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-design mosaic borders, mosaic pictures! 
Grids assist in colour shading tests.  Used extensively by Sandy in teaching, commissions and schools (every age group loves the grids!). 
Follow this link for Info on using mosaic tile grids.

GRID A  suits 2cm x 2cm vitreous glass mosaic tiles

Make a mosaic mural:
Save a fortune doing a pixelated mosaic mural using grids.  Imagine a bathroom wall, mosaic border features, feature, patchwork mosaic mural, garden paver or pool mural!

Product Image Price+ Item Name
GRID for 2cm x 2cm bevelled tiles $20.00


GRID for 2cm x 2cm bevelled tiles

GRID A Suitable for OzMosaics 2cm x 2cm mosaic vitreous tiles. (we also stock the 1cm x 1cm grid!) Introducing the latest OzMosaics phenomenon:     "the square dinkum" Now its ok to think inside the square!     The mosaic grids will fire up your...
GRID for 1cm x 1cm bevelled tiles $20.00


GRID for 1cm x 1cm bevelled tiles

The grids are so popular!   Suitable for 1cm x 1cm mosaic vitreous tiles stocked by OzMosaics. Use sticky plastic to cover the surface of the tiles, press firmly in the grid and lift out. So many ideas! Make pavers, make the pool tile grids for your new pool! Make fabulous borders Amuse...

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