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Build your mosaic smalti stocks! Purchase 500g Dynasty MIXES -  bags of various shades.
When you need more of a particular colour, order in lots of 100gm. 
Order the Product Boards - great to have on hand for accurate colour choices as screen monitors/cameras are not always "true to colour".  Bricks are standard smalti size and the BLOCKS allow you more freedom in your tesserae shapes. Mix them up!

SMALTI DynaMIX Packs! - 500 gm Handy shade packs.

Please note:  DynaMIX brick size 500g bag of mixed SHADES are only available in the MODERN SMALTI colour product range.
                    DynaMIX block size 500g bag of mixed SHADES are available in both modern and antique smalti colour product range.

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