area/immersed mosaic art projects. Use Standard mosaic mesh for wet area/outdoor mosaics. Adhere tesserae to mesh with thinset/CBA (cement based adhesives, Laticrete Australia products recommended) for the most professional mosaic on mesh installations.

Sticky Mosaic Mesh is suitable for:

- mesh appliques, overlays, reinforcing Wedi/Marmox/mOzBoard light weight mosaic board edges.
- reinforcing polystrene and similar mosaic project sculptures and substrates.
- non-slip glass, ceramic, mirror cutting mats
- storage mats
- mesh overlays and more!
- mosaics for children
- indoor mosaics, crafty mosaics.
- and more.  Sandy shares her mosaic tips and tricks at her workshops.

Basic steps for Sticky Mosaic Mesh Method:
1: Place and fix pattern to desk or portable workboard. Keep pattern clean with an overlay of clear plastic.
2: Place Sticky Mesh Mosaic over your design (if you have one!) You may be freestyling!
3: Press your tesserae (mosaic tiles or materials) to the sticky mesh surface
4: Adjust or tweak if necessary.
5: Work in small jig-saw style sections or larger sections using Sticky Mosaic Mesh.
6: Test your tesserae on a sample of Sticky Mosaic Mesh to ensure it sticks well to the mesh and vertical holding strength.
7: When you finish your larger mosaic on mesh, or smaller mesh appliques, transfer to substrate, adhering with thinset (cement based adhesive).
8: Grout, seal and install.

*Benefits of Sticky Mosaic Mesh Strips:  no glue necessary, just press in tesserae to mesh. 
*Benefits of Standard non-sticky mesh mats- more holding power for professional mosaics using thinset to glue tesserae to the mesh.

OzMosaics workshops give you hands on experience with both styles of mesh for your mosaics.
OzMosaics are not responsible for your mosaic projects based on the above information. This is a basic guide only.  It is up to you to seek professional mosaic tuition or attend Sandy's workshops for all the intricate mosaic on mesh steps.  It's amazing what you can do with mosaic fibreglass mesh, both sticky and non-sticky!

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