The Inspiration

Our story begins with French chef Armand Galland, who ingeniously transformed leftover sponge cake into the iconic lamington. Now, imagine those delicious cake crumbs coming to life in mosaic form! That’s precisely what artist Sandra Sandy Robertson has done.

The Ingredients

  • Thinset: The star of our show! It carves out the 3D shape of the lamington and creates the background chocolate icing effects.
  • Crockery & Smalti Shards: These white fragments form the coconut flakes, adding a delightful crunch to our mosaic.
  • Red Smalti & Vitreous Tiles: These represent the strawberry jam, adding a burst of color and sweetness.

The Creation

Picture this: an eager nibbler (perhaps you?) couldn’t resist the allure of the chocolate-iced sponge. As you take a closer look, you’ll notice the intricate details—the smalti and crockery coconut flakes playfully scattered across the surface. And that red glass frit? It’s our sweet jam twist, adding just the right amount of zing.

But wait, who’s been munching on this mosaic? Let’s hope no teeth were harmed! 😄

Quintessentially Queensland

Our mosaic isn’t just about cake—it’s a celebration of Queensland’s rich history and creativity. Lamingtons, after all, are as Aussie as kangaroos and Vegemite. And speaking of quintessential Queensland, we can’t forget the Lamington National Park and Governor Lord Lamington himself. They all come together in this delectable work of art.

Studio OzMosaics

Sandra Sandy Robertson, the talented artist behind “Lamington Delight,” hails from Brisbane. Her studio, OzMosaics, is a hub of creativity, workshops, and mosaic supplies. If you’re ever in Coorparoo, drop by and say hello (by appointment only please!).

More to Come

Sandra’s not stopping here. She’s part of the MOS Foodies series, and we can’t wait to see what other culinary delights she’ll mosaic next. Perhaps a pavlova or a lamington tower? The possibilities are endless!

A Cuppa and a Lamington

As we wrap up our mosaic adventure, let’s raise our teacups (or coffee mugs) to Sandra and her sweet masterpiece. Cheers to creativity, history, and the joy of making art!

And yes, Sandra, you’ve earned that lamington and a cuppa. Enjoy! ☕🍰

Disclaimer: No actual teeth were harmed in the making of this mosaic. 😉