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Sandy's Mosaic blog

Ceramic tesserae - OzMosaics Mosaic Store

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ceramic mosaic tile glass ozmosaics australiaNew to OzMosaics!  Australian Hand Made Ceramic tesserae!
Sandy says:
It's very exciting to be collaborating with a very talented ceramic artist to produce mosaic ceramic tesserae for my clients, customers and students (and myself!) to include as special features, highlights, and texture in our mosaics.

Each ceramic is made to order to up to 2-3 weeks is required to produce and deliver your special ceramic tesserae.  Flora, the ceramic artist, explains the process below and mosaic artists will understand the comparable time and effort that goes into producing the ceramic tesserae.

From square tiles (great for borders or use your mosaic imagination!) to circles large and small, little pots (wonderful to add fun and interest in your mosaic murals), exquisite, luxurious floral blooms (mix and match in your mosaic art with your hand cut china and more!), loose petals, leaves and lots more to come!  I recommend these inclusions as I have often searched for something "extra special" to highlight my mosaic art and now I am very happy to have these beautiful ceramics to do just this.    

Keep an eye in the shop, check back regularly as Flora and I explore the possibilities of this wonderful ceramic tesserae.   Send me your ideas for mosaic ceramic inclusions; Catherine and I will be pleased to explore all suggestions!

Ceramic artist Flora says, "my favourite part in ceramics is the pouring & making the items. It is like opening a Christmas present every time I open a mold & a wonder to me that I have made it, fascinating."Mosaic artist Sandy says,  "it's wonderful to have these exquisite ceramics to include in my mosaic art, I continually find the colours and texture beautiful to work with".  

We are very fortunate to have this beautiful ceramic tessera available and hand made in Australia.

About the ceramic making process:

From the ceramic artist, Flora...
I have great joy creating ceramics and supplying OzMosaics with a mosaic range;  a mix of hand made and poured from a mould - ceramic flowers, petal, leaves, tiles and pots and more.  

The clay used is Duncan's Laguna with a mixture of brands for the glazes, underglazes & translucent paints. Before pouring commences, the molds have to be cleaned using an air hose, brush & other tools as required then strapped tight so no leakage of clay. The mold is topped up with wet clay until the desired thickness, then the mold is emptied leaving the shell or actual item. The piece needs to dry somewhat in the mold before it can be opened but not too long as it can crack as it shrinks. While the piece is wet, it can be carved into pieces or have cut outs done such as windows on a house.

Once the item is removed from the mold it needs to dry further which is known as leather dry, then it has to be cleaned by hand using sandpaper, wet sponge & tools to perfect the edges & shape  -- then they are fired for approx 8 to 9 hours which is called a Greenware Fire & they turn to bisqueware. The cooling process is normally 3 times the fire time & then the pieces can be painted.  

When painting with glazes each piece needs 3 coats & each coat needs to be dried before applying the next which in winter time can take a while.  Then they are ready for the Glaze firing which takes approx 6 to 7 hours.  

When a piece is glazed, it can be used for outdoors and is dishwasher safe.
Sandy says:  A lot of time, love, experience, talent and care goes into every ceramic created by the talent Flora.

Hammer and Hardie

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Hammer and Hardie mosaic tools 
Dynasty smalti glass tile!


 hammer 1 ozmosaics

Attend a Smalti Mosaic Workshop at OzMosaics!

Each student has the opportunity to use a hammer and hardie, Leponitt wheeled mosaic cutters, scorer tool, and side nippers to shape the smalti glass tile.
Find which tool suits you and your style of mosaics.
OzMosaics sells Italian made Hammer and Hardies.
Browse and select from our wonderful range of Dynasty smalti.
The modern portable Hardie is a great idea to move your Hardie workspace around your studio, workbenches, outside or traveling to the worksite or mosaic workshops.

You can select your mosaic hammer from medium to heavy weight.
You can shape your smalti with side nippers and Leponitt Wheeled mosaic cutters but the hammer and Hardie is an added luxury and very useful for breaking down large pieces of glass, smalti, stone, and marble, etc.

If your hands ache or you can't achieve all the shapes and edging you wish with the wheeled nippers or side nippers, a hammer and Hardie suite of tools is a great investment.  It's in your hands to bring traditional and contemporary tools and materials, techniques and inspiration to your mosaic art and craft.

Mosaic Blog Articles by Sandy Robertson

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mosaic addicts australia zoo jump

Welcome to OzMosaics Blog!

Blogs are listed on the left-hand menu.

Some highlights are listed below:

Such amazing memories at Australia Zoo!  The Steve Irwin Tribute Mural Project is installed close to the Crocoseum. Make sure you visit and check out the 12 fantastic mosaic mural panels depicting flora and wildlife - made my mosaic enthusiasts all over the world.  Mosaic pieces were received and installed at Studio OzMosaics over a 12 month period and it truly was a very special time.  We miss you, Steve Irwin!

 You may enjoy following Sandy Robertson and OzMosaics on Facebook for regular updates on mosaic activities!

2018 - Dave, Maureen and I traveled to Talwood State School to create a fabulous mosaic mural for the Centenary School Celebrations.  Lots of photos are on my OzMosaics Facebook Page and work in progress.  A tall mosaic pedestal was also completed.  The mural was made by mosaic artist Sandy Robertson, with the assistance of mosaic artist Maureen Randolph, teachers, school students, past school students, visitors, community and friends.  It was wonderful getting to know Talwood, it's history, family, farms, businesses and of course the school students and teachers.  We worked very hard, day and night over 2 weeks to complete the detailed project.  The design was put together by Sandy with input from the School P & C of images special to Talwood.  Features such as the tall water tower, historic rail station, old school house, school kids in uniform, tree of knowledge, school name, logo, farming of cattle, sheep, cotton, wheat... the silos, every changing colours of the fields, wide expanses of blue skies, the river and much more.  The school students were so eager and worked very hard learning to shape, nip, glue, grout and work out colours and mosaic design.  It's was a fantastic experience for all.  Thanks so much to everyone who made our stay in the old Headmasters house so happy and pleasant.  So many people helped out in so many mosaic ways.  Check out Talwood State School on Facebook for lots of photos of the huge Centenary Celebrations!

talwood state school mosaic project ozmosaics










A fabulous mosaic mural featuring the Juiced TV logo, made in 2017 by kids, friends, and families at the Queensland Children's Hospital. Sandy Robertson and mosaic friends worked at the hospital with the children, staff, and families to make the mural on a large piece of cement-based sheeting. The mural was pre-sealed with Laticrete Hydroban (available from OzMosaics Studio and Online Web Store).  Tesserae (mosaic materials), grout and adhesives were donated by OzMosaics.  The kids were so creative and Juiced Tv crew are awesome!
Here is the link on Youtube!

 2018:  The Mosaic Mural is installed in the new Juiced TV Boardroom!

juiced tv mural













In my current role as Queensland State Rep for MAANZ, I organised a MAANZ Queensland Mosaic Exhibition at Percolator Gallery, Paddington Brisbane Queensland. A wonderful support group ably assisted me to plan, prepare, curate and host a fabulous mosaic art exhibition with 54 mosaics beautifully showcased at the Percolator Gallery.  Thanks to everyone who worked very hard behind the mosaic scenes!
If you would like to join MAANZ visit this link for information on membership, events, symposiums, exhibitions, and Australian mosaic artists or contact me Sandy Robertson, Qld MAANZ State Rep via the MAANZ website.

The mosaics shown below were my entries in the MAANZ Qld Exhibition, titled "A walk in the Park" and "Made to Last". 
"Made to Last" was awarded a Highly Commended certificate.  The tesserae were honed out of old concrete roof tiles, using an Italian Hammer and Hardie (available for purchase at OzMosaics Studio or shop online in our Mosaic Online Store.

ozmosaics sandy robertson mosaic mural shoes

 "Made to Last" (c) Sandy Robertson Studio OzMosaics 2018

   ozmosaics sandy robertson mosaic mural roof tiles

    "A Walk in the Park" (c) Sandy Robertson Studio OzMosaics 2018


 2016: Meandarra State School Centenary Mosaic Mural Project
An amazing mosaic effort by Sandy Robertson & Dave Robertson working with the school students, teachers, community, families, and friends.  

 meandarra state school centenary mosaic mural side2













meandarra state school centenary mosaic mural


2016:  A mosaic mural project was completed and installed in 2016 at the University of Queensland, Water Engineering.

sandy robertson mosaic artist teacher ozmosaics











Mosaic workshops and classes at Studio OzMosaics continue to be busy and filled with budding mosaic artists and mosaic artists wishing to update their mosaic skills, Sandy Style!  Book a mosaic workshop and enjoy a fun, informative and creative mosaic experience at Studio OzMosaics, Coorparoo, Brisbane Queensland Australia.

2016 mosaic weekend pj flowers











A fun-filled, mosaic weekend was enjoyed by all students.
Glorious Brisbane May weather found us all making 3-D Floral Mosaics;  beautiful mosaic projects with so much mosaic information from the mosaic teacher, Sandy Robertson. 

 Mosaic workshops have run continually at Studio OzMosaics and thanks to all students who have started their mosaic journey with Sandy!

Workshops have been booked out and very busy!  Thanks to all our students who travel from near and far to attend mosaic classes and workshops with mosaic artist Sandy Robertson.

Dave Robertson has been busy all year filling orders in the online mosaics webshop and studio store.  Thanks to all our students, clients and customers for your continued support and patronage of OzMosaics mosaic studio.

Keep up with what's happening in this blog or join us on Facebook!


2014:  Mosaic Icon - Installed at Marian Valley, Canungra in 2014:

ozmosaics sandra robertson mosaic portfolio 001 1412144361














"The Everybody Seat" at Karalee State School:

artist mosaic


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