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book-09I have been touched by the many cards, phone calls, flowers, gifts and thank you's from students and clients over the many years of mosaic teaching and mosaic-making.  I appreciate you all very much and thank you for the time you took out of your very busy lives to contact me.  I could fill a book with your messages and photos - I have a huge box full of your letters and cards.  What means most to me is seeing heads, hands and hearts working together to create art from the heART!

Hi Dave,   Yesterday Jane and I attended Workshop A and we absolutely loved it. Please let Sandy know that the whole day was completely inspiring and something that we will never forget. You were both so welcoming and Sandy is one of the most joyful people I have ever met. The whole workshop was extremely well run and professional. Thank-you very much!  I have polished my tile and it has taken pride of place in my home. I could not be prouder of myself.  Both Jane and I would like to book into workshop B. Thanks Kylie.

Without my students I would not continue to push the limits, find new mosaic ways and go over the top with my mosaicsl  You all inspire me and it's been my privilege to teach you. 

To think I started off so many on their mosaic path is a very heady thing indeed! From the tiny tots, school students, teenagers,  adults and other mosaic artists who have attended my workshops, I hope you continue to grow your love and passion for mosaics with me.  I have had the thrill of travelling the world attending mosaic conferences, symposiums and teaching mosaics, but Australia, you have talent!   Australians bring something fresh and vital to contemporary mosaics and where I see much of international mosaic, originality certainly is at the forefront in mosaics Downunder!   See you again soon!insects 012

Remember to take time out and let your creative side out!  Don't keep yourself too tied to the grindstone, get out your cutters, relax and enjoy the mosaic break!

 The downstairs "dunny" at OzMosaics Studio is covered in mosaic "grafiti" and many people sign the wall when they visit the studio.  Marcia Hines was a very special mosaic student over several visits and much fun was had making mosaics.   Visitors from overseas and all-around Australia have shared a cup of tea, a glass of wine and swapped mosaics and mosaic stories.

These wonderful times are very precious, and the walls make great reading. Sandy has a collection of hand-made cards from school students and hundreds of emails which show how much mosaic art means to so many people.
Don't forget to sign the wall when you visit!  Marcia Hines was the first to sign the wall and now it's covered in mosaic "graffiti", which is fabulous and a great "memory board".

It was so exciting having Marcia Hines sign the wall and so many have signed after that wonderful day at OzMosaics studio in 2003 and several times after that.  I love watching Marcia on Australian Idol and have been a fan of her incredible music since I was a teenager.  Marcia loves mosaics and makes amazing artworks! Marcia is very kind 'arted and is so creative, such a talent.

Book into a mosaic workshop and take a creative break!  A few notes from Sandy's students:

 I so much enjoyed the workshop yesterday. It was impressively organised, each workstation and everything needed to hand and easy to access.I cannot wait to do more with Sandy she is so enthusiastic, has so many fantastic tips and I was totally inspired, who could not be?!  Thanks, and regards from, Alice.

Dear Sandy and Dave, I would like to thank you for the fantastic beginner's class that I attended on the 11th Sat (last week).

 Sandy, you made learning so interesting and fun, I gained so much knowledge that I would not of learnt anywhere else or from anyone else. I have thoughts running around in my head of what I would like to try, or looking at items and thinking could I mosaic this, and yes, I think I could. I have an old ceramic toilet bowl I would like to mosaic and have stems and flowers coming up from the base to the top, I would rather not mosaic the whole bowl. I would also like to mosaic some Besser blocks and make 3 shelves out of them with planks of wood in between under my kitchen window. Would I need to coat the whole block in the olive paint as the bottom blocks would get wet about once a month when I hose the area down. I will be looking forward to doing my next class with you in the future.  From one very happy person who will mosaic everything in sight. Thanks Noella. 

Hello Sandy and Dave, Thanks so much for the Workshop A yesterday.  It was good fun with nice people and a great teacher!! I just went through the CD (my husband’s PC has a CD reader thank goodness) all the information is amazing and am thrilled with all the tips and tricks I learned yesterday. 

My head was spinning when I got home and will take some time to process it all.  J Sandy you are amazing and a lovely nature!  Thank you! I would love to come to the next class Workshop B.  That will be a nice birthday present!  Also, will need some supplies.  Please let me know when you are available during the week. Have a great day! Cheers, Rozie

OMG Sandy, I had so much fun!   I had no idea there was so much scope to mosaics, it was awe inspiring. Thank you so much and I will be booking in for Workshop B. I am sitting here at home already thinking of things I can mosaic :).  Have a great break away and will see you shortly for workshop B.  Will just need to confirm date in the next few days and will email you.  Thanks again to both you and Dave, Gai

 "Dear Sandy and Dave, Thanks for the mosaic class yesterday (Advanced 3D Floriade!). I really learned a lot!  I told my husband when I got home that I was drunk on mosaics!  It was fun!"

Thank you Sandy for your awesome class. Your teaching style and wonderful energy has once again provided me with confidence to now embark on some advanced projects. All of your fabulous tips working in glass have also transferred through to my glass fusing projects. After over 24 years working in glass and this old dog is still learning new tricks!  Cindy 

Hi Sandy, Thanks again for today’s workshop.  Your generosity in sharing so many tips and tricks is amazing .. I will look over the CD later tonight / tomorrow and enjoy learning it all over again Thanks, Peta

Alain J Colfs attended Martin Cheek's workshop at OzMosaics and wrote:
"A great workshop with some wonderful people, thank you Sandy for organising it."

Martin, Sandy and Dave- I just wanted to thank you all for an excellent weekend.
It was a great workshop – I learnt heaps, in a comfortable and friendly environment.
Apologies for having to leave a little early yesterday arvo – I know I will have missed some more great insights.
Looking forward to the next workshop in 2013 Kind regards and thanks.
Judy Kraatz B.Eds (Hons) B.Arch. (Hons) PhD

Dear Sandy and Dave -
Thank-you both so much for organising the Martin Cheek weekend here in Brisbane.
It went so smoothly, and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for either of you when it came to the class participants. I love doing Martin’s classes and now have another venue to add to my memories. Kind regards - Denise Wheeler

Hi Sandy -Just a note to say how much I enjoyed yesterday.  It was great!   It is early beginnings for me with mosaics, but I know that I will be doing more and more and hopefully will get better and better.  You must get such a wonderful feeling of achievement from all your works Sandy.  Thank you for being so generous with your help and encouragement. My thanks also to Dave for his assistance also.  You make a great team -cheers Michele (spider flowers!).

Hi Sandy and Dave-Just a little email to thank you for a wonderful day yesterday.  I loved every bit of it and learnt so much.  I am totally inspired now and want to "walk before I can crawl"  but I guess that is all part of the journey. I am going to practice with little projects and then come back to see you for the next step!!  Thank you once again. cheers Michele (the one who did the spiky flowers!)

Morning Sandy & Dave -Just a quick note to thank you both for the most wonderful day on Saturday, I didn't get home until 7pm but jumped out of the car and didn't shut up for at least an hour, I chewed my poor husbands ear off, in between numerous glasses of wine, with all the fantastic things you taught me. I had such a wonderful day and look forward to doing it again very soon.....please put me on your mailing list for when you have another class coming up, I am all fired up again now - just what was needed. Thanks again -
Deb C

Hi Sandy, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed and got a lot out of the workshop on Saturday.
My 21 yr old son looked at the trivet and couldn't believe I had made it; he was so impressed!  I've already decided to air con. my remaining space in my garage, so I can set up a work area to do mosaics.  So Sandy, thank you for your fun, open personality and wonderful enthusiasm.
Kind Regards, Rhonda  

Sandy,Dave - Thank you so much for a lovely day. I enjoyed every minute of it. You are inspirational. I am now re-enthused and have already set up my workspace to recommence my projects.     

Funny how in hindsight you can see what you should have done to make your flower or whatever look better. Shame I couldn't think that quickly at the time. BUT I am quite pleased with my barrow of flowers, and learned heaps Thank you.Your works of art are just amazing and thank you both for the time in showing them to us. Please keep in touch and let me know when something comes up for me to come to. Trip home great and quite straight forward.... thank you Dave. Enjoy your time .... bear hugs Fran

Hi Dave & Sandy,  I just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful workshops I attended early December.  They were well and truly worth coming down for - Sandy really is an inspiration. I have been meaning to email for weeks and finally got a chance today - I have only just finished cleaning up my mosaic masterpiece from the workshop on the weekend and started planning my next little project. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Cheers Kacey.

Hello Sandy, I arrived at the airporrt safely at 11.00am only to discover that the flight was delayed even more and continued to be delayed throughout the afternoon.  We finally had lift-off at 5.30 pm!!  I had bought a SMH and was happy to do the crosswords and read my book, but the chairs in the departure lounge of the domestic terminal have to be the most uncomfortable in the world.  Everyone round me was moaning about them.  So, I have no aches or pains from your workshops but a backache from the seating at the airport!

I had lots of thinking time and the more I thought the more impressed I was about the weekend.  I have done some teaching and demonstrating in Nursing, and I can recognise a well-prepared session when I see one.  I know you must have put in an enormous amount of time and effort into the planning and preparation, even if the sessions are repeats.  I am so grateful and pleased that I made the decision to travel.  I have just been on a 'show and tell' visit to my friend next door and have received gratifying oohs and aaahs.  Richard is also impressed and pleased for me, but he is a man of few words.

I may have told you that this friend, Robyn is just here temporarily and actually living very near you.  I was telling her about your commissions. Which railway station has the 12 that you did with the children?  And what other works could Robyn go and look at?  Thank you for a simply wonderful weekend.  I can't think of anything better than being immersed in shapes and colours and being fed!  I hope you found a lovely outfit, or jacket for the wedding.  I also hope that the pink and white tea party is lots of fun and that the wedding is a very happy and satisfying occasion. YoursPenny

 Hello David and Sandy.  I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day full of great fun - fellowship – lots of information and even a completed project to take home at the end.I am looking forward to trying everything out again in the near future and will be over to get all the other bits and pieces that I will need to get the job done. I am already using my gazunder to hold my coffee cup. Happy birthday to me!!!! Thank you again and I hopefully will see you again soon for bits and workshop number 2. Margaret - (Director  C&K Redlands Community Kindergarten)

Good morning Sandy and Dave,
I have attached a couple of photos of the workshop, I'm sorry I was too busy to take many photos at all luckily you reminded us to do so at the end of the course Sandy.....
I had an incredible weekend one I will remember always – I learnt a lot from Martin, felt like I was back at school, he is so very knowledgeable all I have to do now is to retain it.....thank heavens for the notes - it's always good to stretch the boundaries and step outside your comfort zone and try a different way of mosaicing it has to enrich your own style doesn't it ??
Met loads of lovely people and of course you and Dave are unsurpassed with the wonderful feeling of hospitality you exude – thank you for it all you are a walking inspiration and I always feel so enlightened and inspired every time I come home from your place. Talk to you soon and thanks again -Deb Caines - Artist

Lorraine & I had a great time again at the advanced class the other week thanks to you & Sandy .  I learnt just as much about life in a class full of ladies as I did about  mosaics .    Lorraine is full of great ideas . I  haven’t quite had time to think of the possibilities yet.  Hope to see you again soon Lindsay   

What I got out of the Advanced/3D Workshop….I loved the process of breaking Grandma’s precious tea cup and then seeing it as petals of a beautiful flower and the fact that it lives on in a 3D mosaic.  I loved that from cut tiles, broken wine bottles, copper wire, beads, shells and slate that I created a mosaic that came to life.  The added pleasure is that it was made with my own hands and my imagination, Sandy you give of yourself and in turn give us a very special gift, the ability to believe that we are all artists.  Thank you.  Leilani  - September 2009

Hello! My name is Helen Duff and I am a retired teacher. I now fill my days growing olives, garlic and pumpkins, welcoming guests to our farmstay cottage and caring for orphaned animals. In my spare time I quilt, do tapestry, folkart and now mosaics.  I took part in Sandy’s intensive and informative beginner’s course on March 12th/13th 2005. It was an orchestrated weekend weaving a harmony of fun, friendships and learning under our caring and competent conductor, Sandy; all in all a smashing good time where we all went away with heads spinning and minds filled with future mosaic projects Cheers -Helen

Thank you both for a great weekend, I learnt so much and also reinforced my leaning from Grafton which has given me the confidence to start jumping in at a few deep ends to see what ripples I can create and what gems of creation are lying below the surface. I felt privileged to be part of the last 3D workshop but would be pleased to hear about any other you may be running or if you are going to have any mos marathons to midnight etc.

 Sandy I am really very pleased with my creation ie the garden wall and door and wish to say a big thank you for all your attention and for listening to where I wanted to go withy it., not to forget your inspiration when mine had completely disappeared.  I know that I will be continuing on and am in heavy consultation with the lifetime partner for a section of the new renos as part of my 'studio' it is all very exciting and I am keen for you and Dave to come down and see our beautiful spot and experience Lower Clarence Valley hospitality. Again, thank you to you both, and I look forward to another 'creative event.fondest regards -pam w.

Morning Sandy, Thank you for a very informative class last Saturday (23rd).  I came away inspired to get into the wonderful world of mosaics.Too bad work has to get in the way during the week as I'm itching to do something.

Your hints about nipping into bottles and plastic bags -  just great!!!!  You have given me ideas so that I can use the boxes of glass bits that I have from my glass work. (Can't throw any out).Thanks againCheers -Jan -Good Morning Sandy.

 I had the best time ever and cannot believe what you have been able to teach us. You have inspired and amazed us with your passion and enthusiaim for mosaics and people. The course was so full of information and you presented it so well that we believe we can tackle any project, and just to know you are there to help and guide us through is very much appreciated Sandy your kindness and generosity shine through. Qualities like these are sometimes hard to find in this world.This scripture fell out of my copy of Purpose Driven Life - it is for you:- "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

Letter to a friend - to Molly from Polly.....Dear Sandra, EXCITEMENT - am looking forward to viewing the Ozmosaics studio - extended (thanks to the skills of Bob the Builder) and resplendent, blazing in colour...also eagerly awaiting the gallery which will be housed in the beautiful wood panelled room in your Queenslander home...and the happy mosaic garden - gardens scream out for mosaics.

 I remember the day we met.  I had enjoyed classes in stained glass mosaic, and wishing to continue on  the mosaic journey, luckily discovered the Ozmosaics website.  I phoned you and then met you and mum, Shirley, at the Brisbane Craft Fair.  I recall a vivacious lady, her outfit accessorised with a tool belt (such is your dedication to your art), and then came a big hug and I felt I'd known you for years.  On then to a class at your studio.  The butterfly and floral masterpiece now adorns my lounge room wall.
Next came the Addicts' Group - a happy and enthusiastic band of ladies - I'm looking forward to the reintroduction of the group in your new schedule,  renewing friendships and agonising together over which colour grout to use  - happy times!!  Being part of this group is the best way to go from feeling 'beige' to 'vibrant'.
2004 was a phenomenal year for you.  You completed so many projects (some with the help of a couple of addicts).  You've taught many children to mosaic.  For many, their mosaic journey will continue as they grow and they'll remember who took time to involve them. 

The mosaic dunny was an innovative idea and the decorative dunny will, no doubt, reappear at the May 2005 Craft Fair.  Those in attendance will repond to "throw some money in the dunny" - your unique way of raising money to benefit sick children.  I hope you've photographed every creative moment of 2004 and share all on your new website.

Thank you for bringing added colour to my life.  My interpretation of "colour" is...friendship, fun, laughter, smashing, creating, many grouty moments and Tim Tams. Thank you for excitedly and freely sharing your knowledge, gathered over a number of years and still growing. Please find time to compile and publish a Sandra addition to add to the library of mosaics.

Sometimes it's impossible, at the completion of a class, to 'down leps and leave'.  Some have lingered on to remain overnight to enjoy a delicious breakfast by David next morning.   (Everyone should have a David.)  Do I sense a B and B extension in the future??? Well friend, here's hoping 2005 is your year to do something for you.  Create your mosaic dream - make it a reality.  You've begun - don't stop.  Can hardly wait to be dazzled by the new studio - have fun opening it to newbies and future addicts on Saturday - continue to shine!! Hugs, Polly  P.S. Thanks heaps for sharing your Tim Tams 

For several years I had felt an interest in mosaic art, but it was an interest from a distance. I, like many others had seen segments on lifestyle TV shows, and had thought: “Mmm, I’d like to give that a go”. It was not until about October 2002, that I took the step forward and began my mosaic journey. But, I was on an isolated mosaic island. Despite living close to the largest inland regional city in Australia, I was alone with my mosaics. Buying practically every mosaic book available did a lot for inspiration, but left me confused.

I found myself wandering the hardware stores asking sales persons about adhesives, sealants and so on. I had wandered the internet, but remained feeling lost, and alone,,,,,,,,,then,,,,,,,,,one day it happened: Upon a surf of the net I came across this woman from Brisbane (at last someone within driving distance, let alone the same state and continent.) I viewed the Ozmosaic website a few times before taking the plunge………I e-mailed Sandy, and, then, in only one phone conversation I felt I had caught a real beauty. No, this fish didn’t get away. I was so surprised that in only one conversation with me, a complete stranger, Sandy shared some tips and ideas about mosaics (and she wasn’t after my credit card number either).

As a result I plucked up the courage to spend a weekend workshop with Sandy, unbeknownst to either of us, the weekend we arranged was Mother’s day here in Australia. But, it was the best mother’s day gift I could ever have received. Despite my knowledge of the basics about mosaics, Sandy shared so many techniques and tips. Her imagination and inspiration left me in wonderment. Since this memorable weekend, my mosaic journey has continued. Occasionally the journey takes some detours and the vehicle occasionally breaks down, but whenever I need “petrol in my engine” I either think Of Sandy or e-mail or phone her. I then get a turbo boost of inspiration, and an injection of happy thoughts to keep me going.

These days, we are so fortunate that she has sown the seeds for the mosaic_addicts group, it is only a connection on the internet to get a dose of mosaic medicine. And her wonderful website in which she not only shares her work, but she is so generous to make it a site for others to share and enjoy.

The thing that keeps me in wonderment is her continued enthusiasm, willingness to share her experiences with so many, and her philosophical approach to life. I am proud to be able to take this opportunity to share my “Ozmosaic” experience with others. Sandy is a unique lady who not only has wonderful mosaic talent; she shares this talent through her teaching with enthusiasm and humour.Julie N Toowoomba.

Sandy, My sincere thanks for a wonderful week of mosaic(k)ing (unsure of the spelling here) and for opening my mind to the wonders that are possible when thinking about and designing a mosaic. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the week and how much it helped me to begin to see life again through a more rosy glow.  Have been into your website Sandy and it looks fabulous, I have registered myself so will look forward to hearing the latest info and gossip. I have also gone through the CD and printed off all the file notes which are very informative and bring back all the detail you told us at the workshop. I must say congratulations on the notes they are extremely well presented and user-friendly. Both family and friends have been impressed with my mosaic creations and I have had great fun cleaning the pans with vinegar, works you said. There are (2) things I would like to request from you, the first being the instructions for printing out large images from Publisher, I have managed to do one but it was more hit and miss than anything structured and would appreciate if you could jot down the steps for me. I have been looking for thylacine images for the Steve Irwin project and got many from Tasmanian sites and am pleased with what is on offer but cannot get them up yet to a workable size.  The second request is for some "BLACK GOO" unfortunately Dave had run out by the time I got myself organised to request same. Please let me know your preferred method of payment for same and freighting.

Sandy once again thank you and also please a big thank you and your Dave, they were both so helpful and friendly, a truly wonderful week, what a trio!.............................hope to see you soon in Brisbane Pam W

Sandy & Dave

Thank you both for a great weekend, I learnt so much and also reinforced my learning from Grafton which has given me the confidence to start jumping in at a few deep ends to see what ripples I can create and what gems of creation are lying below the surface.
I felt privileged to be part of the last 3D workshop but would be pleased to hear about any other you may be running or if you are going to have any mos marathons to midnight etc.

Sandy I am really very pleased with my creation ie the garden wall and door and wish to say a big thank you for all your attention and for listening to where I wanted to go withy it, not to forget your inspiration when mine had completely disappeared. I know that I will be continuing on and am in heavy consultation with the lifetime partner for a section of the new renos as part of my 'studio' it is all very exciting and I am keen for you and Dave to come down and see our beautiful spot and experience Lower Clarence Valley hospitality. Again, thank you to you both, and I look forward to another 'creative event'-fondest regards Pam. 

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