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Workshop B - Advanced - 1 day

A combo of the old Mosaic A & B one day classes.

Workshop B - Advanced/3D - 2019  -  $170.00

Pique Assiette & thinset combo!
Mosaic Floristry!

13th January                      *** FULLY BOOKED ***
20th January                      *** FULLY BOOKED ***
24th February                    *** FULLY BOOKED ***
17th March                         *** FULLY BOOKED ***
7th April                              *** FULLY BOOKED ***
28th April                            *** FULLY BOOKED ***
23rd June                            *** FULLY BOOKED ***
21st July                             *** FULLY BOOKED ***
18th August                        *** FULLY BOOKED *** rescheduled
13th October                       *** FULLY BOOKED *** rescheduled
27th October                       *** FULLY BOOKED *** rescheduled
24th November                   *** RESCHEDULED ***

mosaic designMake a mosaic mural in this exciting one day workshop!
30cm x 40 cm base - ready to hang!
$50 deposit at booking - phone/email us to reserve your place!
Balance payable at workshop.
Eftpos, direct debit/ credit card/ cash/cheque

Advanced -  cutting china/ learn 3-D!
(Copyright OzMosaics)

floriade-1-Sandy supplies the basic design and students take it over the top!
This mosaic is by Pauline - it's gorgeous and every student in the Workshop B creates something special and different, based on the one theme and design.
It's time for 3-D!  
Sandy is an expert in mosaic 3-D!  Sandy has brought so many tips and tricks to the mosaic world using unusual tesserae, including china and wine bottle mosaic art insertions!  Shove the Shard with Sandy!  Nobody does it better.
A classy and glassy affair!

You have completed Workshop A and can't wait to move into the fabulous world of mixed media, 3-D and more!

Sandy will lead you down the whimsical road, with endless opportunities to put a fresh look to your mosaics.  
This lesson will leave you in a state of mosaic bliss!
Be prepared to see mosaics as you have never seen them before! 
A chance to combine the over-the-top 3-D with traditional mosaic technique - Contemporary mosaic art built on good foundations! 
You will never look back.  Learn to mix china, glass tile, mirror and Shove the Shard!  Paint with thinset!   Lots of Sandy's original tips and tricks!

You need to supply and bring to your workshop, china or fine crockery (not stoneware!).
Please bring your stash in a bucket, as it's easier to handle. 
If this is a problem with travel to the studio (ie flying/bus/train) please let us know when you book, we will provide what you need.

reshaping china smallHave a rattle through your cupboards, the garage or ask friends if they have any chipped or old china for you to turn into works of art - otherwise, check out the local markets, second-hand stores or buy cheap china at the department stores or dollar shops.

What will you make?  A mosaic mural - Mosaic Floriade! 
A 3-D mosaic picture, featuring a mosaic vase of flowers -overflowing with flowers and foliage.  You will become a mosaic florist - nipping stalks, shaping flowers and arranging them in your mosaic!

Dave will make up a mosaic substrate (base)suitable for indoor/outdoor hanging.  It's pre-wired, pre-sealed and perfect for your mosaic masterpiece.  Learn to use thinset Sandy Style - it's original!

mosaic-workarea-studioThis workshop is very hands-on and you will just manage to glue it down and make samples, but you will be inspired and take home the knowledge to make your own mosaic fantasies in 3-D.

A little or a lot of 3-D - it's up to you. Perhaps the simple uplift of a few flower petals, one leaf turning or a profusion of greenery and flowers! - whatever takes your fancy.

After learning the basics of cutting china and more info on the mesh method and 3-D mesh method, you will enjoy cutting china, wine bottles and weaving blings and boings into mosaic fibreglass mesh..

Mosaic flower petals will be raised using the shove-the-shard method. Thinset will be the glue of the day. This Workshop is extremely interesting, fun and takes you to another mosaic level! You can hang this mosaic indoor or outdoors.

What do you learn? A lot! Lots of technique!
Use tinted thinset to make 3-D mosaic flowers and other interesting things!
Spin the bottle Sandy-Style - coated with thinset.

  • make mesh bling and boings, with beaded ends
  • learn to cut china cups, plates, and assorted found items
  • raise tesserae to give a 3-D effect
  • lots of Sandy's tips using thinset to create special effects
  • work on a large mosaic in the making in the studio
  • mosaic art is more than flat - mix it up!
  • you are only limited by your imagination
  • be inspired by Sandy's slide-shows and movie snippets
  • if time permits, you will watch some of Sandy's movie snippets re the making of the Steve Irwin, Australia Zoo mosaic tribute!
  • learn to shop as you have never shopped before - where to find tesserae?
  • that anything is possible and make the materials work for you!
  • as much as we can pack into the day......
  • respect mosaic tradition but don't be scared to think outside the square
  • how to stand at art shows, look great and shine!
  • so much more is in store for you!
  • imagine colouring the thinset!
  • a little beading never hurt any mosaic...
  • how does Sandy get that glossy look on the finished mosaic?

Book in with Dave now and get set for a smashing good time! It's not about how good you are at mosaics it about the good you put into your mosaics. Art from the heart - when you are passionate about something, it all happens!

mosaic-art-australiaAfter Workshop B, you may enjoy some weekend workshops and special events. Sign up for our free newsletters and advance notice of upcoming workshops and events at OzMosaics.  Would you like to join Sandy's mentorship program?  Mosaic Addict Days are open for Sandy's students to attend, most Tuesdays.  Book in!  $5 per day and bring your own tools and projects or help Sandy work on her murals. 

You will love OzMosaics online mosaic art supply store (or visit our studio shop!) - smalti, mosaic gold, vitreous tile, ceramic tile, paua shell, mirror, grout, adhesives, mosaic mesh, mozboard, cement sheeting,mosaic tools, sealers, epoxy glue, polystyrene pedestals, wrought iron, table tops, books and tools.

Enjoy our studio mosaic gallery, Facebook -  and learning resources - OzMosaics provides inspiration for creative mosaic expression - begin your mosaic adventure with Sandy.  Within no time at all you will be making the mosaics of your dreams!

Please bring to this workshop:
2 x fine china cups, 2 coffee mugs, 2 saucers, 1 cereal bowl, 1 dinner plate, 1 bread plate
The crockery must be china, porcelain or "thin" china - not coffee mugs or tough ceramic as we are making delicate flowers and stoneware just does not cut it for our mosaic project.
The china may be new or old, chipped, plain or patterned.  Plates with colourful borders are great to make daisy and gerbera style flowers.   You will create mosaic flora for your project and also make samples of china flowers etc with this crockery.
Think of a vase of flowers!  If you like blues, bring an assortment of blues and colours in the china that takes your fancy.  Plates with border patterns, gold/silver edges, fluted edges, spots, flowers, stripes, whatever you can find.  White china is great as it sits well with the glass tiles, mirror, beads, and smalti!
Don't go to too much expense or time out!  Just gather up what you can, put it in a bucket and come along!
Have fun in the second-hand shops!

coffee-area-mosaicYou will use wine and beer bottles prepared with mOzCoat. 
Previously prepared bottles will be broken and cut by you for mosaic leaves, fern fronds, etc. 
You will learn to spin the bottle Sandy Style!

classb19apr09 013 smallSandy is a mosaic expert - especially when it comes to making mosaic flowers. 

Seeing is believing and Sandy has lots of examples in her studio.
OzMosaics will supply the base, glues, grouts, assorted tesserae,  mesh, pattern, and other exciting materials to make your mosaic!    It's a wonderful learning curve!   

mosaic tools-class-workshopPlease refer to the side menu re what to wear and bring to your mosaic workshop at OzMosaics Studio.

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