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Mosaic Tile Grid

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The mosaic seat "The Everybody Seat" is installed at Karalee State School.
The mosaic cushions were made in a mosaic tile grid as were sections of the large snake head. The school kids had a wonderful time.
The snake running around the upright seat section was also made out of gridded mosaic tiles and pieced together at the site.
So many mosaic possibilities using the 1cm x 1cm / 2cm x 2cm mosaic grids!  Let your creativitiy run wild!
Imagine a bathroom mosaic border, insert or a floor pattern?  
Perhaps a pool edging?  
When you have a mosaic grid, there are so many uses for the grid.  Not just a square...but so much moire.

Mosaic Tile Grid
Available in 2 x 2 cm grid spacing.
Purchase a mosaic grid from OzMosaics Mosaic Store and order your vitreous mosaic tiles - OzMosaics stocks a vast range of colours from basic to opal and golld-streaked vitreous tiles.

Mosaic tile grids are very popular:
The Mosaic Tile grid holds the tiles and spaces the tiles evenly, thus you have regular grout spacing for border and grid designs.
- fun for kids to grannies (young children to be supervised at all times)
- great fun for a project at a Retirement Village or Nursing home as it's easy and no cutting of tiles involved
- wonderful to plan samples for mosaic borders, shading or mixes
- make a large mural, with lots of sections of gridded tiles.
- make a mosaic quilt
- simple, quick mosaic borders or detailed borders and segments
- create segments for a mosaic
- play with tile colours to achieve graduated shading or random fills
-working with school children, all ages
...and many more!
Gridded mosaic tiles can be installed on a vertical, flat or curved surface (where substrate shape suits your design and sile of mosaic tiles).

Sandy finds the mosaic tile grids are excellent for some people with disabilities, as with time and practise, eye and hand co-ordination is improved and great satisfaction is gained with this fun and creative opportunity.  If you are working with the community or on a school project, the mosaic grid provides mosaic project participation on many levels.


Assemble your mosaic tiles in the grid
Cover the surface of the gridded tiles with clear Contact paper, brown paper or wide strips of clear packing tape
Lift the gridded mosaic tiles out of the grid
Embed the gridded tiles to your substrate using thinset (Cement Based Adhesive).
*Make lots of small gridded sections in one grid, one full grid or lots of gridded sections to make up a border or large mural.

Mosaic Grid Instructions:
2 x 2cm GRID 

The mosaic grid is manufactured to hold in place, 15 xs 15 rows of 2xm x 2cm mosaic glass vitreous tiles, with a bevelled edge.
High quality, mosaic vitreous tiles are available from our Mosaic Studio Store or our Web Mosaic Shop,  in a huge range of colours.

-Fill the grid with your mosaic tiles at random or to set pattern for a border or mosaic design, or perhaps a background fill.  
-Fill the grid with tiles- do one row, or many.
- Create coaster sizes, borders etc. or follow a pattern.
-Search Google for free clip art gridded patterns (cross-stitch, pool border designs, perhaps pixelate your design, or obtain graph paper and design your own pattern).
-The butterfly pattern above was created in Microsoft PowerPoint, using a free clip art photo and PP Artistic Image rendering.
-There are many programs which will pixelate your photos into mosaic patterns.
-You can fill one grid and create a mosaic or make lots of grids to assemble later as a full mosaic.
-Once you have your mosaic tiles in the grid, take care not to bump the grid.  You want the tiles to set neatly, smooth side up.
The smooth side of the mosaic tile should be placed on the top side, so the bevelled edge sits neatly in the grid spaces.

Next, lift the gridded tile design out of the mosaic grid as follows:

-Cut a piece of good quality contact paper to the size of the full grid or the size of the grid pattern you have created (perhaps it's a coaster size or a border strip).
Tip: Cut the contact a little smaller so that when it's placed over the tiles in the grid, you can see the outer edges of the tiles.  

This makes it easier to remove the mosaic tiles out of the grid and having exposed approx 2mm of the edge gridded mosaic border, makes for ease of alignment if you are setting more than one gridded mosaic together on a substrate.
It may be helpful to have your sheets of clear contact paper, cut to size before you start the gridding process.

Some people find using Contact paper difficult.  
You have to be very accurate when placing contact paper over the gridded tiles. It's easy to mess it up!

You may like to try wide, heavy-duty, clear packing tape instead of the Contact paper.
Place packing tape over a section of the gridded tiles. Press down firmly. Place another layer, over the next section, overlapping the first stick-taped layer.

Continue until your gridded tiles are all taped together (using Clear Contact paper or the sticky tape).

Note:  Tile manufactures often use brown paper cut to size and apply paste to the back of the paper.  You will note they expose a small border area so tilers can align each mosaics sheet when intalling eg in a bathroom.  When the project is dry, they dampen the brown paper to remove the paper surface from the gridded tiles.
 However, in your case, you are making your own mosaic design out of the mosaic tiles and brown paper is an option, but not the easiest method for the mosaic artist.

-When you are ready, lift up a corner of the taped mosaic tiles and lift out from the grid.
-You can make as many gridded mosaic tile sections as you wish. 
-If you are following a large pixlated pattern (lots of grids making up one mural) you may wish to number the grids and put an arrow on the taped surface as a directional indicator.

-When ready to install the gridded tiles to a vertical or flat substrate, make up thinset (cement based adhesive).
(Make sure you apply Laticrete waterproof membrane (Hydroban) to any porous substrates (availabe in our Mosaic Store).
Spread the thinset to the substrate with a 4mm notched metal trowel (available in our Mosaic Store) to cover the area to receive the gridded mosaic tiles.
Align and apply to the thinset.  
Press firmly with a presser board or your hands to ensure the mosaic gridded tiles are embedded in the thinset. (Sandy recommends using a shade of thinset to match the final selected grout color for the project). This means you don't have to worry about removing excess thinset from the grout spaces, before grouting. The thinset and grout colours match up! Easy!

Once the gridded mosaic tiles are placed in the thinset bed, allow the thinset to dry.  The thinset must be fully set, if you remove the top layer of tape/contact from the mosaic and the thinset is not fully set, you will probably pull up the tiles from the adhesive. You do not want this to happen.
When the mosaic is dry, gently peel back the Contact paper or the sticky plastic layers.
You are now ready to grout the mosaic.

Sandy prefers to use the sticky tape layers, to capture, lift and remove the griddes tiles, as it's easier to manage than full square of sticky Contact paper.

-You need to be very accurate when placing the Contact sheet over your gridded tiles.
 -If you place the Contact paper onto the surface of the gridded tiles and they move surfaces, you will probably have to start the mosaic grid pattern over again.
-Using layers of tape means an easier control.
-Make sure you use high quality Contact or sticky tape/sticky tape packing dispenser.
-Practice the procedure to ensure you are confident to start a larger gridded project.
-You could practise on a small section of gridded tiles (eg coaster size).

Have fun!  Any questions, please email or contact Studio OzMosaics.

These will be available in MOSi (Mosaic Online School Int) in due course, complete with slide show, video clips and a MOSi Mosaic HUB!
MOSi is a new online school with a dedicated website, but is not ready for release.

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Smalti Colour Palette - Colour Boards

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dynasty smalti sample board antique















ANTIQUE COLOUR PALETTE -132 SHADES    $3.50 per 100gm    Delicate, reflective, pastel shades

MODERN COLOUR PALETTE - 132 SHADES    $3.50 per 100 gm   Modern, strong, bold shades        Mix and Match for stunning results!

dynasty smalti sample board modern

Smalti Glass Tile Australia -Dynasty

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Available in Australia

- over 264 Shades of smalti glass tile.
Fall in love with this beautiful glass smalti
Prices you can afford!
All shades - $3.50/100 gm!
Shop online in our
Web Store

Two smalti colour palettes for your mosaic pleasure!
Bold / brights and soft /subtle
perfect smalti for your mosaics!
- available in lots of 100gs!
bricks, blocks, slabs, irregular cuts, mixes!

Gorgeous Colours, Great Quality - AFFORDABLE PRICES

OzMosaics is the Australian Distributor for Dynasty Smalti

 Sizes: Traditional bricks, 2cm x 2cm blocks, slabs and thin smalti tile!
Visit our webshop or studio store to purchase your smalti!

MODERN PALETTE:      132 shades!                               ANTIQUE PALETTE
dynasty smalti sample board antiquedynasty smalti sample board modern132 shades!









at your fingertips!

42 shades of blue smalti!
42 shades of green smalti!  
30 shades of yellow! 
.......check our colour boards, it's amazing!

gold-smalti-tile-ozmosaics - and we stock 24k Gold Leaf Smalti Tile!
2cm x 2cm blocks - great value, beautiful tile.
24k gold leaf is fused to yellow smalti blocks.
Add a touch of glamour, beauty and dazzle to your mosaic art using Dynasty Smalti Gold.
Use it whole or nip it easily with your mosaic cutters.
We also stock faux Bronze, Gold, Silver and glitter tiles, so you can mix it up for great art effects.

Great value, easy to cut and yes you can fuse it in the kiln.
Antique smalti must not be fused with Modern Smalti in the Dynasty range, but if you keep them separate (and it's easy to pick them apart if you are sorting them), you can make beautiful smalti fused tesserae! Attend an OzMosaics smalti workshop to find out more about fusing Dyansty smalti in a glass kiln. 

 Recommended adhesive for smalti:

All adhesives are available in our webshop or studio store!
- MAC glue, Weldbond, Laticrete cement based adhesive (thinset), epoxy pastes. 

Want to know which glue to use when/where?  Book into OzMosaics workshops.

Create modern, contemporary mosaic art or recreate the mosaics of yesteryear, traditonal mosaics using opus/andamento techniques.  Explore Google, read and view mosaic art from the Byzantine Empire, perhaps create your whimsical version of the Empress Theodora mosaic.  Find your passion in mosaics, it doesn't matter if it's modern mixed media or strictly traditional, build your skills based on traditional foundations and then run with it!

Spend hours reading of the history of mosaics
Dynasty smalti is a beautiful glass tesserae for mosaic artists, whether stand alone in your creations or in mixed media mosaic art.

dynasty-smalti-glass-tile-australia.jpgYour imagination will be fired up with the most amazing range of colours.  Use your standard tile nipper, Leponitt wheeled mosaic cutters, hammer and hardie or scorer/snapper tile tool to shape your Dynasty smalti tile.

Select from the Modern Palette or the Antique Palette.

The Modern Palette  provides the artist with bold, modern smalti colours!
The Antique Palette brings softer, delicate shades for portraits or to blend with the bright modern palette. Such an amazing colour range!

OzMosaics offers smalti workshops in our Brisbane Studio for students who have completed our A/B mosaic workshops. Book in and learn colour, design, cutting and adhesive blends to create your own mosaics with flair.

Visit OzMosaics studio shop by appointment

Order sample boards to make selecting colours a breeze or come and let your colour senses go wild in our studio showroom. 

Mix and match the smalti with block cuts, standard traditional mosaic brick sizes or the fabulous irregular offcuts. 


mosaic portrait smalti dynasty.jpg

Build your stocks and beautify your mosaics. Do you long to use smaltiin your mosaics but have wavered due to the cost? 

Use the direct, mesh method, indirect, mixed media, traditional or modern - it's your choice to grout or not to grout (it all depends on the project, tesserae, adhesive, method, installation, location....).

Grout - Sandy recommends Laticrete Permacolour Sanded Grout/epoxy grout/transulcent epoxy grout.


Come and cut flowers, circles, flowing curves or tumble it, toss it, crunch it, sliver it, bash it, stack it, edge's an amazing tesserae that will have you even more addicted to mosaics.  Dynasty smalti is also great to fuse and slump in a glass kiln.

Use Dynsty smalti on your mosaic pots, projects, community art, public art, walls, floors, doors, tables, vases, birdbaths, pools, ponds, bathroom/kitchen, garden furniture, seats, murals, stairs, fountains, torsos, sculptural mosaics, traditional or contemporary mosaic portraits.  Whatever you mosaic, make sure you prepare the substrates to suit the location/installation requirements.



Every time a shipment of smalti is received - we can't wait to open it - we are stunned by the gorgeous colours.  
No matter if you use Orsoni or Mexican smalti, you will appreciate the Dynasty smalti with it's amazing colour palette, quality glass and reasonable prices. 

Compare our prices with other smalti products.  Great quality, value and service when you order beautiful Dynasty smalti from OzMosaics Studio.  

Order Dynasty smalti today and include it in your artworks.  If you have a glass kiln, you will love Dynasty smalti to fuse new tesserae for your mosaics! 

Visit our studio store and make up your own mixes or order on line! 

 dynasty smalti modern bricks glass australia.jpg

 Mosaic Art by Sandy Robertson "Celebrations" (c) 2011A mix of Dynasty smalti bricks, blocks, smalti fusings, marbles, wine bottle stems and more! 


Mosaic Glass Smalti Fusings (c) Sandy Robertson
Studio OzMosaics

Fused in a Paragon Glass Kiln - Brisbane Australia
Fused smalti pieces for mosaic tesserae available at Studio OzMosaics.

Dynasty Smalti - beautiful mosaic glass available at Studio OzMosaics - Australia.

Contact Dave Robertson for more information on our range of Dynasy Smalti.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brisbane 38474873 - studio shop by appointment

or visit our mosaic webshop for everything you need to make mosaics.

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