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Mesh - Fibreglass per Metre, 100cm wide


Premium Mesh - Fibreglass suitable for mosaic art - 5mm x 5mm.
100cm wide x 100cm long. High Quality - European made.

The direct mosaic mesh method is a dream for mosaic artists; beginners to professionals.

OzMosaics Beginners Workshop will take you through the basic mosaic mesh making techniques!

DO NOT USE IT IN MOSAICS - It frays and stretches - just awful!
Cotton mesh is not compatible with all mosaic adhesives and may rot! Disaster!
Buy your mosaic mesh from OzMosaics and take the worry out of using the wrong mesh for your beautiful mosaics!
Flyscreen mesh is not a good option as the holes do not allow enough adhesive to push through to the back of the tesserae.

? What adhesive should you use to apply the tesserae to the mosaic mesh?

Sandy recommends Weldbond and/or thinset (cement based adhesive).
A workshop at OzMosaics studio takes you through the mosaic mesh technique in the Beginner Class.

Heavier weight mesh is recommended.
It gives more tensile strength. It also gives more strength to the mosaic substrate.

For example, if you make a table top, this heavier weight mesh will assist to strengthen the substrate. If in doubt, please contact us before ordering. Thank you.
Basically, use Weldbond adhesive for indoor mosaic art or non-immersed, non wet-installation mosaics.
Warning - Weldbond dries clear, so remember that the mesh will show through the dried Weldbond if clear or slightly transparent glass etc is used on the mesh.

Thinset (cement based adhesive) is ideal for masking transparent tesserae (so the mesh doesn't show through the glass) and for 3-D mosaic art. Thinset is a suitable adhesive, for outdoor and wet area mosaic applications and of course indoor/dry area mosaic projects. OzMosaics recommends Laticrete cement based adhesives. Check out our shop for suitable thinset products.

Mix the thinset to whatever colour works under your transparent tesserae. 
Usually white is preferred but wonderful special effects are possible by tinting thinset.Experiment using multiple thinset shades under glass or as colourful mosaic renderings.

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