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2022 Weekend Workshop - Butterfly Project

OzMosaics mosaic crockery white flower
Image: example 3D crockery flower.

 ozmosaics workshop mosaic butterfly brisbaneThis mosaic butterfly project workshop is jam packed with mosaic methods, tips & tricks!
Come and learn with Sandy Robertson, even if you have attended other beginner classes, you are sure to learn more!
It's the Ultimate Beginner or mosaic refresher class.
Mosaic Weekend Butterfly Workshop!
Beginner to Advanced Students


AU $295.00 (incl gst)   Maximum 6 students 
All materials and project base included
9am to 5.30pm  Sat/Sun  
Book in! 07 3847 4873 or email.
Dave Robertson, Studio Manager.
Not sure if this class is for you, phone us for a friendly chat!

Mosaicist/Instructor Sandy Robertson (over 20 years mosaic experience)
*Assisted by Mosaic Assistant Maureen Randolph.
An exciting, very busy, hands-on, project based, immersive mosaic weekend.  Hard to beat this weekend class for value, mosaic info and expertise!  It's jam-packed with mosaic hands-on making & info the whole time! See video at bottom of this page.

student workshop ozmosaics butterflyThis workshop is suitable for beginners or advanced students wishing a refresher workshop.  Perhaps you need a boost to your mosaic mojo?  Students make a mosaic butterfly on lightweight board, learn to edge the board, instal hanging hardware etc. Using the mosaic direct thinset method, the body is formed from slate, shells  and other interesting tesserae.  The process of tinting thinset is explained and the benefits of thinset.  Butterfly feelers are installed, a rock head, a slate tail.

Students will love a new technique for building pique assiette crockery flowers, shaping glass leaves, mosaic layering and other petal shapes.  Each student's flower arrangement enables their "inner florist".  No flower is ever the same. The wing section is fabricated on mosaic mesh, then transferred & installed to the butterfly base with thinset. The wing consists of shaped vitreous glass mosaic tiles and decorative mirror.  Students use a range of mosaic tools to shape, nip, score and file their tesserae. 
mosaic flowers butterfly ozmosaics student australia

After grouting the butterfly wing the floral bloom, students create a range of 3D mosaic flowers.    All through the making of the mosaic butterfly, students are learning the steps of mosaic making. An overview of bases, pre-sealing, final seal and various mosaic adhesives/tools are discussed.  This is the most informative and hands on mosaic class.  

Of course, there are always more things to learn, and students are encouraged to attend our Mosaic Addict Tuesdays to improve skills and enjoy working with others.   OzMosaics also offer other exciting and diverse mosaic classes. The MOS, when launched will become a mosaic bible to my students or enrolled online students, as a great reference and inspiration source. 

Consider this butterfly mosaic as a sampler of mosaic techniques and materials.  You will learn the fibrglass mosaic on mesh method, push in thinset method, pique assiette (white flower), and a ton of tips and tricks from Sandy.


It's a busy, hands-on weekend from 9-5.30 each day.
ozmosaics coorparoo brisbane queensland mosaicproject butterfly


5th &    6th    FULL

12th & 13th   FULL
19th & 20th   FULL
26th & 27th   FULL

2nd &  3rd     FULL
9th  &  10th   FULL
23rd & 24th   FULL

May - no classes as Sandy is working on a large mural commission.

4th & 5th        FULL
11th & 12th    FULL
18th & 19th    FULL

6th & 7th         FULL
20th & 21st     FULL

 17th & 18th     FULL

 8th & 9th         2 places available

ozmosaics butterfly mosaic class brisbane

Mosaic butterfly, shaped from MOSboard. 
You edge the mosaic base with fibreglass mesh and decorate the surface.

The butterfly pattern & design is provided. All students work on the same mosaic design and colours but of course your individual touches will make the mosaic butterfly unique.

Mosaic makers in this class will:

work on a mosaic substrate (light weight MOSboard) and watch a shaping demo.
-install the hanging hardware.
-add mesh wrap to the raw LWB base edges (with thinset) and Sandy's unique edging method.
-apply sections of mosaic mesh method, direct method, 3D pique assiette, push-in method etc 
-learn mosaic shaping techniques, including curves, wedges, special cutting tips, andamento and opus.
-use many mosaic tools! Every student has their own set of tools during the weekend workshop including Leponitt wheeled nippers, standard tile nippers, parrot beak nippers, score and snap tools, desk top tile slicer, tile/glass file, DTA wheeled nippers, mosaic accessories etc!
-try out so many of Sandy's famous, innovative mosaic tips and tricks.
-create and shape an amazing 3D flower from white crockery.
-use mosaic materials (tesserae) including crockery, vitreous mosaic glass tiles, Dynasty smalti, slate, shells, pebbles, stained glass, wire/beads for bling/boings, ceramic tile, mirror, wine bottle, glass beads, millefiori, glitter tiles and whatever works at the time.  
-use/demos of Weldbond, Thinset, Prep Glue & epoxy paste discussion
-apply curved borders and shape circles and more!  Take home a handy sampler folder of cutting tips etc.
-experience Sandy's amazing tips for handling and shaping tesserae.
Obviously, we go off on mosaic tangents, so what we miss you will be able to watch over and over at the MOS - Mosaic Online School soon.  In the MOS many courses will have links to Groups in CLUB MOS.  Purchase modules and learn at your own pace online.  The MOS is not yet launched, but it's not long off. We are upgrading and adding more info before the release.

We use high quality, professional Laticrete Australia thinset, grouts and presealers in our mosaic projects.
All students make the same project /pattern/design, but of course your own style will develop. 
Making the same project allows students to learn so much more. In this workshop, there is not enough time to work on individual patterns.

Book in, turn up and expect to have a wonderful weekend of mosaic learning, fun and inspiration (and be totally addicted to mosaics). More info will be provided after you book in and what to wear, bring, times and other special info.

sandy robertson mosaic ozmosaics butterfly 1

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