Here are the key details:
  1. Location: The murals adorn the Junction Park in Theodore, Queensland.
  2. Artist: The talented mosaic artist behind this project is Sandy Robertson.
  3. Materials Used:
    • Tesserae: Sandy utilized a diverse range of materials, including Dynasty Smalti (both modern and antique), Mosaic Vitreous glass tiles, and Gold Topped Smalti.
    • Substrate: The murals were created on a Besser Block wall.
  4. Design: The two-sided mosaic mural celebrates the local landscape, featuring elements such as bottle trees, cotton farms, wheat farms, streetscapes, water towers, boulevards, cattle, water wheels, rivers, creeks, and the picturesque countryside1.
  5. Community Involvement: Sandy taught the community and art group to mosaic, conducting workshops and almost continuous mosaic-making sessions1.

Completion and Legacy

After two trips of eight hours each from Brisbane to Theodore, Sandy and her partner, Dave, completed the murals. The mosaic wall now stands as a testament to creativity, collaboration, and community spirit. Visitors to Junction Park can admire the intricate artistry and connect with the stories woven into the mosaic tiles.

Remember, art has the power to transform not only physical spaces but also hearts and minds.