ROBERTSON SANDRA Banksia Delight - Mosaic Wall Mural


Banksia Delight is an enchanting mosaic mural that celebrates the beauty of banksia bushes. Sandra Robertson, with her artistic flair, has meticulously crafted this masterpiece. Here are some intriguing details:

  1. Inspiration: Over the years, Sandra has wandered amidst blooming banksia bushes, observing their abundant flowers, attracting birds and butterflies. She even keeps an eye out for the elusive “Big Bad Banksia Men.”

  2. Construction Challenges: Sandra’s workbench turned into a construction site as she layered smalti in the kiln to create the fronds. The gold smalti on the frond tips represents sunlight, while translucent stained glass adds a touch of magic. Chunks of travertine stone symbolize the earth beneath the banksia grove.

  3. Viewer’s Choice Award: The mural’s whimsical charm and meticulous craftsmanship earned it the Members’ Choice Award at the MAANZ (Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand) Exhibition.

Watch the video showcasing entries in the MAANZ 2021 International Exhibition Video