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Mosaic events

Patients and helpers create special mosaic memories in the mural.

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The Wesley Hospital - patients, staff, helpers

Making mosaic with patients, staff and mosaic helpers at The Wesley Hospital.

Sandy and her mosaic helpers visited the Palliative Care Unit at The Wesley Hospital.  Many of the patients, family, staff and friends enjoyed adding pieces and memories to the mosaic wall mural.   We send our love and thoughts to all the wonderful people we met during our visit on this day and thank you for sharing your time with us and adding your piece to the special mural.

The video clip gallery shows some of the helping hands at this very special and emotional time and thanks go to the wonderful staff and everyone who particpated in the making of this mural. When completed at OzMosaics Studio, sometime in 2012 the mosaic mural, will be installed in the courtyard garden in the Palliative Care Unit, at The Wesley Hosptial, providing a lovely artwork to be enjoyed by patients and visitors.  Thanks to Liz Heber and all the others who made this event possible with such care and kindness.  The mosaic helpers were wonderful, some travelling down from Bribie Is to help on this day and huge thanks to the mosaic addicts group who meet on Tuesdays at OzMosaics studio for offering to help complete the mural in 2012 and for all your support in 2011.

Many people donated to the mural making and all donations were given to The Wesley Fund Raising committee.

Australia Zoo - Steve Irwin Day - Mural - 2011

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Steve Irwin Day - Australia Zoo - 2011

Australia Zoo were keen for Team OzMosaics to return to Australia Zoo 2011 to work together with AZ visitors to make anothr mosaic mural panel to be installed at Australia Zoo.

The mosaic theme for 2011 - to be based on the fabulous new Africa exhibit, with the wonderful rhinos, zebras, giraffes and lush vegetation/blue sky background.

Sandy Robertson was given permission to use photographs of these magnificent creatues at Australia Zoo and keeping in mind many children would be pARTicipating in the mural making, kept the design simple, colourful and exciting

The mural making area would be quite emotional as we were framed by the huge backdrop of the amazing Steve Irwin Tribute Mosaic Murals - 10 gigantic panels that are installed at Australia Zoo, made with love and much emotion by hundreds of mosaic enthusiasts, artists, children around the world.  Children with special needs, school children, families, artists all poured their emotions over the loss of Steve Irwin and their love of Australia Zoo family and workers. 

It is indeed a beautiful mosaic mural tribute.  Shirleya and I became a little overwhelmed and emotional as we stood and looked at the murals - they are in perfect condition and the memories of the making of the murals are forever concreted in our mind and souls.

A mosaic team was heading up to Australia Zooto help Sandy make the mural 2011. It was a glorious drive, blue skie and we were in for a beautiful, hot November day.  Sandy, Dave and Shirley Whitton left Brisbane around 6am, had a dream drive up to the beautiful hinterland and arrived just after 7am at Australia Zoo.  Just in time to have a delicious sausage sizzle provided free for all early arrivals at the zoo!

The bright and cheery, friendly Australia Zoo attendant at the gate made us laugh and was so courteous.In a few minutes we had a lovely lady to guide our car through to zoo to unpack all the mosaic tiles, glue, patterns and smalti that we would need to make the murals.  We decided on the mosaic on mesh method, as that would allow the little visitors to work easily and without any worry if we needed to tweak a few tiles when we arrived back at OzMosaics Studio.

We started setting up, Dave was not able to stay as there were customers due back at OzMosaic Studio, but we had Jan & Duncan Abbots arriving from Brisbane, Maureen Randolph and the team from Laticrete, Ken Fischer, Rick Wood and the fabulous Shea!  We also knew we would have lots of help from volunteers, Australia Zoo staff and zoo visitors.   It was a very busy day making the mosaics and chatting to people about Australia Zoo, listening to their stories and making so many new mosaic mates!

Laticrete have been pARTners with OzMosaics with the murals for Australia Zooand a huge support with product knowledge and donation of glues and grouts.  It's the care factor that matter most and sharing our joy of mosaics in community murals is very special.

A wonderful volunteer arrived early and helped us till noon.  Thanks so much Darrell.  You and Duncan made a great team, working together to cut all the black smalti blocks into smaller pieces for the kids to use!  It did not take either of you long to master the Leponitts and the tile slicing tool!  Wow, those white tiles soon formed long thin strips to work into the zebra patterns on the mural!     You really got into the swing of things and thanks for your patience taking photos, helping to record the helpers names and place the tiles. 

Of course Jan, Maureen and Shirley worked wonderfully with the mosaic makers.  We had lots of glue, tons of tiles donated by OzMosaics - a combo of Dyansty Smalti, old Orsoni chunks of smalti and gorgeous Dynasty gold topped smalti (amazing stuff!).  We used Dynasty blocks and bricks, I purchased some of Martin Cheek's glass fusions for the eyes of the creatures and the children adored the quirky, comical eyes in the mural.     If you want to put eyes in birds, creatures you need Martin Cheek's fusings and mollies in your mosaics!  OzMosaics have stocks of these gorgeous creations in our Studio!  

You won't believe your eyes!  Martin Cheek is incredibly talented when it comes to making these very special glass fusions.

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