A Year in the Making

This ambitious endeavor, undertaken by the renowned artist Sandy of OzMosaics, is a testament to the transformative power of mosaics in interior design.The project, which spanned an impressive twelve months, was a labor of love for Sandy. The bathroom, once a blank canvas, was transformed into a vibrant, intricate work of art that has left students and guests in awe. The project’s development was eagerly followed by many, with each new addition adding to the anticipation of the final reveal.

A Mosaic Wonderland

The OzMosaics Bathroom Project is a mosaic wonderland, featuring a stunning bathroom floor and two floor-to-ceiling shower mosaic walls. The shower floor and hobs were also adorned with hand-cut mosaics, showcasing Sandy’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to her craft. Each tile was carefully selected and placed, creating a mesmerizing pattern that draws the eye and invites exploration. The result is a bathroom that is not just a functional space, but a captivating visual experience.

A Unique Approach

What sets the OzMosaics Bathroom Project apart is Sandy’s daring approach to mosaics. Rather than sticking to traditional designs, Sandy pushes the boundaries of what is possible with mosaics. Her innovative use of color, pattern, and texture brings a unique dynamism to the space, making it a true masterpiece. The OzMosaics Bathroom Project is more than just a bathroom—it’s a testament to the power of art and creativity. It showcases the potential of mosaics to transform a space, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. As we step into the OzMosaics bathroom, we are not just stepping into a room—we are stepping into a work of art.

Many say that you can't have a bad day, starting off in this incredible "Austin Powers" style bathroom!  Many students "sleep over" at OzMosaics while attending a weekend workshop and love using this bathroom