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Australia Zoo Tribute Murals

Contributor Surveys

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Mural Questionnaire - Results

sign_at_australia_zooThanks to everyone who sent in the completed the optional questionnaire/survey.   Enjoy reading the responses  to the 24 questions, listed below the gorgeous tiger mosaic!The questionnaire started out for fun - as the project grew so did the paperwork!  The answers are quite interesting reading!  Thanks go to Jan Abbotts (Lamington Lady Supremo) who worked long hours collating the info from the survey forms.  The surveys came in boxes, via email, dropped in, faxed , wrapped around tiles etc!

We did our best to keep them in order.  If you completed a survey and it's not included in this list, please email Sandy and we will be delighted to update this survey. Taustzoo15nov08 204hank you Shirley Whitton, Shirley Hinkley and Maureen Randolph for helping to lug boxes, label mosaics, photograph and record was a mammoth job but we did it and we have kept as many records as possible in storage for future reunions and memorabilia.

Thank goodness for digital cameras, we have thousands of photos and so many video snippets of the making of the tribute mural.  If you would like to add your comments to any of the Survey questions please send your info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please click on the listed questions below, which are links to the survey answers,
 by artists,
children and mosaic mates who worked on the mural. 
 - Allow a few seconds for each survey page to load.  Thank you.

Q01.Why did you make a mosaic for the mural?
Q02.Why did you select the creature/flora for your mosaic?

Q03.Is there anything special about the tesserae?

Q04.What tools did you use?

Q05.What adhesive did you use?
Q06.Did other people motivate you or assist you?

Q07.Did you have children assist you?
Q08.How long did it take you to make?
Q09.What music did you play as you worked?

Q10.Who made the mural with you?
Q11.What pets do you have?
Q12.How long have you been making mosaics?

Q13.Are you a member of any mosaic groups or Associations?

Q14.What were your emotions as you made the mosaic?

Q15.Did you donate any materials to others?   

Q16.Did you enjoy the making of the mosaic?

Q17. Did you keep a journal or visitors book as the mosaic was made? 

Q18. Did you ask visitors to your mosaic making to write their thoughts to share with us?

Q19.What did you eat as you worked (eg Sandy devoured chocolate!)

Q20.What did you drink?

Q21.What research did you do?

Q22.Have you been to Australia?

Q23.Are you addicted to mosaic art?

Q24.Anything else you wish to tell us? 
Once again, thanks to all who sent in responses to the questionnaire. 

I have quite a few to add myself, eventually...............
Mosaic Mural


helpful hints

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You Tube - Mosaic Videos taken during the making of the mosaic murals for Australia Zoo


Enjoy watching behind the mosaic scenes!
Please leave a comment if you recognise your mosaic or someone you know who made a mosaic in the mural! Keep checking back as more videos are being added!

Please note: Wear gloves, safefy glasses and wear suitable safety clothes and shoes when making mosaics! These videos are for fun and to enjoy. To learn the art of mosaics book a workshop with Sandy Robertson at OzMosaics - you will be addicted to mosaics in no time!~
The Pink Theatre Screen below give options:
** Several pages of videos are available to view, RUN your mouse over all the available options in the lis area on the right of the video clips - you need to click on each page of you mouse over the Boxes on the left - just fiddle a bit you will get the hang of it - more movies are being added during November, keep checking back!

If you have hassles with the embedded screen below, please try this link on You Tube  OZMOSAICS VIDEO LINK .  Cheers!  Turn on your speakers....Bookmark this page, lots more coming!!!!

Australia Zoo Mosaic Mural Tribute

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Australia Zoo Mosaic Mural Tribute


Australia Zoo mosaic mural
The Steve Irwin Mosaic Mural Tribute at Australia Zoo
You-tube video gallery: click this link:

View these Mosaic Mural photo galleries:
final panels mosaics on mesh 
Sandy Robertson, the mosaic addicts Brisbane team, Mosaic Artists worldwide,  LaticreteMini Movers and hundreds of mosaic enthusiasts worked together over 2 years of mosaic making and planning, to fabricate 10 magnificent mosaic panels. These panels were presented as a gift to Terri Irwin and Australia Zoo.
Visit Australia Zoo and see the murals on the wall near the Crocoseum - take your camera and video. 

We took hundreds of photos of the making of the mural, recorded video snippets -most very amusing (especially Dr Des!) but also very informative.Many contributors to the mural project, filled in questionnaires which make very interesting reading. Huge thanks go to Jan Abbotts who spent hours typing all the data for me. Jan also generously contributed many platters of lamingtons!

As the panel slide shows and stories emerge, we hope you will be inspired by: 

· fabulous art - from beginners to professionals -children, teenagers, adults all crafted beautiful mosaics.

· amazing techniques and materials

· the love, laughter and tears that make the mosaic project so special

· the amount of chocolate and pink champagne that we managed to consume!

· how many people cared so meaningful in so many ways....

· the story of Laticrete - and their support of the mosaic tribute project

· the story of Mini Movers – how Sandy found them!

· lots of other special mosaic moments - bloopers!

· the incredible possibilities - how people who meet online can make a mosaic mural together!

· the joy of mosaics - continue this in MANA as we have exciting projects for 2010

· networking of mosaic addicts in the mosaic addicts group

· children making mosaics - around the word, at Craft Shows, schools, hospitals

· craft fair fund raising days - the money in the dunny and the crocodile murals

· how Sandy wants to raise money to Save the Koala! At SID 2009 we were touched by Cozzie....

· what you can do with Thinset! The slide shows tell the story.

· how to make flowers out of china and wine bottles

· how black grout Simply Rules!

· by Crikey Mate we did it! We had to put a close day on the project, but it could have gone on for a long time!

· how many people supported us - their love of Australia Zoo and Steve Irwin shone through

· the great back up from Courier Mail, South-East Advertiser, Brisbane Image Magazine, Reed - the fabulous stands at the Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show - over several years!

· how the community loves mosaics!

· generosity that comes when you least expect it

· how much we admire and respect Terri Irwin & Australia Zoo, for all they do!

· what you can do when you are determined to make a dream come true!

· how you never tire of making mosaics

Thanks must to go Shirley (my mosaicking mum!), Shirley (Polly from the Trolley), Maureen (Popette), Dave (LSH), Wendy (Mentor and most generous soul), Jan (Lamington Lady), Dr Des (shaper and body parts), Annie (Amazing Annie), John (LSH), Rebecca (Grid Woman!), Chris & Rachel (Snake charmers), Julie (Who never gave up!), Margaret (Detailer), Janis (Cup Cake Queen) and hundreds of others who propped us up, cheered us on, fed us, watered us, assisted us at all times and encouraged know who you are - we could not have done it without you. Laticrete - you have products that are supreme (I am addicted to thinset!) as well as the friendliest, most helpful team in the world of concrete! Thank you from the bottom of our mosaic hearts. Your support throughout the project enabled us to make more mosaics - you kept up our energy levels with your interest and keen attitude and thank you for spreading the story of the mosaic mural tribute worldwide! It was very exciting receiving such positive feedback and rave reviews - it made every contribution, large and small very appreciated by all connected with the project.

Mini Movers – Brisbane, turned one of their fabulous trucks into a mosaic version of Noah's Ark for a day and managed to transport the mosaic panels without a hint of hassle. Read the full story and see the photos of the day the mosaics were on the move!Thank you Mini Movers for donating the truck, the strong men to the cause and for being so efficient - you certainly went more than the extra mile and we can't thank you enough for your generosity and extremely pleasant, courteous attention to every detail.Those panels were huge and it all went like a dream! Sandy recommends Mini Movers to anyone who is considering moving a small box to a grande piano! The mosaic murals were the biggest test of packing and transportation - not a tile popped off and not a scratch.Thanks for sorting out the method to transport and pack the murals, you saved the day! Also thanks to "Mr Juicy", who had offered to transport the murals and suddenly, the schedules clashed - you really rose to the occasion too and I hope you and your family love the dragon fly Wendy made in your honour - it looks great on the mural! Your kindness, consideration and support of the project was very much appreciated.

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