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Mundubbera School - Mosaic Project

Mundubbera School
Centenary Mosaic Project 2013

Sandy & Dave are heading off to Mundubbera to create a mosaic wall mural with the Mundubbera School students, teachers, parents and community! 

OzMosaics Studio is excited to be involved in this very special mosaic mural to be installed at the school upon completion.  Sandy Robertson will be conducting mosaic workshops with the school students and community, day and night!

Of course, we are using Laticrete products (Hydroban, 4237, Permacolor Grout, Epoxy Paste etc) to ensure a very professional mosaic is created.  Mosaic materials supplied by OzMosaics Mosaic Supplies Store, will include Dynasty glass smalti tile, vitreous mosaic glass tile, ceramic, glitter back/foil tile, mirror, beads and much more!

All school students will place some tesserae in the main mural and work with the community on the other 5 panels (or more!).   Lots of hands on with the materials, tools, methods and grouting of course!  We will use the mosaic mesh method, direct method and mixed media - as much as possible to enthuse everyone and hopefully create a mosaic group in Mundubbera after we leave.

Locals will be encouraged to bring in found objects, china and collected items to include in the other 5 mosaic murals to also be installed on school buildings.  It will be a hive of activity with school workshops in the day, after school and evenings!  

The mural making event will be at the school and Dave and Sandy look forward to meeting as many residents of Mundubbera as possible during the mosaic marathon.  We expect a huge outbreak of "mosaic addiction" so will pack extra mosaic mesh and tesserae to ease the mosaic symptoms!!!!

Share the adventure, view photos in progress on Sandy's Facebook Page or sign up to be a "facebook friend" of Sandy Robertson.

The mural making will all be indoors and the substrate is cement sheeting.  No weather hassles to worry about with the creation of this mosaic project!

We will head off back to complete the Theodore Junction Park Mural a couple of days after our return from Mundubbera!  Dave and I are getting to know every twist and turn of the road between Brisbane, Mundubbera and Theodore but we love driving through country Queensland, it's so beautiful!

Nostalgia: Dave's grandparents lived in Mundubbera for many years, his Grandfather was the station master.  It's such a wonderful and emotional experience for Dave and I to be involved in the Mundubbera School Centenary mural as Dave's Aunt Alison, mother Margaret and Uncle Bill all lived in Mundubbera for some of their childhood.

As we passed through Mundubbera recently, we stopped at the riverbanks near the old Railway and took lots of photos.  We could imagine his family playing there and swimming in the river.  I love taking photos of the countryside in Queensland, the bottle trees, rivers, sky, country towns... When we return from our Mundubbera and Theodore projects I will upload special galleries to showcase the projects and the incredible scenery of outback Queensland, especially Theodore and Mundubbera.  The locals at Theodore and Mundubbera are so friendly and work so hard! Dave and I admire the courage of all the people affected by the 2011 and 2013 floods.

Can you spot the cow in the tree in one of the photos below?  We love the Bakery in Mundubbera (pies are great!).  The lady at the Bakery told me about the cow up the tree in the 2013 floods!  Can't wait to get to know the people of Mundubbera.ozmosaics bottle tree
ozmosaics bottle tree australia


ozmosaics cow in tree mundubberaozmosaics mundubbera beautiful river burnettozmosaics mundubbera letterboxozmosaics mundubbera railway station oldozmosaics mundubbera river 1

ozmosaics railway mundubbera 2ozmosaics railway mundubbera 3ozmosaics railway mundubbera 4ozmosaics railway mundubbera 7ozmosaics railway mundubbera stationozmosaics railway mundubbera weighing machine

These are some photos we took on our way back from the Theodore project as we passed through Mundubbera.  Photos are mainly the old railway station, the river and my favourite tree, the Bottle Tree~
Where is Mundubbera you ask? be continued!


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