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MAD (Mosaic Addict Day) Tuesdays!

Mosaic Addict Days!
The MAD Tuesdays are proving to be a blast!
Fun, informative and wow, the day just flies by!

Mosaic therapy for OzMosaics past students!
$45.00 whole day or part thereof.
6 students only

9.30AM - 4.00 pm 
Come for the whole session or to suit.
A comfy desk space is provided for creative mosaic addicts.

2023: (may change due to Commission commitments).

13/9/2022  great day, thanks everyone!
20/9/2022  another fun day!

 8/11/2022  fabulous day
22/11/2022 so much fun!

Contact us to book in.
Dave 07  3847 4873

Students work on their own project (bring along a birdbath, mural, butterfly, whatever is of interest) using their own tools and mosaic supplies/materials or purchase tools, tiles, glass, glue, grout and other mosaic materials and supplies as you go, from OzMosaics Studio Store.  Don't expect to complete in one day!  Gain skills or tips and take the project back home to continue.  Book in again if you need more assistance or wish to have a fun day with other artists working on their own project.    

mosaic-tableSandy Says:  
Spending time with other mosaic addicts in a fun atmosphere is a huge mosaic tonic - be inspired, laugh, share ideas and the joy of mosaics.  Don't expect to create a mosaic in a day, but instead work along happily and come for one MAD Tuesday or more! Work on the Great Wall of mOs or work on your own projects at your own pace. 
Maybe it's a good time to start making gifts for special occasions, birthdays, Christmas gifts, decorations and more!

This is not an instructional workshop, simply a time and space to work on your mosaic projects at your own pace and enjoy the company of other OzMosaics MAD Tuesday students.  

Of course, Sandy Robertson and Popette (Maureen) will be on hand to help if needed.  We hope to continually work on the Great Wall of mOs and may also need to attend to Studio Shop customers.
Don't expect to finish a mosaic or have full attention from Sandy, you will need to be able to work away happily on your own, much of the time.  You will gain more knowledge and be very inspired though over many Tuesdays, if you wish to attend more than once.  Sandy may advise you to enrol and do one of her MOS Mosaic Online School workshops before or after a Tuesday to bring you up to speed on something you haven't tried before.  It just makes sense!  The MOS will be launched soon. 

Expect a fun day and maybe just go with the mosaic flow.

mosaic wall mural brisbane australia

Option A:
Great Wall of mOs (Decorate concrete walls at Studio OzMosaics!).
Sometimes, you may work with Sandy and others on 3-D and mesh murals to be installed on OzMosaics Great Wall of mOz!  Don't feel like lugging anything, Option A is great!  Hone your skills on our mosaics in progress at OzMosaics.

Great chance to test out your mosaic skills, use Sandy's tesserae (only on OzMosaics projects) and advance your mosaic skills.  
Work on a section and then perhaps swap to another section.
Materials will be across the mosaic board and a good chance for you to try things out.

***Just want company and experience on a larger OzMosaics project?
If working on one of Sandy's OzMosaics projects, (subect to availability). You will gain experience and enjoy working on different styles of mosaics in progress.  In this situation, you may use our tools and materials as we keep the mosaic.  You learn hands on without needing your own project.

Option B:
Work on your own project.  Starting something new?  Finishing something off?  Want to grout a project?   Need to work out a pattern?
Bring your own tools and materials, bases etc or purchase from OzMosaics Studio store as required. 
We will provide a Student Materials Listing Sheet for students to list what they used from OzMosaics Studio Store or Stash. 
Light weight boards may be shaped/purchased. 
If you want boards shaped or hardware installed, book this in with Dave for following Tuesdays, and Dave will advise costs.  You may not return any materials once taken out of the grout/thinset drawers but take home what's not used in a plastic bag.  This will be fully explained at the beginning of the day.

OzMosaics Shop will be open on MAD Tuesdays.
Tea and coffee provided. If you have special dietary needs, please bring your own speciality tea, coffee, water or other beverages, etc.

mosaic school lessons workshop australia 1464586063WHAT TO BRING?
All students need to bring to MAD Tuesdays:

-box of gloves - named - to fit your hand size.
-hand towel, safety glasses, dust masks
-apron, water bottle (named)
-snacks, lunch or meal as desired 
-one of your mosaics for a show and tell if you wish!
-note pad, pen, pencil, and black/red felt pens.
-optional - found objects or tesserae to swap and barter!
-buckets/box in which to keep your work, tools, tools, tesserae, etc. You take everything home, so don't overload!
-Buckets are good as they are easy to lug things around studio and to your car.
-Plastic clip lock bags to take home left-over shards, tesserae, grout, glue whatever or buy from us.
Whatever project you are working on, materials, tools etc. or work on one of ours.

Please respect OzMosaics Studio, home, garden and artworks etc.
Do not take photos without permission anywhere at OzMosaics or other's artworks.
You may be asked to be in a group photo taken on the day for our mosaic diary.
You may not record any mosaic procedures on your mobile phone or camera.
Do not share Sandy's techniques online on FB or elsewhere unless given permission by OzMosaics.

Mosaic Addicts Days MAD Tuesdays are fun, a chance to show and talk about your mosaics, have a mosaic chat, share ideas and improve  your skills. It's not a formal day of mosaic tuition.

Wine bottles are always gratefully received to replenish the mosaic stash AS IS ANY CROCKERY OR CHINA!  Maybe swap your treasures on the day? 

Our mosaic services

  • Specialty Mosaic Art Supplies
  • Mosaic Online Shop
  • Mosaic Classes & Workshops
  • Studio Store - by appointment
  • Bespoke Mosaic Art
  • Public & Community Art
  • Art from the heart
  • Mosaic Addicts Group

Health & Safety

  • Always wear safety glasses
  • Wear closed in shoes
  • Wear a dusk mask
  • Wear protectivie clothing

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    Cnr 492 Cavendish Rd & Arlington Sts
    Coorparoo  4151
    Brisbane Queensland Australia 
    Parking & Studio Entry in Arlington Street
  • Studio Visits by appointment only
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About us


OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

Students visit from around the world to learn with Sandy Robertson. 

Dave Robertson, Customer Service & Sales Manager takes pride in running the business, co-ordinating the Mosaic School and Workshops, plus shipping out mosaic orders on a daily basis! 

There is never a dull moment at OzMosaics - we hope to meet you or make friends on Facebook.

You are here: Home Tuesday - Mosaic Addicts Day -Past students only