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Mosaic Christmas Cheer

OzMosaics Christmas Decorations

Sandy Robertson orginal idea to make mosaic decorations out of pull-ring food tin lids and pull rings. Christmas Angels, trees, holly, candles and more were made out of mosaic tiles, tulle, glitter, ribbon, sequins, jewellery, smalti and more! Very popular indeed! Thanks to my Mosaic Addicts Group and Team who worked so hard to help me make this special fundraisers.

Mosaic art and craft on pull-ring tin lids OzMosaics (c) All rights reserved You may not copy, republish or link the Mosaic Gift and Christmas Decoration, tags, brooches, fridge magnets, scarf rings, mobiles, pendant, jewellery - made on a pull ring tin lid/base without my written permission. A mosaic book/cd/online tuition is forthcoming to raise money for very special charities. Please respect this venture. Mosaic Christmas Decorations - Thank you to all who purchased the Christmas Decorations at the Liz & Friends Art show at The Wesley Hospital - a huge success and a lovely gift/memento of the special time we all shared as we worked on the mosaic mural and fund-raised.

What do you get when you add generosity, kindness, caring, hugs, laughter, sincerity, hard workers, inspiration, togetherness, fun, giving and emotion?  An event such as Liz Heber organises.  Everyone rises to the occasion and benefits in so many ways.

"Life should be mostly froth and bubbles, but two things stand like stone;  Kindness in another's trouble, courage in your own"....

OzMosaics and the Mosaic Addict "elves" worked together for some time to make a Christmas Tree decked out with Mosaic Decorations.  Even though many had pressing mosaic projects to complete, it was with great kindness and sense of giving that they dropped everything to help me make mosaics to sell at the art show.

These miniature mosaics proved very popular at the art show and most sold out!  The dozen or so remaining, were donated to The Wesley Hospital for the fundraising craft stall for the Palliative Care Unit the week after the art show. Thanks girls!

Sandy Robertson's mosaic  Christmas Decorations/idea (c)  is dedicated to The Robertson Family Cat - Shaq!  Shaq kept us in good supply of pull-ring tin lids by eating his way through tin after tin of cat food.  We also had various shapes of decorative Christmas hangings, by way of tuna tins and more!  Small, large, huge!  All gorgeous. The snow flakes were so beautiful made form OzMosaics faux metallic glass tile and shimmering glitter tiles!

It's amazing what a touch of glittery red tulle, Christmas ribbons, sequins, jewellery, baubles and glitter can do for a tin lid!  I will always remember the fun we had and the stories we shared as we made the Christmas decorations LOL! 

Of course preparation is everything when it comes to a mosaic and the Laticrete Crew laughed with glee when I showed them what I did with one of their adhesives!  Fun all round and very, very strong mosaics!

Glow in the dark? No problem. Shimmery, of course!

The Dynasty smalti proved again to be superlative!  No pits, easy to cut, chunks and regular brick sizes made making the mosaic Christmas trees and more, a mosaic delight!

The huge range of mosaic vitreous glass tiles in OzMosaics huge mosaic shop, allowed sumptuous mosaic artwork.   Sandy's tips for cutting minute shapes out of tesserae were well received by the mosaic students and mosaic addict helpers!

The mosaic addict groupies (!) all learn at our Mosaic Addicts Days on Tuesdays and we all share the joy of mosaics around the workbench and cuppa area by the pool.    If you have done OzMosaics intro to mosaic workshop, you are welcome to join us on Mosaic Addict Tuesdays!  $10 per day or $5 Club DIVA members.

We toss the  money in the new, soon, to be mosaiced dunny and we plan to have a mosaic shindig in due course or perhaps save or an art show in two years time!

The original Art from the HeART mosaic dunny resides in Sandy's mosaic courtyard with a huge plant in it given to Sandy by Dr Des!  Many mosaic art from the heARt dunnies evolved after this famous first.....!

The next one will have 3-D flowers all over it. We will start it at the same time we stART on the Great wall of mOz!

We were sidetracked with the Art from the HeARt project at The Wesley Hospital but once the Wesley mural is completed and the Steve Irwin Day 2011 mural is completed, we will stARt on the huge wall and more!

Commissions are also being worked on up until March 2012.  A few trips out west are booked in for fabulous mosaic workshop trek adventures and a trip across the ocean after May!

Never a dull mosaic moment at OzMosaics!
We hope to make more mosaic Christmas Angels soon! They are so beautiful and look gorgeous as gifts, wine bottle gift tags, fridge magnets, brooches, jewellery and more!  Very versatile and fun to make.

It's all in what you do with the glue! I am planning a huge fundraising venture with my ideas, so stay tuned!  It's very exciting. 
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OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

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