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August 2022 Update:
I have stepped down as MAANZ Queensland Branch Rep to allow more time for my mosaic workshops, commissions, community art projects and family.  I enjoyed my role as MAANZ Quuensland Rep for many years and wish the new team all the best.  I look forward to participating in many future MAANZ meetups, symposiums and community art projects.

Please contact me at Studio OzMosaics if you wish to discuss a mosaic community art project, school mosaic project, public artwork or a mosaic mural for your home or landscape (wall, pool, garden, sculpture etc).  I have recovered sufficiently from my foot injury in 2019 to continue my mosaic workshops and mosaic projects, with the assistance of another mosaic maker.   I look forward to discussing your future mosaic projects.

Commission 2022 - Kitchen Backsplash - Private Residence (c)  Artist Sandra Robertson

ozmosaics commision backsplash kitchen mural sandyrobertson web


Karalee State School Commission Project by OzMosaics

OzMosaics produces mosaic artworks with environmentally sensitive designs, built to be engaging, enduring and complementary to surroundings. 

With our extensive mosaic experience and expertise, OzMosaics ensure that our designs support our clients’ vision and work within budget and to set time-frames, weather permitting.   We can provide options for design, cost effectiveness and time frames.

Norfolk Island Centenary Mural Airport by OzMosaics

We understand that your mosaic project is much more than creative or innovative design. It involves problem solving and effective consultation to ensure long term beauty, use and perhaps relocation.  Working together we achieve good outcomes for today and the future of the mosaic artwork.

Prior to construction, we can help you to gain a clear picture of all expectations from beginning to completion of your mosaic artwork.

Woorabinda Mural by OzMosaics ProjectOzMosaics Artworks projects range in size and installation environments, from a mosaic pot to large scale school projects, swimming pool murals, wall murals, education facilities and railway stations, to childcare centres and art galleries, community artworks, hospitals, parkland seating and sculptures, airport murals, commemorative, promotional, corporate, residential interior and landscaping.

cat table commission ozmosaics

OzMosaics Artworks clients range from state and local government departments and agencies, not-for-profit and community based organisations, to corporate entities; private sector, mosaic enthusiasts, collectors and builders.

OzMosaics has established successful working relationshipswith a number of leading contractors specialising in concrete, mosaic glass tile production and the fabrication of mosaics suitable for private sector and public art.  We either install the mosaic or assist to engage professional installers, depending on location and size of the mosaic project.

sandra robertson mosaic mural egyptian commissionOzMosaics Artworks:

  • provides expert advice on the interpretation, design, fabrication and installation of mosaic artworks
  • has received Queensland Government Funding for several Art Built-in projects in Queensland schools.
  • master plans the commissions and fabrication programs.
  • manages the selection of assistant mosaicists for large scale projects and monitors fabrication & performance.
    • Develops/manages the artwork concept design/commission plan/development stages
    • Brings together the art team
    • Considers project health & safety
    • Provides expert advice to clients, consultants, building contractors, project managers, art and professionals during the life of a project and maintenance programs thereafter.

Our past speaks for our future! Team OzMosaics strives for excellence in mosaics, customer service and project management. 

Queens Park Ipswich mosaic mural seats by OzMosaics commissionWe provide our clients with the finest possible contemporary mosaic artworks based on traditional mosaic values;  incorporating advanced technology.  Our mosaics are built with integrity, using professional materials and techniques.  Bringing our mosaic skills, honed over a decade of mosaic fabrication and design, you can be sure of an imaginative and unique artwork from a Queensland business.  

Sandy Robertson is a professional, exhibiting, mosaic artist and teaches mosaic art design to the community at large.  International travel keeps OzMosaics Artworks up to date with mosaic practice and Sandy Robertson has been at the leading edge of contemporary mosaic art innovation.

Mosaics provide a practical, hard-wearing surface element for public places and architectural vistas or a whimsical design for mosaic sculptures and fine artworks. 

mosaic wall mural commission ozmosaicsMaterials range from high end glass to reused and recycled glass and resources.  Ceramic, porcelain, smalti, art glass, vitreous glass, stone, pebbles, mirror, tile, recycled china and unusual objects are all considered as tesserae for a diverse range of mosaic possibilities.  Materials that may go to landfill are often looked at in a different light by a mosaicist.  Bring your ideas and together we will work for a special treatment for your project.

 If you are building, renovating or designing a project, take a contemporary look at tradition and imagine the possibilities that OzMosaics mosaic artworks can add to your design scheme.   From pool wall or landscape murals, we will decorate and cover your concrete walls/sculptures with flair and style.

Team OzMosaics attention to detail is evident in the beautifully honed mosaics and exceptional installations.
Every project deserves a high end approach and captivating, eye catching results.  OzMosaics is an Australian owned business and has been commissioned to do mosaic installations in Australia and offshore.

Please review these steps to commission/consult with OzMosaics Artworks:

mosaic commission ozmosaics sandy robertsonFollowing a first discussion
-OzMosaics Artworks will consult and consider your brief to bring your vision to the design table.
 -Please present us with as much information as possible on location, budget, time frame and initial ideas for the mosaic.
 -Keep cuttings, sketches or provide us with links to mosaics or projects that appeal to you, this can be a good starting point. 

Of course, your commission will be unique but knowing what might be in your mind's eye does help to get things moving.   If your mosaic requires research for a commemorative mural or historic/community artwork please provide the information by email/photographs etc.

Australia Zoo Steve Irwin Tribute mural Community project by OzMosaicsResident mosaicist, Sandra Robertson will present
a preliminary design concept for the mosaic in the form of a scaled artist's impression, design rationale and storyboards of selected materials.  Materials vary in price and you will be given pricing across a range of material possibilities.  Sometimes, it's amazing how something as simple as gravel and tinted cements, can make an amazing water feature mural in mosaics.

OzMosaics concept design enables you to imagine the mosaic in-situ, allowing for reflection and collaborative discussion before the final design is presented.   Computer designs showing the design overlaid in the installation area (where possible) enable discussion on size, colour and installation.  We ensure the mosaic project sits well in the intended landscape.

OzMosaics has professional systems in place:
Mosaic Supply & Installation Options:
- onsite installation and grouting of your mosaic to design specifications
- fully grouted and sealed panels ready for onsite installation
    - glue or screw into position with pre-determined design
- mosaics applied to mosaic fibreglass mesh for onsite grouting/installation
-mosaics paper-faced for installation and grouting

Every mosaic project is unique in design, location and installation.
Please contact Team OzMosaics for a consultation for design and structure of your mosaic project.
mosaic commission sandy robertson australia msoaic artistWe look forward to discussing your small to large scale mosaic projects, events, corporate, school, Art built-in, community or public artworks.

Our clients & Community Art & Public Artworks include Loreto College, Ipswich City Council - Queens Park, Brisbane City Council, Norfolk Island Airport Terminal Mural, Australia Zoo, SINO Hong Kong, Karalee SS, Helensvale SS, Ipswich City Council, Bribe Island Art Community, Redcliffe,  Private commissions (pools, tables, paths, landscaping, garden walls, bathrooms, kitchens. sculpture, Queensland Rail (Park Road Station), Mater Starlight Children, Wesley Hospital (Palliative Care Garden Mural), Holy Spirit Home, Carseldine Church Murals, Women's Centre, Stones Corner, many Queensland school projects.  Sandy Robertson is often asked to advise on project  management by other mosaic artists, to ensure a smooth mosaic process and operation.

OzMosaics Artworks projects include Christmas Island National Park, Theodore Community Art Work, Private Commissions including pool walls, mosaic tables and landscape artworks/murals, Jelly Belly murals, Memorial grave site mosaics and more.
OzMosaics ran workshops at Biloela in 2012 and the usual workshops at Studio OzMosaics Brisbane. Students have attended OzMosaics workshops from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, England, Ireland, USA, Norfolk Island, Canada and Italy. 

Landscape garden wall mosaic commission OzMosaics AustraliaA huge international network of mosaicists exists which fosters and mentors art students and encourages excellence in mosaics.  Sandy Robertson has been involved in moderating, owning and encouraging mosaic art world-wide and has held the position of President and Vice President, Queensland Rep of MAANZ.  Mosaic Assn of Australia & New Zealand.   The upcoming MOS - Mosaic online school  will further the growth, professionalism and passion for mosaics.  

Mosaic art is much loved by the public and many polls indicate it's high rating in the community at large for surface covering art and decoration, whether flat and convenient or rising to amazing 3-D heights as viewable wall sculptures and more.  Let's put our heads together and change the world we see with mosaics. 

Team OzMosaics can source materials for your project. 
are Australian distributors for many mosaic products and carry stocks for client commissions and large customer base. 

OzMosaics provides clients with a record of the making of the OzMosaics Artwork, materials used, installation and fabrication, design, photographs and maintenance schedules and requirements.    Down the track, these records provide an historical timeline for future celebrations and anniversaries - a mosaic time capsule.  Let's get together and plan your art and bring your mosaic dreams to life!

Mosaic Artworks


Our mosaic services

  • Specialty Mosaic Art Supplies
  • Mosaic Online Shop
  • Mosaic Classes & Workshops
  • Studio Store - by appointment
  • Bespoke Mosaic Art
  • Public & Community Art
  • Art from the heart
  • Mosaic Addicts Group

Health & Safety

  • Always wear safety glasses
  • Wear closed in shoes
  • Wear a dusk mask
  • Wear protectivie clothing

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About us


OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

Students visit from around the world to learn with Sandy Robertson. 

Dave Robertson, Customer Service & Sales Manager takes pride in running the business, co-ordinating the Mosaic School and Workshops, plus shipping out mosaic orders on a daily basis! 

There is never a dull moment at OzMosaics - we hope to meet you or make friends on Facebook.

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