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High Tea at the Wesley Hospital - May 2012 - mosaics, fine china, art, community

2High Tea at The Wesley Hospital
- Palliative Care Service
"Valuing the Human Spirit"....
 Fundraiser and Mosaic mural on display.
31st May 2012

100Dave and I attended The High Tea at The Wesley Hospital. On entry to the hospital Auditorium, we were amazed at the beautiful balloon sculptures in purple shades - simply stunning decor and design.  Tables were jammed packed with attendees who enjoyed scrumptious sandwiches, cakes, hot food, chocolate and more! Champagne, juice, tea and coffee were plentiful and there was an excited buzz in the room.

The inspirational Guest Speaker, Gary Parsons and Sharon Parsons, famous for their book "The Legacy Run" ( brought tears and laughter to everyone.  Running 70km day after day and breaking so  many world records, made one realise anything is possible, if we have a dream, a support team, desire and passion to succeed, or simply strive to improve!  Their message can be applied to all our lives.  Buy the book and help funds to Legacy and enjoy a fabulous read - a motivational and true story.

butterfly-mosaic-baseMosaic Mural and mosaic butterflies:
Thanks must go to Liz Heber and her art community who work so hard at all times to bring these art fund raising ideas together.
Liz Heber is a very special person and has a heart of gold, caring and passionate about her art and includes other artists in her journey.

401Liz Heber, Liz and Friends art shows are a huge part of the Wesley Fundraising for Palliative Care.  If you know Liz Heber you know about her passion and it rubs off on everyone.  OzMosaics are proud to know Liz and help with fundraising, by being guest artists at the Wesley Art Show each year.  2011 I ran the idea by Liz of guests, patients, friends, supporters etc to the Wesley, could put down a piece on a mosaic on mesh mural in progress.  Liz thought "great idea Sandy!" and so it happened.

bb8Members of BAC Bribie Art Centre, Liz & Friends, Palliative Care patients, families and friends, doctors, nurses, children, visitors to the art show, friends of Sandy's Mosaic Addicts Group, Sandy's mum Shirley Hinkley and many, many others helped to piece the mosaic together at OzMosaics studio and at the hospital. 

It's important in this type of community mural, to keep the individual art works in tact.  It's not for the leading artist to fiddle and change art from the heart mosaics, it's simply to encase the little original artworks and meld them together in the mosaic "bigger picture".  So what if a tile is crooked, it was placed with passion and love.  We outlined the little works of art and painted, dotted and brought it all together on one large board.  A border of flowers was added by enthusiastic mosaic addicts at OzMosaics mosaic studio, with laughter and a few emotional tears as we remembered visiting the patients in the hospital.  A slide show of hands placing pieces by the patients and some of the hospital visitors is shown under community art link on our website.

4Many tossed a gold coin into a mosaic pot to help raise funds for the  Palliative Care Unit.  The mural was made with passion and money raised was much appreciated.  OzMosaics donated all materials, fabrication of the mural,  and time and Carol from Gum Blossom Cottage donated some glass mosaic fused flowers, which were included in the mural.  Thank you Carol. 

Dave made up a temporary frame, painted it black and he delivered the main mural to the hospital on Wednesday night, during the function set up.  On Thursday, Dave and Sandy attended the High Tea and also delivered 3 large 3-D butterflies and one cute mosaic "bird" (the bird was made on the opening night of the art show and is very cute!)...very special memories in this mosaic bird.    Thanks to doctors, nurses, hospital workers, committee and show attendees for donating and sticking down a Bling tile!!

The High Tea MC, Jenny Woodward (Weather presenter ABC news) was marvellous and it was so good to meet her in person.
I was surprised and thrilled to be called up to the stage to receive a wonderful thank you, on behalf of all participants in the mural making and a lovely box of flowers.  It means so much to so many people and I share the thanks with you all.

The mural and butterflies/bird will be installed in the Courtyard area, rooftop, outside of the Palliative Care Unit.  We hope it brings some bright cheer and it matches the mosaic table OzMosaics donated last year to the garden.  Over the years, we hope to add more mosaics, with the help of mosaic addicts group and other interested people.

Lots of people worked hard and donated time, energy, support, services, money, raffles (we look forward to meeting the winner of the mosaic course at OzMosaics Raffle ticket) and thanks to everyone!  OzMosaics encourages everyone to get involved in your community, in some shape or form and grow together. Many helping hands make light work and add a bright moment to your day and others around you.aa1  At the Liz and Friends Art Show at the Wesley Hospital last year, OzMosaics and helpers also made lots of mosaic Christmas decorations to help fundraise.

Images and artwork  (c) OzMosaics 2012
Please contact OzMosaics for permission use any images/artwork or info on this website.
What's next in OzMosaics Art from the Heart Community Projects?  Complete the Steve Irwin Safari themed mural, started on Steve Irwin Day 2011.
Members of Sandys Mosaic Addicts Group are welcome to help on Community Art Murals on the Mosaic Addict Day - Tuesdays (MAD!)
Contact OzMosaics for more information.

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You are here: Home Blog Sandy's Mosaic blog High Tea at the Wesley Hospital - May 2012 - mosaics, fine china, art, community