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MAANZ New Mosaic Horizons Prize 2019

Held at Octagon ArtSpace, The Woodworks Gallery Bungendore NSW.
ROBERTSON SANDRA Unearthed 2019 terracottasmaltishaped tinted thinset 45x32

...and the winner of the New Horizons Mosaic Award is
Sandy Robertson - Studio OzMosaics!
Thank you to MAANZ for the opportunity to exhibit and to the judges for this inaugral award.  I am thrilled and honoured to receive an award for mosaic innovation from such an impressive line-up of mosaic entries in the

I was inspired to create this mosaic after a holiday trip to China in 2019.
The Terracotta Army in Xi'an, aka Terracotta Warriors and Horses, is a super large collection of life-size terra cotta sculptures in battle formations, reproducing the mega imperial guard troops of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (259 - 210BC), the first emperor of the first unified dynasty of Imperial China.  I was fascinated to watch the scientists working in the earthy pits reconnecting and examining the terrac cotta warriors.  Dave and I hope to return to Xi'an to spend more time explorating and visiting the Museum.  We loved visiting the Great Wall of China and many other places in China and Japan.  I hope to create series of mosaics based on the trip and experiment further with Laticrete Australia products, which allow me to push the limits of modern mosaics.

Artist:  Sandra Robertson - Studio OzMosaics
Title:  "Unearthed"  $590 - 
MAANZ Prize: $1000 Award

Materials:cement sheet substrate, terracotta, oxide tinted thinset-  handformed slabs and motifs, ceramic tile, Dynasty smalti, gold smalti, terracotta pot slabs. Laticrete products:  
#335, #4237 system, Hydroban, #4217, #3701 and special stirred oxide techniques.

Artist Statement:  Discovered by a farmer in 1974, the brightly coloured, glazed Xi’an Chinese terracotta army warriors transformed to grey, within moments of unearthing.  Stunned archaeologists were left with tiny colour chips, to investigate and replicate the former glorious colours.In my mosaic, hand-formed, variegated, thinset tesserae, with stirred oxides, represents the terracotta exposure to light and air, after 2000 years underground.  

sandra robertson mosaic latricrete warriorSpecial tesserae surface effects, an antique, golden teapot rim, glazed ceramic terracotta tile and smalti, depict crumbling, colour transformation and artistic armoury patterns. 

View left-middle, shows armour & sleeve.

View right-middle, shows Qin Dynasty Emperor/Warrior's face/profile/helmet, using terracotta fragments.

The transformative nature of mosaics" held at the Australian National Botanical Gardens Gallery Canberra
28Aug -  29th Sept 2019

ROBERTSON SANDRA FloralShapeshifter 2019Artist: Sandra Robertson
Title:  Floral shapeshifters  Size:  30:30   
Height: max 7mm  Weight: 3.1kg
Substrate – 4.5mm cement sheeting
Price:  $355.00

Materials:  Dynasty smalti, slate, handmade variegated, thinset chunks, garden tool, pebbles, nails, gold glitter, china, terracotta, banksia, pine cone, nail polish, drink glass, wine bottle, millefiori, wire, beach glass.

Artist Statement:
My mosaic represents transformative, mood shapeshifting, whilst finding your true colours and direction.

Have you ever felt broken physically or emotionally; in desperate need of tender, loving care to repair?  

Do you hide your true feelings and soldier-on,  with a concrete-encased, heavy heart?
Secret, dismal grey pain flows, poisoning your core.  Dig deep, accept help, find courage. 
Break through the barriers, trust and don’t fear a little transparency. 
Reciprocate kindness and love - trust in the transformation.  Plant positivity seeds, fertilized with imagination. 
The seasons will bring regrowth, strength, branching out, purpose and direction – your aura will radiate gold!

If you would like to learn how to create mosaics enrol in a mosaic workshop at Studio OzMosaics, Brisbane Queensland Australia, to learn mosaic techniques to create the mosaics of your dreams!  Studio OzMosaics also stocks everything you need to make beautiful mosaics in our Brisbane Coorparoo Studio Store (by appointment only please 07 38474873) or buy your mosaic supplies online at - OzMosaics Mosaic Web Store.  The best prices and professional mosaic supplier in Australia for 20 years.

When The MOS (Mosaic online school) is online, you will be able to learn everything you need to know to make mosaics online. 

For more information on MAANZ (The Mosaic Association of Australia & New Zealand) please visit
Photos of MAANZ Exhibitions and Symposiums and mosaic info are found on the MAANZ website.

I encourage you to join MAANZ to participate in mosaic events and receive mosaic newsletters keeping you up to date with mosaics in Australia.

ROBERTSON SANDRA FloralShapeshifterDetail 2019



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