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Brisbane City Council Tip Shop/Endeavour Foundation Art Competition. OzMosaics Update 001

sandy robertson mosaic artist brisbane city council comp.jpg
Exciting news:
I have stARTed to create my mosaic entry for the Brisbane City Council Tip Shop Competition. 
I hope you enjoy following the making of this mosaic - you will have the opportunity to vote online for your favourite artist/entry on BCC Facebook Page in due course or enjoy visiting the art show in Brisbane during May-June 2013.
Details for voting and gallery info coming soon -
Follow this link to the Brisbane City Council info page.

Below is my mosaic diary with photos, video snippets, slide shows covering this project.  I look forward to your comments on Facebook.
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The beginning: Early March:
I was thrilled to receive a phone call from Brisbane City Council to advise me I had been selected as 1 of 20 (out of 70 applications!) artists to create an amazing art entry for the Brisbane City Council/Endeavour 2013 Tip Shop Art Competition!  

 I did the mosaic Happy Dance all through our Queenslander and my mosaic studio - and out into the mosaic garden!  

I met with Jodie Powderly (Senior Marketing and Communication Officer | Waste Services -Field Services Group | Brisbane Infrastructure  | BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL.  

Jodie explained the "rules", delivery dates, meetups and lots of important info etc (especially the size restrictions LOL!) . We enjoyed a great time getting sorted out with the paperwork and discussing my mosaic ideas for the project. I look forward to meeting the other 19 artists in a few weeks time. 

brisbane city council geebung-tip-shop-2

Jodie is very passionate about the art entries and her enthusiasm stirred my creative juices to boiling point! 
The brief: to convert a piece of furniture or homeware article and other accessories, purchased at the Tip Shop/s and convert to a "work of art".  The artwork does not have to be functional, and can be reconstructed if required.
This was good news to me as it meant I could let my mosaic artwork really "go over the top".  
My head was spinning with ideas but I knew until I "saw the item" and connected to it and the "pink light" shone from it, it was not a good idea to start processing mosaics.

On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Brisbane, I headed off to the Acacia Ridge Tip Top - which is a joint BCC/Endeavour Foundation venture.  My husband Dave (OzMosaics Studio Manager) came with me as he knew I may never return.

I love using found and preloved items, discarded furniture and bric a brac in mosaic art  I  hoped to find a large piece of furniture for my art entry and needed his strength to lift it up into the 4WD.  We were going to tow our trailer but after hooking it up to he car, we found our indicator and car lights malfunctioning!  Upon investigation we discovered possums had eaten the trailer wiring connectors.

I suspect Dave may have encouraged the possums in this instance!  I couldn't wait to get to Acacia Ridge but Dave was more concerned about how much "stuff he would have to  lug home".  He should be used to it by now.  

No problem, we left the trailer in our garage and set off (I admit being a little worried that I would be restricted by the 4WD dimensions and did not appreciate the smug, happy look on Dave' face.    No trailer, less stuff in his opinion.  He should know by now that he  has no say in it at all. (Deep Down he really is keen!).   He likes to keep things practical and it's not always easy living and breathing in a mosaic studio with She who goes Over the top in all things mosaic!
art-craft-mosasicNot to worry, as soon as we arrived at the Tip Shop at Acacia Ridge (Sat - Sun 8-4pm) I found a great timber veneer dressing table.  It's a beauty and in good condition!     I love the side drawers and I have very big plans for the mosaic on this big mirror!  I wonder about it's history, I would love to know who owned this piece of furniture and the stories of it's journey through time.

 I remember these dressing tables, Mum had one when I was a little girl - this furniture was very popular and I feel quite attached to it. Shabby Chic, pique assiette, gigantic flowers, lots of colour - lots of mosaic  ideas as soon as I saw this dressing table!  There were other fabulous furniture items and Dave was really enjoying himself by now, exploring inside and outside the Tip Shop, giving me suggestion and pointing out great furniture. There were several options but the dressing table soon had SOLD sticker on display.  I really like the old chairs and would have sneaked some into my trolley, but Dave said "keep on track".

Dave was kept busy unscrewing the mirror from the dressing table so we could squeeze it all into our 4WD (the Prado is a great car!).  Later he realised, he could have slide the mirror off and no bashing and hammering.  It did not matter, the beauty of mosaic is that you can cover up any damaged with a brand new mosaic surface.

brisbane-city-council-tip-shop-geebung-endeavour.jpgWhile he was outside, I grabbed a trolley (very handy) and started to collect as much china as I could.  I rushed it up to the counter and the very helpful assistants started to tally up the cost of my huge boxes on china, found objects, lacy bits and pieces, glass ware, silk flowers and many unusual items to reshape into mosaic tesserae.    

I had an idea brewing and the colours pink, gold, silver, white, black, florals were on the top of my list.  I found lots of china that was perfect (even lots of pink plates and gold rimmed white plates!). My lucky mosaic day.  

-What a great place for mosaic artists searching for china, glassware, found objects etc.

I knew something was missing in my art setting plans, I turned around and Eureka!  I found the perfect chair to cover in mosaic or something "special".  Only  $5.00 !

brisbane-city-council-geebung-tip-shop-endeavour.jpgI kept finding great items and soon Dave was starting to get that "you have to be kidding me look" and rather than have a mosaic plate throwing session, I decided I had enough mosaic loot to "start with".

I recommend all art and craft artists to check out the Geebung (I haven't been there yet) and Acacia Ridge Tip Shops  - you will find incredible bases and substrates to decorate.

There are lots of ceramic pots too!  I will be back!  

The staff are very helpful too!  All the stock is neat and tidy and easily accessed indoor and out.

Lots of street parking is available and you can drive in to collect your goodies.
 I watched another lady sorting a pile of denim and I guessed she was one of the other artists in the competition!  

We soon were chatting away and she is very excited too!  I can't wait to see what fabulous creations emerge from this project.


The Tip Shop/s prices are fair and reasonable too.  My students often complain that second hand china is over-priced and if the Tip Shop keeps their current pricing it's going to be a good source for supplies.   

I keep telling many of the Op shops if they made the prices reasonable the "china and stuff" would fly off their shelves instead of gathering dust!

BCC/Endeavour have "got it right" and I will send all my students to Geebung or Acacia Ridge Tip Shops.  The mosaic addicts will enjoy the outing and they will find great goodies to cut up and reuse/recycle in their mosaics. A win/win all round.  

Purchasing china and other fabulous items from BCC TIP Shop means profits go to Endeavour Foundation;  items are kept out of ground fill and artists are very happy too!  Everybody wins and helps the environment and a good cause!  Big Cheers for the BCC!

26th March 2013:
I was up bright and early and excited.  Finally, I have a chance to be in my studio by 8am and "keying" the surface of the dressing table with very coarse sandpaper to give gripage for the adhesive for the mosaic coverage - my imagination was going wild with ideas!

I was ready to start unpacking and stockpiling all the tesserae possibilities onto my huge workbenches in my studio. 
Lots of wine bottles will be reshaped and included in this mosaic as mosaic foliage.

My mother "mosaicking mum" always listens to my mosaic rants and can't wait to visit over Easter and watch the mosaic process in my studio and help cut some mirror circles.

I couldn't make up my mind to go with a special theme and whether to do "cream or white base".  We tossed the ideas around and I decided to eat some chocolate and have a coffee!  Sometimes it's hard to get started but once you take that first nip with your Leponitts, it all starts falling into place.  Check out our mosaic shop for great tools and tiles.  I hope to mix in some smalti with the china, we have such delicate shades of pink smalti in stock.

Would I dare cut up the old, chipped English Rose delicate china? Shirley said "go for it" and after some gentle persuading, I did "go fo it". Here are some photos of the process of making mosaic Pique Assiette Sandy Style.

 I have lots of mosaic tips and tricks!  In this video on You Tube - you will see the cups being broken down to separate the floral patterns to make "mosaic fabric".  I have lots more to do and this is just the "raw mosaic' in the making.   

I haven't decided on the layout or pattern to connect all the florals yet, but I also will be including black and white china, mirror and special effects.

My theme is a wedding - a bridal dressing table, (with a twist and a whole lot more!) you can keep checking back here on a daily basis (bookmark or put this link in your Favourites) - on my blog, Face book and YouTube - see it all start coming together as a wonderful, wacky mosaic art "sculpture".

27th March 2013:  Up early, hot cuppa and thinking, thinking, thinking....  I know the pique assiette/ shabby chic will look very feminine and beautiful in this project but I want to be a bit more out there than that!   The mirror will be very "wild and weird" - I am excited to start the mirror mosaic as soon as possible.

I am keen to grout the pique assiette mosaic coverage on the dressing table in black/grout/glitter grout but everyone tells me white/cream is so special and blends the china together in the mosaic design. hmmm... we will see.

The mosaic wedding cake, boquet, bridal veil, mirror reflections, chair, picture frames and a host of other items will be fun and accessorise the mosaic as a whole.  The mosaic carpet should work really well, if I get time. I will be mixing many materials in this project. 

It's 8.30 am so I better head down and get my nippers working overtime!  I will snap more WIP photos and video clips as I go.
Hope you have a Happy Day!  Mine is going to be full of pink china roses for sure!

It's 12.06 am - been a very busy day with a surprise visit from The Popette, lots of phone calls - managed to get some more mosaic design on the dressing table!

Here is a gallery of photos of today's progress - a rough layout of the huge rosebud in the centre section of the dressing table.  Will reshape the tesserae tomorrow and when happy, glue it down.  Grout will be black and gold:


Blog: Brainstorming idea by Sandy:
I think Brisbane needs a mosaic park or something really funky (think Gaudi - Barcelona!) - other cities worldwide have major tourist attractions with mosaic artworks and sculptures. I wish I owned land or huge buildings to decorate in mosaics and sculptures or some acreage to encourage children, parents - everyone to come and mosaic, enjoy mosaic art therapy and have some fun!  Anyone out there with a warehouse that needs decorating....or a skyscraper or two!  LOL!
We could cover concrete walls, give demonstrations, community creative workshops and have a tourist attraction.  Teenagers, grandparents and in between could help and learn new skills.  Collection bins could be at dumps sites and Tip Shops for the items.  Crockery etc is broken every day and imagine if your grannies cup was on display in a mural in Brisbane...every little piece would count and the stories could be collated on Facebook!
Imagine the broken china, wine bottles, glass dishes, so many items can be reshaped into beautiful, safe, enduring mosaic tesserae.  I have been dreaming of this for years....who knows...

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