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The second video is a silly romp - promo for the upcoming new OzMosaics Online shop: The Mosaic Mall.  We tried to cover everything in 5 minutes LOL!
The third video shows The HandySandy mOsCatcha Bottle!  A very handy mosaic tool devised by Sandy Robertson.  All the instructions will be available soon in the mOs, our new Mosaic Online School!  
Thanks to Maureen and Jan for being such good sports in the making of this mosaic mischief! View the videos in full screen and give them a moment to load please...Enjoy!

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ozmosaics mosaic mural brisbane kndergarten2022 - Mosaic Mural Commission
Nazareth Lutheran Early Learning Centre
Woolloongabba Brisbane Qld
featuring Fantasy Butterfly, Bees, Sunflowers, Honeypot Ants & Witchetty grubs for the playgound space.
Artist: Sandy Robertson (c)

2019: Mosaic Mural Commission:
Regis Aged Care - Wynnum
Wall Mural installed in the beautiful garden at Regis.
3D & Mixed Media.  (c) Sandy Robertson OzMosaics
20200130 134713

20200130 134716

Pools, walls, seats, pots, birdbaths, sculptures, mirrors, picture frames, cars, bathtubs, floors, windows, doors, kettles!
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Sandy is the MAANZ QLD Rep:

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Sandy Robertson has taught thousands of people to make beautiful mosaics over the last 2 decades at her beginner to advanced mosaic workshops in Brisbane, overseas and in many schools and communities. 
Teaching and fabricating amazing mosaic murals is Sandy's passion.

Many students have gone on to run mosaic businesses and amazing artworks.  Sandy is proud of every student and knows once your hold a pair of Magical mosaic Leponitt mosaic cutting tools in your hands, it's usually the beginning of a lifetime of mosaic making.  Sandy's art is well known and she teaches diverse methods and uses a wide range of mosaic materials to turn into mosaic "tesserae".
Find your own mosaic flow (andemento) with Sandy. 

Whether you wish to create gorgeous mosaic garden pot planters,make mirrors, mosaic tables or wish to mosaic a wall - learn the basics with Sandy so every one of your mosaics lasts the distance.  Everyone can make mosaics, from kids to grandparents.  Use recycled materials and/or gorgeous glass, pebbles, stones or whatever to desire! 
Sandy will teach you how to shape, break, smash, create, glue, grout, seal ad more.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Don't just stand there, book in today!
I look forward to seeing you in your glass at Studio OzMosaics, in Brisbane.  Phone us for a chat or more info.  

Student comments:

Beginner Class:   "When I attended OzMosaic Beginners course I knew not one thing about mosaics.  Boy did that change quickly!  Sandy is absolutely bursting with knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, techniques, tips, tricks and great mosaicing stories.  The workshop had a lovely welcoming and personable atmosphere and her passion for mosaicing is just so contagious.  By the end of the day I felt so motivated and confident to start my own mosaicing journey.  An absolutely fantastic day and so worthwhile for anyone who wants to try this fun craft! "    Michelle.

Advanced Course:    Wow!  Talk about value for money!  Our day was jam packed with even more information, techniques and hands on fun!  And the nicest part is that I took home a unique 3D mosaic that was my personal creation, yet made with the help of Sandy’s expert knowledge.  Not sure if the best part was smashing wine bottles, cutting glass, oozing grout, or just the great company!  I’d definitely recommend this course to challenge those further who have already done the Beginners Course.  Fantastic!".   Michelle

mosaic table

Imagine yourself in a mosaic workshop.
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Your mosaic teacher, Sandy Robertson, looks forward to meeting you and sharing the joy of mosaics!
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What colour grout should you use?  What is thinset?  What mosaic tools are needed for smalti, glass, mirror and ceramic?

Use your imagination, explore Sandy's studio and mosaic store;  be inspired to create mosaics for your home, gifts, garden and who knows where it may lead?  Love OP shops? Sandy will help you reshape and embed found objects, precious mementos and more into your mosaic art and crafts.

Create contemporary portraits of your children, friends, loved ones, pets or adorn your pool walls, pots and floors!  
Anything is possible in mosaics!

2019 Commission - Loreto College - Brisbane.  Mosaic Mirror Gifted by Seniors.

IMG 20191111 WA0021

August 2016 saw the installation of the mosaic mural commission for University of Queensland Water Engineering - Level 1 of the Advanced Engineering Building.  *more info here

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Dynasty smalti is beautiful for making interesting tesserae in your glass kiln!
Use your Leponitt mosaic wheeled cutters, standard tile nippers or Hammer & Hardie to shape this beautiful tesserae.   
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The Mosaic Professionals

Mundubbera Mosaic Project 2014

Mundubbera Regional Art Gallery
Mundubbera Regional Art Gallery
Address: Lyons St, Mundubbera Qld
Phone: 07 4165 6169

OzMosaics:   Mosaic Workshop 2014
Create a Mosaic Mural featuring the Mundubbera Grevillea.

ozmosaics mosaic mural mundubbera-1

Thanks go to everyone involved in this project, too many names to list here.  We are always made so welcome in Mundubbera and it's a joy to once again be involved in a community art project.

Project:     Sandra Robertson (mosaic artist) working with community participants to create a mosaic mural to be installed on the entry wall to the Mundubbera Regional Art Gallery.
Size:          1.5 x 1.0 m
Design:     by Sandra Robertson -  OzMosaics,  based on the Mundubbera Grevillea and info from Gallery Committee.
Substrate:    Border Mosaic and base  - Cement Sheeting .      Central motif, raised 2cm: Light Weight Mosaic Board (supplied by OzMosaics)

Tesserae:  Dynasty Smalti glass, Vitreous Mosaic tiles, wine bottle using Sandy's special mosaic effects, ceramic tile (All materials supplied by OzMosaics)

Adhesives:  Laticrete thinset & epoxy paste (supplied by OzMosaics)
Waterproof Membrane:  Laticrete Hydroban (supplied By OzMosaics)
Grout:  Laticrete Permacolour - Raven and Midnight Black (supplied by OzMosaics)

Tools: Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Cutters, Nippers, Glass & Tile Scoring Tool, mixers, sponges, notched spreaders, gloves, safety glasses (provided by OzMosaics on loan)

Health & Safety:  Safety glasses and special mosaic safety tips from OzMosaics

Time frame:  Drive up Thursday, work with participants Friday to Monday to complete the mural, ready for installation by Counci.

Installation:  Screw to brick wall at 6 screw points, set out on outer mosaic frame base board.

Mosaic Methods:  Outer frame border - paper faced mosaic method with inserts of Dynasty smalti black blocks.
                                 Inner mosaic mural:  direct method to Light weight board, with special cutting methods and tips and tricks for shaping and making sections in advance.

Aim:  To produce a beautiful mosaic for the gallery entry, made by community focussing on fun, mosaic skills and connecting through mosaics -  using mosaic methods to enable fabrication of the mural over 4 days.

Funding:  Arts Queensland  RADF Regional Arts Development Fund

Thanks to Council for engaging OzMosaics for this project and all the assistance in preparing for the workshop.

ozmosaics mosaic mural mundubbera-2


Sandy's mosaic overview of the mosaic project:

Sandra and David Robertson (Team OzMosaics!) set off on the 5 hour drive from Studio OzMosaics in Brisbane to the country town of Mundubbera in Queensland, on Thursday 28th March 2014.  As usual, we enjoyed the beautiful country scenery and Sandy took hundreds of photos!

On arrival in Mundubbera late afternoon, we quickly settled into our comfortable accommodation at the Caravan Park and drove around to the Mundubbera & District Historical Museum.  Well worth a visit!
We unpacked a very loaded car full of mosaic materials and set up in the spacious Shed.  We appreciated the tables, urn and space to make the mosaic mural.  Everyone was very helpful and keen to help us get set up for the Friday morning start of the project.

Arrived very early to have all ready to go and everyone got stuck into adhering paper faced tiles (with smalti block raised inserts) to the base board.  The participants learnt to mix thinset, use notched trowels to apply the thinset to the cement sheeting (which had been prepped with waterproof membrane in Brisbane, to allow curing time ahead of the project).  After the tiles were set up, paper facing was removed and Sandy showed some of her mosaic tips and tricks to keep things lined up easily when doing this method.  Everyone helped to grout the outer "frame" section and polish and clean up the grout.

Next came instruciton on cutting smalti glass bricks, how to shape the cuts to go around curves and then "down the straight";  cutting vitreous mosaic tile and after a while many yellow and lemon "curls and swirls" were made and set aside to adhere to the central mosaic grevillea motif.  Special mosaic techniques allowed this process -making sections ahead of time.  A very busy day and everyone looked forward to the next day.

Saturday:  A really, hot, hot day!  Luckily with two fans and the shed doors up we managed ok, but the heat was hard on the cement adhesives.  We had to mix and bag very small amounts often and in normal circumstances, I would have called a mosaic halt until it cooled down, due to the adhesive hassles, but we soldiered on and all was well!  That night a big storm cooled things down a little and everyone was very grateful for the rain of course.  It was another busy and happy day, all working together.  Sections were placed on the light weight board panel, which we have previously transferred the mosaic design outlines, very easily, with an OzMosaics tip.  Originally, I planned to use the mosaic mesh method, but decided in the time frame we had, to do the direct method and specialty preparation methods.  This worked very well. I was very proud of the work done by all the participants and enjoyed the conversations around the work tables.

Much time was spent cutting mosaic glass tiles into half and quarter cuts and some angles to backfill the centre panel, to show case the grevillea.  Much discussion resulted in very interesting andamento and it all worked very well.  Cutting and gluing down the background was a big mosaic effort, using thinset as adhesive in the heat.  Well done everyone!  The mix of black, gold streaked brown, reflective surface black tiles, greena and gold streaked tiles, was approved by all!  It was good to see everyone working hard together and enjoying the process and I know there would be a few tired arms, backs and legs with such a big effort.  I could have raised the mosaic on boxes, but it is hard to accommodate everyone's height etc, so we all agreed to "let it be" and get on with the backgound.  The lovely curves around the grevillea bloom look so lovely, as do the strong lines achieved by Opus Regulatum and vermiculatum etc etc!

Sunday:  By now the first layer of lemon and yellow curly fronds were glued to the central panel and more background applied.  I put some treated wine bottle and beer bottle glass to demonstrate how the 3-D Grevillea stalk and leaves would be achieved.  We could not glue this down until evening, as the background tiles had to set up.  The background was grouted in the afternoon and everyone was happy with the results.  Sunday evening arrived and two ladies stayed back until 10 pm (also on the Saturday night) to work on the mural.  By working evenings, it allowed people to help who were not able to attend during the day workshop sessions.  People could come and go as they wished and Sunday was a very busy day at the Shed.  We also started another mural "The Mundubbera Big Foot" and I showed how to make light weight board out of polystyrene, how to reinforce and apply the mesh/thinset.  This was exciting and I also showed how to enlarge patterns easily.   Two young children arrived on the scene and another local artist and together with others the Big Foot started to emerge.  I look forward to seeing the final mosaic as it was still under way when we left on Monday; by keen mosaic enthusiasts!

Sunday night:  The stalk and leaves were applied over the grouted background.  This takes time and thanks to Roslyn who did such a great job - great teamwork indeed!!  Loris kept working hard on the Big Foot.  A huge strom broke over Mundubbera and the power went out a few times.  Lucikily we had a small desk light to try and work by (not easy with dark tiles and Midnight black thinset!) as the solar power takes a little time to come back on and then it would go off again!  Once more, we were not complaining too much as the rain was gratefully received, it was an amazing storm though.  It cooled down a little after the big storm and once the Shed door were open again and the lights back on we worked until late.  We were grateful for the fridge and cold water.

Monday:  Very early start again, Dave as usual always in the background, helping to tidy, sweep, mix, remove rubbish and whatever needs doing.  Thanks so much Dave.  We had a huge job to get everything packed up to depart on Monday afternoon back to Brisbane, but in the meantime had to finish grouting the smalti (on Sunday night another lighter lemon frond layer was applied) which was by now quite 3-D.  The stalk and leaves had to be scrubbed up and cleaned, this was lovely to see it revealed from under the layer of black tihinset applied on Sunday night.   It was good to have company as people arrived early and helped with the scrubbing of the background and general clean up of the mural.   We glued the central panel to the backpanel and it lined up very well!  Once this was setting up, we filled in the gap between the lower and upper level and polished with vinegar and water to remove grout haze etc.  Next came the final gloss sealer, which really enhances the tesserae and grout.

Dave dug out tiles in the outer frame section,  to allow for the screw points at installation time.  We were going to assist with installation but Council were happy to install after we departed, which was good as it allows the mosaic time to rest on a flat surace and cure well over a couple of days.  

We arrived home in Brisbane around 8.30pm.  On the drive home from  Mundubbera I photographed a stunning rainbow, which seemed fitting after such a project.
mosaic rainbow ozmosaics
Dave and I look forward to returning to Mundubbera to see the mosaic installed at the Art Gallery and to catch up again with our mosaic friends.  

Whilst we were at Mundubbera Dave found time to visit the school and see the Centenary mosaics installed.  Here are some photos.  
mundubbera school mosaic ozmosaics-1mundubbera school mosaic ozmosaics-2mundubbera school mosaic ozmosaics-3mundubbera school mosaic ozmosaics-4
mundubbera school mosaic ozmosaics-5mundubbera school mosaic ozmosaics-6

Thanks again!
Sandra Robertson
Mosaic Artist
Mosaic Instructor
Studio OzMosaics



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MARCH APRIL MAY  JUNE 2022 classes were awesome! Thanks to all students who attended.
You will receive your link to The MOS when it is launched soon.
Classes fill very fast.  Contact us to be added to the "last minute" booking list (rare cancellations).
Almost full! Places available in August and new workshop dates/classes will be added soon.

Info link: "The Ultimate Mosaic Weekend Workshop"!  

qldrail12june07 010You will absolutely love our new weekend workshop!  Best value, best workshop ever!  You won't believe all I have planned for my students in this new mosaic workshop.  It's jam-packed with mosaic techniques, tesserae, tools, tips, fun tons of inspiration!  Just book in, you will be so glad you did. 

A great idea for Gift Vouchers for special occasions, birthday gifts etc for - mosaic beginners, mosaic addicts, mosaic artists and lovers of mosaics will all love and benefit from the new weekend workshops! surprise gift card tmm themosaicmall category3 240x240

workshop leponitt cuttersOnce you have completed the Ultimate Weekend Workshop (direct method, mesh method, 3D, creating special substrates, all the glues, all the tools, pattern making and more -- you will love our Totally Aweome Weekend Workshop, which will be special project based (it's secret for now). 

Students who have completed the Ultimate Weekend Workshop have the opportunity to attend/book in for Mosaic Addict Days, (Tuesdays and some Sundays, look out for notices), working on their own project in the company of other mosaic makers.  Sandy has so many tips & tricks including her famous HandySandy mOsCuttaBOTTLE, but that's just one of many, many useful mosaic tips from Sandy.

ozmosaics mosaic eye dynasty smalti classMaureen, the Popette, will be assisting Sandy in the workshops.  We can't wait to get cracking!  Classes are kept to 6 students, air-conditioned studio, everything you need for mosaics on hand in the OzMosaics Studio shop!

Where there is a mosaic will there is a mosaic way!
After a horrific Lisfranc foot injury onboard a whale watching tour in Brisbane in 2019 - Sandy was stopped in her mosaic tracks!  It was a very difficult., depressing recovery and all classes, commissions etc had to be cancelled in July 2019.  You never know when your life will abruptly change but one thing for sure, Sandy kept dreaming up more mosaic tips & tricks! 

Moving on to 2022 - Two surgeries later and with lots of effort and support, Sandy is on her feet again, brimming with excitement and energy, maybe just limping a little and taking time outs when necessary!  With the help of the Popette, Maureen (a mosaic artist) together they will run a new style of workshop.  A combo of the famous OzMosaics A and B workshop - but much better!  The studio is getting a clean up and sort out during January 2022 ready for March 2022 mosaic classes!


Sandy is the Mosaic Guru of mosaic tips and trick - you will learn more from Sandy in a mosaic workshop than ever before!

hot 001Look out for the launch of our new webshop The Mosaic Mall.  We can't wait to show you what's inside.  Mosaic perks, tips, rewards, built in shopping lists.....but we want to surprise you, so that's all the info for now. 

It's linked to the MOS and everything you need to know to mosaic will be on hand for enrolled online students and of course our OzMosaics Studio students. 

Mosaic Mastery will also open, showcasing Sandy's mosaic projects, commissions and public artworks. 

Mosaic Mural OzMosaicsIt's been a very busy time behind the mosaic scenes.  During COVID 2020-21 Sandy and other mosaic addicts ran workshops and mosaic projects at REGIS Wynnum Aged Care - such beautiful mosaic tables and mosaic murals were lovingly made by enthusiastic mosaic makers!


Sandy completed/installed a mosaic mural commission for a local Wooloongabba PreLearning Centre - it's absolutely gorgeous!
A huge kitchen mural backsplas/commission is now completed and waiting to be installed sometime in August 2022.

Sandy passed on the Hanging by a Thread Global Mosaic Project to the new Queensland MAANZ team.
Sandy contacted local counciller who set the ball rolling to find a location for UN Glass week in 2022 and the Brisbane Town Square Library will showcase the mural!
OzMosaics ran workshops to make mosaic segments for this mural and organised many Queensland mosaic makers to participate.  It's going to be very beautiful and such a special meaning is cemented into this beautiful mural.  Visit to keep up with the mural progress in Queensland, Australia and other global communitiies.

Contact Sandy Robertson if
f you wish to commission Sandy for your school, public art project or bespoke artwork contact OzMosaics. 

maanz warrior mosaic ozmosaics

Art Prize!
MAANZ 2019 New Horizons Award goes to Sandy Robertson! Sandy is known for her innovative approach to mosaics and mosaic techniques.
Read about it here.


Sandy was thrilled to receive a Viewer's Choice prize/award in the 2021 MAANZ International Symposium online Art Exhibition.
Title "Banksia Delight!".  (c) All rights reserved

ROBERTSON SANDRA BanksiaDelight Primary1 2021 smaltimelts slate stainedglass travertine ceramic 720x1000

Mount Olympus was also entered into the MAANZ Exhibtion 2022
ROBERTSON SANDRA Mosaic Mount Olympus Primary1 smalti stone wire metal stained glass trinkets 52cmxx72cm


Best prices, huge rangeamazing service go directly to:

No matter if you need a handful of mosaic tiles, a metre of fibreglass mesh, a bag of grout or the best mosaic tool ever!! - the Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Nipper tool - amazing quality + value - $45.00 (beware of nasty, cheap copies!) -you will find everything for mosaics at Studio OzMosaics.

mosaic adhesive glue thinset weldond mac prep epoxy pva laticrete themosaicmall 240x240

Proudly Australian!

ozmosaics-australian-owned-proudly-australianOzMosaics has offers 2 comfy rooms for students if they wish to stay at the studio whilst attending a mosaic workshop in Brisbane.
Stay on site and close to the mosaic action.  Check for availability and costs on the workshop page and feel free to phone us for a chat.

It's always fun, busy and exciting at Studio OzMosaics - never, ever a dull moment.  OzMosaics provides a wonderful mosaic haven - our Mosaic Workshops in Australia will inspire and excite you.  We have everything you need, classes, tools, equipment, supplies and inspiration,  Get the best start possible with a workshop at Studio OzMosaics or upgrade your skills with Sandy in an advanced class.

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Mosaic Artworks


Health & Safety

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  • Wear a dusk mask
  • Wear protectivie clothing

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About us


OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

Students visit from around the world to learn with Sandy Robertson. 

Dave Robertson, Customer Service & Sales Manager takes pride in running the business, co-ordinating the Mosaic School and Workshops, plus shipping out mosaic orders on a daily basis! 

There is never a dull moment at OzMosaics - we hope to meet you or make friends on Facebook.

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