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Mosaic Mastery!
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Looking for a new hobby?  Wish to add artwork to your home, garden or business?  Feeling creative?!
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You will love Sandy's workshops!
Fun + inspiration + professional tuition!
Start planning for the MAANZ Symposium  Noosa 2021!
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HUGE RANGE of mosaic glass tiles!
Over 200 shades of smalti!
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 Sandy Robertson has taught thousands of people to make beautiful mosaics over the last 2 decades at her beginner to advanced mosaic workshops in Brisbane, overseas and in many schools and communities.
Many students have gone on to run mosaic businesses and amazing artworks.  Sandy is proud of every student and knows once your hold a pair of Magical mosaic Leponitt mosaic cutting tools in your hands, it's usually the beginning of a lifetime of mosaic making.  Sandy's art is well known and she teaches diverse methods and uses a wide range of mosaic materials to turn into mosaic "tesserae".
Find your own mosaic flow (andemento) with Sandy. 
Whether you wish to create gorgeous mosaic garden pot planters,make mirrors, mosaic tables or wish to mosaic a wall - learn the basics with Sandy so every one of your mosaics lasts the distance.  Everyone can make mosaics, from kids to grandparents.  Use recycled materials and/or gorgeous glass, pebbles, stones or whatever to desire! 
Sandy will teach you how to shape, break, smash, create, glue, grout, seal ad more.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Don't just stand there, book in today!
I look forward to seeing you in your glass at Studio OzMosaics, in Brisbane.  Phone us for a chat or more info.  

Student comments:

Beginner Class:   "When I attended OzMosaic Beginners course I knew not one thing about mosaics.  Boy did that change quickly!  Sandy is absolutely bursting with knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, techniques, tips, tricks and great mosaicing stories.  The workshop had a lovely welcoming and personable atmosphere and her passion for mosaicing is just so contagious.  By the end of the day I felt so motivated and confident to start my own mosaicing journey.  An absolutely fantastic day and so worthwhile for anyone who wants to try this fun craft! "    Michelle.

Advanced Course:    Wow!  Talk about value for money!  Our day was jam packed with even more information, techniques and hands on fun!  And the nicest part is that I took home a unique 3D mosaic that was my personal creation, yet made with the help of Sandy’s expert knowledge.  Not sure if the best part was smashing wine bottles, cutting glass, oozing grout, or just the great company!  I’d definitely recommend this course to challenge those further who have already done the Beginners Course.  Fantastic!".   Michelle

mosaic table

Imagine yourself in a mosaic workshop.
Learn to mosasic or update your mosaic skills.  Fun, creative and wonderfully addictive.

Your mosaic teacher, Sandy Robertson, looks forward to meeting you and sharing the joy of mosaics!
Beginner classes, advanced, 3D, smalti.  Learn the pique assiette method, mixed media, push-in, mosaic on mesh, indirect and many other methods with Sandy's famous mosaic tips and tricks!

What colour grout should you use?  What is thinset?  What mosaic tools are needed for smalti, glass, mirror and ceramic?

Use your imagination, explore Sandy's studio and mosaic store;  be inspired to create mosaics for your home, gifts, garden and who knows where it may lead?  Love OP shops? Sandy will help you reshape and embed found objects, precious mementos and more into your mosaic art and crafts.

Create contemporary portraits of your children, friends, loved ones, pets or adorn your pool walls, pots and floors!  
Anything is possible in mosaics!

Pools, walls, seats, pots, birdbaths, sculptures, mirrors, picture frames, cars, bathtubs, floors, windows, doors, kettles just about anything that stands still long enough to mosaic on!
OzMosaics specialises in traditional to modern mosaic techniques - from flat, mixed media, 3-D, whimsical and sculptural.

August 2016 saw the installation of the mosaic mural commission for University of Queensland Water Engineering - Level 1 of the Advanced Engineering Building.
 *more info here

sandy robertson mosaic artist teacher ozmosaics

Dynasty smalti is beautiful for making interesting tesserae in your glass kiln!
Use your Leponitt mosaic wheeled cutters, standard tile nippers or Hammer & Hardie to shape this beautiful tesserae.   
Compare OzMosaics prices on smalti, millefiori, Weldbond, Leponitt tools, files, grouting accessories, Mac Glue, Laticrete products, hammer and hardies, glass tiles, mirror, sealers, mosaicstandard/sticky mesh - and more!

ozmosaics new year art

OzMosaics are Australia's professional mosaic supply store.
Great value, customer service and mosaic workshops.  
Students travel from interstate and overseas to learn Sandy's mosaic tips and tricks and absorb the creative atmosphere, with a devoted mosaic teacher.

Follow this link to set up your free online OzMosaics Mosaic Store Account or log-in and enjoy the great specials at OzMosaics Web Shop!

Hope you find some creative mosaic time in 2018!

The Mosaic Professionals

Sandy's Mosaic blog

Catch a falling star - mosaic art


Catch a Falling Star!  Mosaic by Sandy Robertson

Art Gallery

Catch A Falling Star Mosaic Mural 2012 -Sandy Robertson


Christmas Island


Dave and Sandy will be working on a community mosaic project at Christmas Island during October 2012.  Sandy is currently working on a mosaic mural for the Jelly Belly Company Australia and is enjoying the project immensely.

Sandy's mosaic "Catch a Falling Star" is now back in the studio after being on display at the MAANZ Exhibition at Percolator Gallery Brisbane.  It will be fun for students attending Sandy's workshops to see this new addition to the OzMosaics Storytelling mosaic collection.

215710 1993938969640_1278394303_2468800_3529352_nSandy's quirky, over the top mosaics, with lots of construction in the substrate layers and an amazing mix of materials all working together in a contemporary mosaic are well known.  LIghtweight mosaic board, which can be purchased at OzMosaics allow Sandy to experiement with 3-D mosaics, with a mix of traditional techniques. 

Students attending Sandy's 3-D mosaic workshops are given instruction on the use of thinset and other adhesives to make 3-D and unusual tesserae a dream to work with, no matter what your taste in mosaics.





Simply the Breast 2012 Raising funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia


(c) Sandy Robertson Studio OzMosaics - all rights reserved.

Meet Queenie!   breast cancer_torso_ozmosaicsI simply had to participate in Simply the Breast 2012.  So many of us are connected to someone special /families, who has been involved some way with breast cancer.

My good friend and mosaic addict mate Margaret Johnson told me about the fundraiser, one day when she attended our Tuesday Mosaic Addicts Day. 

Margaret had already volunteered to decorate a torso with mosaic for this fundraiser in October 2012 and was buying tiles and wanting mosaic advice on the best way to prepare the paper mache torso before applying the mosaic art decoration.
I felt drawn to the cause and wanted to participate so Margaret organised for me to receive a torso.

I will be away whilst the fundraiser function is held but Margaret has kindly offered to collect my mosaic torso from OzMosaics studio this week and deliver it to the committee etc.  Thanks Margaret, and I can't wait to see your Wonder Woman mosaic torso. I know it will be very special and will have great attention to detail, the lucky purchaser will have a  beautiful artwork by you.

I didn't have time to completely cover my torso in mosaic (my 3-D class students will understand my passion for cement rendering with special mosaic effects!) I decided to do a very funky mosaic with pink mosaic flowers etc and 3-D (of course!).

Using the wonderful Laticrete products I was easily able to apply the flowers, wine bottle, tea lids (on a very curvy surface)!
Thinset, waterproof membrane and epoxy made the mosaic come alive in a very short time. 

Thanks to Popette (aka Maureen) who dropped in and helped me get it started and stayed late one night last week, I truly appreciate my mosaic friends and mosaicking mum!  We did have some good laughs, which is really great medicine and therapy all round, not matter what's going on in our lives.

torso mosaic_art_australia_teapot_lidsSo, getting back to the fundraiser:
My artwork is number L4 if you wish to bid on the mosaic sculpture at auction time or silent auction bidding.

The exhibition opening and auction is Saturday 27th October 2012, commencing at 6.00 pm.
Cost $50 per head.
Tickets will be on sale at Tugun Surf Club from October 1st.
Limited entry is available so don't miss out, get your tickets early.
Your ticket includes entry to this unique event, canapes and wine or beer.
Prizes will be presented before start of auction.
All entries will be exhibited, an auction of special pices created by guest artists will take place, all other works will be sold by silent auction.

If you are unable to attend the cocktail party and auction, invite your friends to an afternoon viewing where you can view all the entries and artworks on show, and take the opportunity to cast your vote for People's Choice Award.

Categories are: 
Best professional artist, best public entry, Young Artist Award (student), Environmental Awareness Award, People's choice award.
I wish all the artists success, I didn't even realise there were awards until I filled in the info form, I made this mosaic simply to help with the fundraising.
mosaic art_for_sale_giftThis art exhibition wil be held in October 2012 in conjunctin with the Turn Tugun Pink and Mini-Field of Women events. The works will be on public display at The Pines Shopping Centre in the week leading up to the events from 22nd to 26th October, where the public will have the opportunity to vote on the People's choice award.

There will be art works form professional artists, talented crafts people and breast cancer survivors;  "Simply the Breast" is very special and for a very special cause!

When I conFRONTed the paper mache brown torso, I was not really inspired as I had lots of projects and workshops on the go and was really squeezing the artwork into an already overflowing schedule.  Inspiration hit when the owner of Queenie's Traditional  teashop (Nundah) dropped in a huge box of tea pot lids in various sizes, that she had been collecting over many years.  I was so excited when Dave showed me the mosaic "loot" and instantly knew the lids had to be part of the fundraising torso!  Thank you Queenie's teashop!

pearls-mosaic-jewellery-artMy mosaic torso depicts a lspecial lady who has survived breast cancer, with all of it's huge challenges, emotionally and physically.

She holds her head high and is determined to beat breast cancer and keep up her feminine side, with her sparkly jewellery and lots of pink flowers all through her house! 
Mosaic addicts in my online groups all share the joy of mosaics and often refer to kindness and caring as mosaic pink light.  So all this seemed very appropriate for my mosaic fantasy lady.

The teapot lid on one breast can be used for hanging necklaces, as can all the other teapot lids on the artwork.   It must have been "a bummer" when all the teapots broke but the teapot lids certainly are useful stuck on Queenie's back and bottom... perfect to hang jewellery and more!

I like to make weird and wonderful mosaics which are great conversation points and also useful in some way, rather than simply decorative.

This gorgeous gal doubles up as a jewelllery organiser!  Hang your bracelets, necklaces, earrings, put precious trinkets, coins, rings, keys in the pretty tea cup (another gift from Queenies!).

Put her on a lazy susan and you can spin her around!  She would be fun in your business, especially if you have a waiting room or people waiting to be served.  She would be a point of interest or be gorgeous in your boudoir or as a fun decoration in your home.  What about the perfect gift for someone who has everything?  They won't have a Pink Queenie!
Fill the teacup with a scented candle or chocolates, or floating flowe...perhaps some pot pourri!

The pink corsage flowing over one breast and down her back and waist represents the pink breast cancer ribbon.  Women are beautiful on the inside and it's more important on how you feel and think than how you look, but it's also important to feel special, pretty and feminine and a touch of lippy, a nice outfit, a little bling and good friends, family, counselling and community support, plus wonderful doctors and nurses/therapists - hugs and kisses and kindness....

We wish everyone who is recovering or having treatment for breast cancer good health and happiness - to their carers, family and friends we wish you love and comfort.  May you heal and be well.  The more donations and public awareness for breast cancer screening and self-examination on a regular basis, the more research that is done, the more survivors of breast cancer we will have.

Take care, be happy and donate or attend the auction if you can!

breast cancer_art_mosaic_brisbane_ozmosaicsHave a positive pink attitude!
This mosaic chic might have had a mascectomy, but she rocks! Here she uses the Handy Sandy (attend a mosaic workshop to find out more about chatting on the phone and making mosaics!)....  Here Queenie shows how useful she is, wearing and storing all your special jewellery! 
Give someone a pink hug today! hugs from  Sandy Robertson, OzMosaics Mosaic Diva!

 materials used: china, teapot, teapot lids, pink tulle, vitreous mosaic tile available at Studio OzMosaics webshop, Laticrete cement, grout, thinset and epoxy.  Solver Slate Sealer, ceramic tile, wine bottle, ceramic flower, cement flowers made in moulds, nail polish, pearls, old picture frame for neckware, teacup, clear liquid nails, shells etc.


Method: Direct method - push in - tinted thinset.  Gloss sealer applied.
Learn to mosaic at Studio OzMosaics- more than a beginning, it's an experience to take you on a lifetime of mosaic making and it's GOOD FOR YOU!   Sandy has been teaching the art of mosaics for over a decade and her passion for mosaics has never dimmed, the flame gets brighter every day!



maanz warrior mosaic ozmosaicsArt Prize!
MAANZ 2019 New Horizons Award goes to Sandy Robertson!
Read about it here.

Book Now! Mosaic Classes 2019

Special notice:
Oct 2019
Workshops are on hold until Sandy's foot injury is healed.
Contact Dave to be added to the waiting lists. Thank
Thanks to everyone for your flowers, cards, well wishes and support.  We will advise as soon as workshops are up and running again.  Dave and I are grateful for all our customes and students for your continued support of OzMosaics Studio Shop and Online Store.
We look forward to seeing you all again soon at the workshops and we will be refreshed with lots of new techniques and fun!     

Weekend Workshops!

Workshop A -beginner
Workshop B - advanced

Visit the workshop page for other mosaic classes, dates + info.

Please phone Dave Robertson
07 38474873 to book a workshop or purchase a gift certificate.

ozmosaics mosic studio workshop class


Check them out in our Mosaic Web Store!
Red, yellow, PINK, orange, blues, green!
300mm x 100mm x 6mm
Perfect for mosaics!
ceramic tiles ozmosaics mosaic store



Best prices, huge range
amazing service go directly to:

No matter if you need a handful of mosaic tiles, a metre of fibreglass mesh, a bag of grout or the best mosaic tool ever!! - the Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Nipper tool - amazing quality + value - only $39! (beware of nasty, cheap copies!) -you will find everything for mosaics at Studio OzMosaics.


Proudly Australian!

ozmosaics-australian-owned-proudly-australianOzMosaics has offers 2 comfy rooms for students if they wish to stay at the studio whilst attending a mosaic workshop in Brisbane.
Stay on site and close to the mosaic action.  Check for availability and costs on the workshop page and feel free to phone us for a chat.

It's always fun, busy and exciting at Studio OzMosaics - never, ever a dull moment.  OzMosaics provides a wonderful mosaic haven - our Mosaic Workshops in Australia will inspire and excite you.  We have everything you need, classes, tools, equipment, supplies and inspiration,  Get the best start possible with a workshop at Studio OzMosaics or upgrade your skills with Sandy in an advanced class.

Hammer | Hardie TOOL

Mosaic Hammer & Hardie traditional tools and modern PORTABLE desk top Hardies are now available from OzMosaics Web Shop - Tools Dept
The H&H will cut, shape, slice and dice your smalti, marble and a range of mixed media.  

Use your imagination and mix and match tesserae.
Sandy likes to use both the Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Cutter and a Hammer and Hardie  for efficient shaping of mosaic tesserae.
From traditional to contemporary mosaic art, mosaic tools are at your fingertips. Explore.

2018 MAANZ Qld Exhibition


Mosaic Association of Australia & New Zealand
54 mosaics!
It was a wonderful exhibition atPercolator Gallery.

Mosaic Sandy Robertson award

I was thrilled to receive A Highly Commended Award for "Made to Last!".
Thanks to our judges Ian Skippen, Kylie Farrelly and Pamela Irving.
The Opening Night Party and Awards was so much fun and the gallery was packed to the rafters!
Thanks to all who attended.
Sandy Robertson

MAANZ (Mosaic Assn. of Australia & New Zealand)
Queensland Branch Rep.

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OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

Students visit from around the world to learn with Sandy Robertson. 

Dave Robertson, Customer Service & Sales Manager takes pride in running the business, co-ordinating the Mosaic School and Workshops, plus shipping out mosaic orders on a daily basis! 

There is never a dull moment at OzMosaics - we hope to meet you or make friends on Facebook.

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