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Mosaic Mastery!
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You will love Sandy's workshops!
Fun + inspiration + professional tuition!
Start planning for the MAANZ Symposium  Noosa 2021!
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china leaf mosaic workshop ozmosaics



HUGE RANGE of mosaic glass tiles!
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2018 logo for maanz







 Sandy Robertson has taught thousands of people to make beautiful mosaics over the last 2 decades at her beginner to advanced mosaic workshops in Brisbane, overseas and in many schools and communities.
Many students have gone on to run mosaic businesses and amazing artworks.  Sandy is proud of every student and knows once your hold a pair of Magical mosaic Leponitt mosaic cutting tools in your hands, it's usually the beginning of a lifetime of mosaic making.  Sandy's art is well known and she teaches diverse methods and uses a wide range of mosaic materials to turn into mosaic "tesserae".
Find your own mosaic flow (andemento) with Sandy. 
Whether you wish to create gorgeous mosaic garden pot planters,make mirrors, mosaic tables or wish to mosaic a wall - learn the basics with Sandy so every one of your mosaics lasts the distance.  Everyone can make mosaics, from kids to grandparents.  Use recycled materials and/or gorgeous glass, pebbles, stones or whatever to desire! 
Sandy will teach you how to shape, break, smash, create, glue, grout, seal ad more.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Don't just stand there, book in today!
I look forward to seeing you in your glass at Studio OzMosaics, in Brisbane.  Phone us for a chat or more info.  

Student comments:

Beginner Class:   "When I attended OzMosaic Beginners course I knew not one thing about mosaics.  Boy did that change quickly!  Sandy is absolutely bursting with knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, techniques, tips, tricks and great mosaicing stories.  The workshop had a lovely welcoming and personable atmosphere and her passion for mosaicing is just so contagious.  By the end of the day I felt so motivated and confident to start my own mosaicing journey.  An absolutely fantastic day and so worthwhile for anyone who wants to try this fun craft! "    Michelle.

Advanced Course:    Wow!  Talk about value for money!  Our day was jam packed with even more information, techniques and hands on fun!  And the nicest part is that I took home a unique 3D mosaic that was my personal creation, yet made with the help of Sandy’s expert knowledge.  Not sure if the best part was smashing wine bottles, cutting glass, oozing grout, or just the great company!  I’d definitely recommend this course to challenge those further who have already done the Beginners Course.  Fantastic!".   Michelle

mosaic table

Imagine yourself in a mosaic workshop.
Learn to mosasic or update your mosaic skills.  Fun, creative and wonderfully addictive.

Your mosaic teacher, Sandy Robertson, looks forward to meeting you and sharing the joy of mosaics!
Beginner classes, advanced, 3D, smalti.  Learn the pique assiette method, mixed media, push-in, mosaic on mesh, indirect and many other methods with Sandy's famous mosaic tips and tricks!

What colour grout should you use?  What is thinset?  What mosaic tools are needed for smalti, glass, mirror and ceramic?

Use your imagination, explore Sandy's studio and mosaic store;  be inspired to create mosaics for your home, gifts, garden and who knows where it may lead?  Love OP shops? Sandy will help you reshape and embed found objects, precious mementos and more into your mosaic art and crafts.

Create contemporary portraits of your children, friends, loved ones, pets or adorn your pool walls, pots and floors!  
Anything is possible in mosaics!

Pools, walls, seats, pots, birdbaths, sculptures, mirrors, picture frames, cars, bathtubs, floors, windows, doors, kettles just about anything that stands still long enough to mosaic on!
OzMosaics specialises in traditional to modern mosaic techniques - from flat, mixed media, 3-D, whimsical and sculptural.

August 2016 saw the installation of the mosaic mural commission for University of Queensland Water Engineering - Level 1 of the Advanced Engineering Building.
 *more info here

sandy robertson mosaic artist teacher ozmosaics

Dynasty smalti is beautiful for making interesting tesserae in your glass kiln!
Use your Leponitt mosaic wheeled cutters, standard tile nippers or Hammer & Hardie to shape this beautiful tesserae.   
Compare OzMosaics prices on smalti, millefiori, Weldbond, Leponitt tools, files, grouting accessories, Mac Glue, Laticrete products, hammer and hardies, glass tiles, mirror, sealers, mosaicstandard/sticky mesh - and more!

ozmosaics new year art

OzMosaics are Australia's professional mosaic supply store.
Great value, customer service and mosaic workshops.  
Students travel from interstate and overseas to learn Sandy's mosaic tips and tricks and absorb the creative atmosphere, with a devoted mosaic teacher.

Follow this link to set up your free online OzMosaics Mosaic Store Account or log-in and enjoy the great specials at OzMosaics Web Shop!

Hope you find some creative mosaic time in 2018!

The Mosaic Professionals

Sandy's Mosaic blog

I love Laticrete!


Applying the "mosaic tile fabric" to "upholster" my wooden chair.

laticrete australia cement  ozmosaicsLaticrete - the product beneath OzMosaics art!

Before stARTing any mosaic project, you need to be confident that you are using the best products on the market to ensure that all the hard work, energy and materials you pour into your mosaic - will all "stick together".

The photo shows the wooden mosaic chair, I included in my Brisbane City Council Tip Shop Competition.

The chair was first treated with Laticrete Hydroban (fast set, fast cure!).

Laticrete thinset was applied with a metal notched trowel to provide the adhesive for my gridded mosaic "fabric" .  OzMosaics stocks and sells Laticrete Products in sizes/quantities to suit mosaic artists.

Visit our online shop or contact us to visit our Studio Store by appointment.  
Enrol in an OzMosaics workshop to learn the art of mosaics and how to apply and use Laticrete products in your mosaic artworks.

mosaic wedding chair

The black and white mosaic glass  tiles were placed in OzMosaics grids with gold glitter tile inserts, forming the letters for the word "Bride".  

The SWALK (Sealed with a loving kiss) old white china ashtray was adhered to the back of the grouted Bridal Chair.


For over 13 years, I have been using Laticrete products for my mosaic installations, with confidence.





I like to create very "extreme mosaic art" whether it be an inground installation, a swimming pool mural, a tabletop, a mosaic wall mural or a huge flowers on a dressing table mirror.  

I use a huge variety of materials and Laticrete proves itself over and over again, as superlative, from waterproofing substrates, perfect adhesives for applying the tesserae, the best grout on the market and more.  

Thank you Laticrete for amazing products, incredible service and support and understanding my passion for mosaics.

Brisbane City Council Tip Shop Comp 2013 Bride(zilla) Mosaic Wedding Setting - Sandy Robertson


tip shop brisbane city council endeavour sandy robertson brideBrisbane City Council
Tip Shop 2013 Art Competition:


Entry by Sandra Robertson:

"Here comes the Bride(zilla)" 



Read this Article about Sandra Robertson's mosaic art entry
Thank you to Courier Mail / Quest Newspaper - South East Advertiser









loveHow, when, where, voting, who, why?
Visit the art exhibition during May - June 2013 and vote for your favourite artwork in the exhibition.
For Town Square Library opening times, exhibition information and exhibiting artists please visit this link: 
Brisbane City Council - Tip Shop Competition 2013

The Mosaic Collection on display in the exhibition includes:

Bridal Dressing Table
Bridal Chair
Bridal flowers
Wine Bucket
Wishing Well & Wedding Chapel
Cake stand & cupcakes
Mother in Law and Father in Law
Bridezilla mirror
Going away outfit
Bridal trolley etc.

bridal dressing table mosaic-1

I created a whimsical mosaic collection based on “Here comes the Bride” drawing inspiration from my wedding/reception during the 1974 Brisbane Floods, the famous mosaic images of the Empress Theodora - (depicted on the dressing table mirror as a modern day mosaic Bridezilla) and crazy Weddings and Wedding Vow Renewals in Las Vegas!

Pre-loved household goods and furniture or items once destined for landfill, with imagination can be decorated in mosaic using tesserae such as china, mirror, glass, tiles, ceramic, recycled glass, wine bottles, shells, jewellery and more!  


Mixing reused and recycled tesserae with smalti, glass mosaic tiles, stone and ceramic tiles makes for very interesting texture and special effects in mosaic art.



Many people renew their vows in Las Vegas or BrisVegas! and I turned an old dunny base into a miniature Las Vegas/Bris Vegas wedding chapel and wishing well.

Check back here in September 2013 and find out if The Diva and Dave renew their vows in Vegas!


sandra robertson artist tip shop dressing table


As soon as I saw the old timber veneer dressing table at the Acacia Ridge BCC Tip Shop, ($75.00 and in great condition!), memories "flooded back" of my 1974 wedding day  preparations/photo sessions in front of the dressing table mirror. 

My imagination was running riot!  
I raced to ensure the 
SOLD STICKER was put on the dressing table – the staff were so friendly and helpful.    

Not all mosaic art is "flat".
I used this opportunity to showcase mosaics as whimsical, 3-D and fun - showcasing many of my mosaic techniques, tips and tricks!
I hope visitors to my mosaic setting in this competition will be inspired to create mosaics and help keep many items out of landfill.  The opportunity to shop at the Tip Shops also assists the Endeavour Foundation.

Brisbane will benefit from beautiful mosaics in the home, garden, parks and cityscape!  

My dressing table "wedding setting" is Over The Top but also a useful piece of furniture. Remove the veil and the dressing table provides a delightful piece of furniture for the home, shop display or wedding boutique feature.  It would look fabulous in a booth at Cloudland in Fortitude Valley for Hens night out!  A great photograph opportunity for visitors to the BCC Library - sit in the chair and gaze at Bridezilla!

936864 10201100548777371 500525513 n
The Wedding Chapel is suspended over the mosaic wishing well, very ornate, VegasStyle.

An old Avon Perfume bottle becomes "The Bride Diva" and "Dave" is in the shape of an egg cup!  Cupid is suspended nearby, trying to shoot a few love arrows into Dave's heART but they seem to go straight through him!

The celebrant has to lean back to get a full view of the Divine Diva!

Dave was so disinterested in renewing his MOSAIC vows he didn't even bother to wear a shirt!  More on this part of the story to follow....(fact or fiction?).

Dave and Sandy are visiting Las Vegas in 2013 after a family wedding in Canada.  Staying at the Venetian Hotel, with gondalas and ornate setting, it could be the perfect "renewal of the mosaic vows"....

"In lieu of gifts, the happy couple invite you to toss a coin in the mosaic wishing well, which will be donated to Endeavour Foundation"
The mosaic dunny will be on display with "here comes the Bride"!

59265 10201101242834722 40201249 n



bridal clothes mosaic wedding

302073 10201101451359935 1035811439 n











bridezilla mosaic empress ozmosaics

Did you donate the dressing table, chair or dress to the Acacia Ridge Tip Shop? 

mosaic wedding veil flowers rosesPlease contact me and tell me more about the items and their history.

I decided it  would be fun to dig out my wedding veil and wedding mementos to include in the mosaic display. Something borrowed, something new, something old and something new…






 I grabbed two of the convenient shopping trolleys at the Tip Shop and went crazy finding fabulous treasures to reshape into mosaic tesserae. 

I like the idea of a label called “TIPSY designs” using the fabrics and weaving them into mosaics.

bridal flowers wedding mosaicI found a bunch of discarded cream silk flowers, a box of old doilies to reconstruct for the bridal bouquet or table setting and selected china with gold edges to cut out flower blooms.  Old buttons would become flower centres too.  The Tip Shop had some great items to display in the wedding dressing table drawers (the trousseau). 














 Library visitors may enjoy sitting on the Bridal Chair gazing into the eyes of Bridezilla perhaps with their own wedding day memories or dreaming of being a bride to be!

mosaic wedding chairI jumped for joy when I found the perfect “bridal seat” ($5.00!) and my creative juices started to boil over, when I started filling boxes and boxes with fantastic pink, white, gold edged, black and white china cups, plates, bowls, mugs, dishes, ornaments, glass plates, wine glasses, odds and ends etc!














Why I turned into a stressed Bridezilla 2 days before my wedding!
A few things happened:
All was ok until the radio announced “Wanganui Gardens has been washed down the river!”.

We had 2 days to find a new wedding reception venue! -  (as did many other brides!).  Dad managed to contact the manager of Cloudland Panorama Room (he happened to be at Cloudland checking for rain damage etc).  

The Cloudland Manager was amazing – he personally raced all around Brisbane sourcing food and drinks – engaged staff and chefs for the reception and nothing was too much trouble! We had a fantastic reception. 

 He turned impossible into possible! The lights of Brisbane went on and off all through the evening, many had their first hot meal in a week.  We were all grateful for some happy moments in such a hard time for so many.

pique assiette china black white glass tiles mosaicPower shedding:
-The wedding cake was baked in between the power cuts.
-The bridesmaids final fittings were hand sewn.
-Photographer – the city studio flooded, crazy search for dry film! No digital cameras in 1974!
-Many guests lost all their belongings so we had to help source clothes and shoes!
-Our house flooded due to a burst storm water drain and mum almost climbed on to the roof with my wedding dress!
-Our cat Bazza McKenzie, floated by on a table, but I swam out and rescued him.
-While Dave was at his Buck’s party, cars were flooded outside our home! He arrived home and swam over the fence!

-The wedding cars sank at Yeronga – but we managed to get some Gold Cadillac’s!
-Finally found the fresh frangipani blooms for the bouquets

-The Park Royal Hotel in the city flooded (our honeymoon suite) – found a room at the Zebra Hotel.

drawer handles 1960 dressing tableThis wedding story is told simply for the fun of the mosaic artworks, but the 1974 floods will never be forgotten and we were so lucky to have our wedding amidst so much hardship.  We have always appreciated the help of so many and the wonderful memories  put together at a moment’s notice.








-Bring my wedding veil out of storage  
-Prepare dressing table and seat for mosaic surface covering.  Pre-sealers, sanding and keying!
-Use old black and white glass mosaic tiles on the drawers

-Make pique assiette floral inserts for the black and white tiles on sides of dressing table
-Fill more than 20 mosaic grids with tiles 
-Cut hundreds of mosaic circles to resemble "mosaic confetti"
-Break mugs and cups to use cup handles for mosaic "love" notes and words
-Design mosaic Bridezilla/modern Theodora out of mirror, old jewellery and cups
-Remove original drawer hands and reuse in Bridezilla headdress.
-Reshape china cups, bowls, plates, mugs, saucers etc into white wedding flowers
-Try on the pink tunic dress!
-Pull apart a bunch of old cream silk flowers for bridal bouquet
-Reuse old crochet doilies, old jewellery, buttons etc and work into the flower blooms
-Cut mosaic china petals to include in the bridal bouquet blooms
china mosaic flowers white-Drag old dunny base (mosaic toilet base) from garden, clean, prep for the Wedding Wishing Well and Wedding Vegas Chapel
-Cut flowers out of white china, mirror, stars, circles to feature as confetti
-Make mosaic cement cupcakes (low calorie!) and decorate with cement icing and mosaic flowers
-mosaic flowers formed from white saucers and cups
-Construct a tiered wedding cake (or jewellery stand) tower out of old glass plates and teapots, a wedding ring holder
-Make a bridal headpiece for the top of the mirror, using old silk flowers, a piece of wrought iron fencing and fashion a centre Bridal flower out of an old china cup.
-wire the veil to the dressing table
-Using old terracotta pot, create a mosaic “ice bucket” for the bride and groom’s champagne.
-Display second hand garments in the drawer for the Bride's trousseau
-love the cream wedding shoes!
-Create Bridezilla’s to do lists!
-Make huge mosaic flowers from old cups and bowls for jewellery hangers on the mirror
-Glue a gigantic old glass bowl on mirror to represent a bridal flower and to later on hold silk scarves or jewellery
-Mosaic the top of the wedding cake trolley
-Ice the Wedding Wishing well with white cement with "words of love and wedding Cementiments"
-dress the old ceramic black cats as FILI and MILI (Father in Law int and (Mother in Law int)
-Cover the top of the dressing table in a huge mosaic rosebud, white daisies, mirror stars and small flowers - using china and old mirror scrap from the Tip Shop etc.
-Assemble, cut, glue, grout, polish, apply sealer, take photos,
-Hire truck to transport artworks  Tip Shop at Acacia Ridge
-Assist Dave to get the artworks in the truck!

66831 10201101259835147 785272840 nThanks to the Brisbane City Council for giving me the opportunity to participate in this wonderful Tip Shop Competition.
My entry is quirky, fun and I hope it will inspire many to try the art of mosaics and turn their everyday items into mosaic masterpieces!

21275 10201101251914949 645591639 nJoin me in an OzMosaics workshop to learn my many mosaic tips and tricks!
 Decorative mosaic surfaces are found on tables, chairs, seats, swimming pools, wall murals, playground furniture, paths, bathrooms, kitchens, fine art, sculptures, wheel barrows, furniture, cars, doors, bedheads, shovels, frypans, fridges, fences, footpaths, birdbaths, photo frames, mirrors, windows, ceilings, floors, shoes, benchtops, jewellery, cake stands, candleholders, trays, pot plants, garden borders, cement sculptures, dragons, buildings, freeway walls,  masks and much more!  


You are only limited by your imagination.

 Use the correct products (OzMosaics recommends Laticrete Australia) and your mosaics will last the distance.  Whether you enjoy traditional mosaics or contemporary mosaic design, mosaic tools enable the artist to shape tesserae from a wide range of materials including stone, ceramic, china, mirror, wood, mirror, found objects, smalti, glass tile, art glass, stained glass, jewellery. Learn the art of mosaics at OzMosaics Studio.

wedding cup cakes stand Sandy turns soup bowls, cups, mugs and plates into mosaic flowers!

Left over grout and cement goes into silicon moulds and plastic forms to create fabulous mosaic cup cakes, mosaic torsos and unusual substrates for mosaic artworks and more!

Old mirror takes on a new life in mosaic art and reflects the surroundings in fun, beautiful and creative use of old materials.

Old jewellery, found objects, family treasures and forget me nots, can be applied to mosaics as "keepsake mosaic artworks) on pots, pedestals and wall art.












More info:

Brisbane City Council's Tip Shop Art Competition is underway for 2013, with twenty artists selected from Brisbane's creative community.

The artists will develop artworks from recycled furniture, home wares and textiles found at Brisbane's Tip Shops.

The competition has been developed to raise awareness of Brisbane Tip Shops and encourage visitors to explore options for reuse and recycling of second hand items, in an effort to keep unwanted furniture and household items out of landfill.

Council believes artists are integral to helping the public rethink their rubbish and views the competition as a way to inspire artists to see creative possibilities in items that previously would have been thrown away.

Artists may modify, add to, remove or redesign elements from their chosen pieces in the process of creating their competition entry. Artists may work in their chosen medium or use a variety of mediums and styles.

The finished artworks will be displayed at Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane, where residents have the opportunity to vote for their favourite artwork between 1 May until 30 June 2013. The winner will be determined by popular vote and one prize of $1000 will be awarded to the artist who creates the winning artwork.

Ten lucky residents also have the chance to win $50 each by voting for their favourite artwork.

Selected artists

  1. Bec Peart and Martin Pedder.
  2. Centre of Creative Arts, Eight Mile Plains.
  3. Deb Magee.
  4. Fatima Schelfisch.
  5. Hiroshi Uchida.
  6. June Haewon.
  7. Karl de Waal.
  8. KT Doyle.
  9. Marge Coogan and Laurel Glegg.
  10. Matthew Powell.
  11. Michael Swifte.
  12. Narelle Carter (collaborating with Kate Markey).
  13. Paul Liddy.
  14. Peter Fegan.
  15. Sally McRae.
  16. Sandra Robertson.
  17. Sharon Lee.
  18. Skubi Testa.
  19. Stephanie Morris.
  20. Tiana Pebre.

Key dates

Time and dateDetails
Wednesday, 1 May to Sunday, 30 June 2013 Artwork will be displayed at Brisbane Square Library and residents will be encouraged to vote for their favourite piece
5pm - 6.30pm Friday, 10 May 2013 Launch of both the Tip Shop Art Competition Exhibition and The Fusion Exhibition at Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane. Public event, everyone welcome. This is a great chance to follow the artist trail and catch up with the other artists
Thursday, 4 July 2013 Announcement of the winner of the 2013 Tip Shop Art Competition



Tip Shop Acacia Ridge - Brisbane City Council/Endeavour - OzMosaics


mosaic chair ozmosaics black white tile gridThis is a wooden chair I purchased from the Acacia Ridge Tip shop ($5.00).
Using a mosaic grid and some special techniques I have developed over the mosaic years, the wooden chair was transformed by modern mosaic design.
The back of the chair has the word BRIDE in golden mosaic glitter tiles!

There is often a good range of old wooden chairs, bar stools etc for purchased.
Pot luck when you visit!

These pots are perfect for mosaics!

When we visited the Acacia Ridge Tip Shop we were excited to see so many pots just waiting for mosaic decoration!
If you love mosaics, visit the Brisbane City Council / Endeavour Foundation - Acacia Ridge Tip Shop and buy up big!

Open Sat-Sun 8 am - 4 pm.
First in best dressed as usual....... you never know what you will find when you visit!

Furniture, kid's toys, odds and ends, china, picture frames, clothes, handbags.... rummage through and turn second hand materials into great mosaic tesserae or substrates!

View the Flickr Slide Show by the Brisbane City Council -  amazing art by Brisbane artists iin the Tip Shop 2013 Competition currently on show at the Brisbane City Council Town Square Library.

Come and join us for a workshop at OzMosaics in Brisbane.

Learn how to prepare the pot for long-lasting mosaic artwork.
What glue should you use?
How do you apply a waterproof membrane?

What is thinset adhesive?
Should I make mosaic mesh appliques?
Grout?  Colour?  Sanded vs Non-Sanded?
Tiles?  Decorative special effects?  Learn it all with Sandy Robertson with a ton of inspiration tossed into the thinset!

20130430 08415420130430 08415720130430 08421120130430 08423120130430 084242



Keeping our students' health and safety in mind as a priority, OzMosaics will not list workshop dates until the coronavirus situation is more clear.
Please email Dave to be on the waiting list when dates are issued or check back to this website or our FB page regularly.

Dave is busy processing and shipping orders and taking every care with your order.

Our couriers are working hard, with special health and handling strategies set in place, on all incoming and despatched goods and parcels.

We will keep the service going, unless the couriers are halted, or any stocks are depleted.

It may be a good idea to order in for special projects on the go or for your supplies during isolation etc.

at Coorparoo, is open by APPOINTMENT ONLY!

Dave is staggering customer shopping times to keep contact to a minimum for our customers.
Please do not bring children to OzMosaics at this time.

We respectfully ask visitors to OzMosaics Studio, to avail themselves of our facilities to wash their hands thoroughly on leaving and departure.

We are sanitizing our credit card machines, counter, hands, desk equipoment, doorknobs etc to in-line with health guidelines.

Please phone or email OzMosaics 07 38474873 for more info.

If you wish to order and pay ahead, you may arrange this with Dave and have your goods left just inside the studio gate.

We hope you stay healthy and well.  It's a challenging time for everyone and we need to pull together, be kind, sharing, thoughtful and helpful to others.

You may find being creative with mosaic art and craft helps your emotional well-being, during this unsettling time.

Make some gifts early this year, (mirrors, picture frames, murals, etc) or consider making lovely mosaic garden pots for Spring!

Make a mural with your family or have some me-time to be creative.

Kids love mosaics, check out our mosaic grids for youngsters to keep them occupied!

Mosaic art is good therapy for everyone, takes your mind off the virus for a while and keeps your hands busy!

Mosaic hugs from Sandy and Dave.

maanz warrior mosaic ozmosaicsArt Prize!
MAANZ 2019 New Horizons Award goes to Sandy Robertson!
Read about it here.

Book Now! Mosaic Classes 2020
On hold during the coronavirus crisis.

Special notice:
Oct 2019
Workshops are on hold until Sandy's foot injury is healed.
Contact Dave to be added to the waiting lists. Thank
Thanks to everyone for your flowers, cards, well wishes, and support.  We will advise as soon as workshops are up and running again.  Dave and I are grateful for all our customers and students for your continued support of the OzMosaics Studio Shop and Online Store.
We look forward to seeing you all again soon at the workshops and we will be refreshed with lots of new techniques and fun!     

Weekend Workshops!

Workshop A -beginner
Workshop B - advanced

Visit the workshop page for other mosaic classes, dates + info.

Please phone Dave Robertson
07 38474873 to book a workshop or purchase a gift certificate.

ozmosaics mosic studio workshop class


Check them out in our Mosaic Web Store!
Red, yellow, PINK, orange, blues, greens!
300mm x 100mm x 6mm
Perfect for mosaics!
ceramic tiles ozmosaics mosaic store



Best prices, huge range
amazing service go directly to:

No matter if you need a handful of mosaic tiles, a metre of fibreglass mesh, a bag of grout or the best mosaic tool ever!! - the Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Nipper tool - amazing quality + value - only $39! (beware of nasty, cheap copies!) -you will find everything for mosaics at Studio OzMosaics.


Proudly Australian!

ozmosaics-australian-owned-proudly-australianOzMosaics has offers 2 comfy rooms for students if they wish to stay at the studio whilst attending a mosaic workshop in Brisbane.
Stay on site and close to the mosaic action.  Check for availability and costs on the workshop page and feel free to phone us for a chat.

It's always fun, busy and exciting at Studio OzMosaics - never, ever a dull moment.  OzMosaics provides a wonderful mosaic haven - our Mosaic Workshops in Australia will inspire and excite you.  We have everything you need, classes, tools, equipment, supplies and inspiration,  Get the best start possible with a workshop at Studio OzMosaics or upgrade your skills with Sandy in an advanced class.

Hammer | Hardie TOOL

Mosaic Hammer & Hardie traditional tools and modern PORTABLE desk top Hardies are now available from OzMosaics Web Shop - Tools Dept
The H&H will cut, shape, slice and dice your smalti, marble and a range of mixed media.  

Use your imagination and mix and match tesserae.
Sandy likes to use both the Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Cutter and a Hammer and Hardie  for efficient shaping of mosaic tesserae.
From traditional to contemporary mosaic art, mosaic tools are at your fingertips. Explore.

2018 MAANZ Qld Exhibition


Mosaic Association of Australia & New Zealand
54 mosaics!
It was a wonderful exhibition atPercolator Gallery.

Mosaic Sandy Robertson award

I was thrilled to receive A Highly Commended Award for "Made to Last!".
Thanks to our judges Ian Skippen, Kylie Farrelly and Pamela Irving.
The Opening Night Party and Awards was so much fun and the gallery was packed to the rafters!
Thanks to all who attended.
Sandy Robertson

MAANZ (Mosaic Assn. of Australia & New Zealand)
Queensland Branch Rep.

Mosaic Artworks


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About us


OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

Students visit from around the world to learn with Sandy Robertson. 

Dave Robertson, Customer Service & Sales Manager takes pride in running the business, co-ordinating the Mosaic School and Workshops, plus shipping out mosaic orders on a daily basis! 

There is never a dull moment at OzMosaics - we hope to meet you or make friends on Facebook.

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