Craftsmanship and Vision

  • Sandy Robertson’s artistic vision shines through every tessera (mosaic piece) meticulously placed on this mural. Her mastery of form and colour brings the mosaic to life.
  • The mural captures Steve Irwin’s spirit—the unwavering commitment to wildlife, the thrill of adventure, and the love for all creatures great and small.

Collaboration and Community

  • What makes this mosaic truly special is the collaborative effort behind it. Sandy led a team of passionate assistants, mosaic artists, and even children.
  • Their collective dedication transformed the mural into a vibrant tapestry of memories, stories, and shared purpose.
  • A Brisbane company, Mini Movers donated a truck, drivers and time to ensure the mosaics travelled safely, undamaged to Australia Zoo.  
  • Mosaic enthusiasts world wide contributed mosaics made on mosaic fibreglass mesh, under Sandy's guidance and every time a parcel arrived from Australia Post, it was so exciting.
    The Australia Post courier even attended the Steve Irwin Day to view the mosaics.  Such wonderful memories.

Symbolism and Detail

  • Each of the 12 mosaic wall panels tells a story. From crocodiles to koalas, from rainforests to coral reefs, the mosaic celebrates Steve Irwin's passion for creatures great and small.
  • The intricate details—the play of light on scales, the sparkle in an eye—invite viewers to linger and reflect.

Media Recognition

  • The project caught the attention of The Courier Mail, which documented the mosaic’s creation. Their photographs and articles immortalized the tribute.
  • Through media coverage, the mural’s impact extended beyond the studio walls, reaching hearts worldwide.
  • Laticrete provided a wonderful editorial in Laticrete Conversations.  Henry Rothberg at Laticrete was a great support to the project and a Steve Irwin fan.

Visit and Experience

  • To truly appreciate the Steve Irwin Tribute Mosaic Mural, visit Australia Zoo. Stand before it, feel the texture, and let its beauty wash over you.
  • It’s more than art; it’s a heartfelt connection to a conservation hero.

In Sandy Robertson’s hands, mosaic pieces become more than mere tiles—they become a bridge between past and present, a celebration of life, and a legacy etched in stone and glass.
Sandy acknowledges the amazing support from her friends, family and mosaic artists to bring the amazing mosaic project to fruition.
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