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#4237 RAPID (aka OsMos 3000) Part A Liquid Latex Additive


1x Litre bottle of LATICRETE #4237 liquid latex.
(aka OZMOS 3000). Shake well before using.


This glue system is a 2 part system.
You need to ALSO buy A CEMENTIOUS base powder. Please consider the options detailed below.

This bottle of latex liquid as a stand alone is not a glue.

Purchase one of the following to mix with this latex:

#211 grey powder base
select a shade of Laticrete Permacolor Sanded Grout (your choice of colour)

To make this adhesive up:

Mix either the #211 base or selected grout with the #4237 latex liquid to form a paste to suit your tesserae/project/base. We suggest to start off with ratio:
2 parts base (#211 or sandedgrout:1 part latex liquid

Adjust the mix consistency to meet your mosaic project needs re type of tesserae/base/project etc.

When the two parts of this system are mixed together, (ie liquid #4237 latex and #211 or grout base - you will have an incredibly strong, versatile thinset adhesive, suitable for layered, mixed media, 3D mosaic projects.

Why use grout as the powder base instead of the #211 base?
By using a selected grout shade and mixing with the latex, you can mix up a colour thinset glue of your choice.

NOTE: If mixing with grout powder as cement base, once the latex is mixed with the grout, the grout is turned into thinset (it is no longer grout).

This method is handy for mosaic projects you are not going to grout, eg smalti glass tesserae is best pushed into a tinted thinset, rather than grouting the project.

It's handy to have a shade of thinset that suits your project especially for gluing down pebbles, smalti, shells, 3d items etc. Simply push the tesserae into the thinset. It's up to you if you grout later on or not. You can have different shades of thinet on hand to create special effects. Think of this system as a glue and grout in one. It’s a special system, if you need advice, please contact us.

The term thinset is the same as CBA cement-based adhesive.

Sandy loves this product! It's perfect for all weather and immersed mosaics.
Mix to a consistency to suit your mosaic project and stiff enough to hold tesserae if you are gluing on a vertical surface (eg pot or a vase). Perfect for 3D mosaics and mixed media. Excellent if you wish to make an adhesive to match your final grout colour (this can save time when gluing and cleaning up prior to grouting).

Come to an OzMosaics workshhop to learn all the wonders of this fabulous adhesive.

Available in STANDARD OR RAPID SET. STANDARD SET is recommended in most cases, unless you need a fast-setting thinset and you have all your tesserae prepared etc.

If you have a mosaic project that is not multi layered, not using multiple mixed 3d tesserae, we suggest using Laticrete #335 white based thinset (CBA), which may be tinted with our powder oxides, if required.

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