1. The Road to Recovery

  • Since my injury in Lisfranc foot injury, from an accident on a whale watching day tour in Moreton Bay (Happy Birthday?) 2019, I’ve undergone two surgeries and worked tirelessly to get back on my feet to mosaic again.
  • I’m thrilled to report that the studio is buzzing once more. Currently, I’m working on a large outdoor wall mural for Nazareth Pre-Learning Centre in Woolloongabba. The theme? Butterflies and bees! Installation is scheduled for January 2022.
  • Another exciting project awaits—a stunning 3D kitchen backsplash featuring Queensland coastal banksias. My clients are equally thrilled, and installation is planned for July 2022.

2. Acts of Generosity

  • I’ve shared my mosaic talent with Regis Aged Care Wynnum, delivering fabulous completed mosaics made by residents and my mosaic art team. These pieces bring beauty and comfort to those in need.
  • Mosaics donated by Kat Gottke have been renovated and installed at various Aged Care Residences in Brisbane, including a beautiful peacock mural at CapellaBay, Capalaba Qld.

3. Resilience and Support

  • My broken foot didn’t break my spirit. Patience became my ally, and my loving husband stood by my side.
  • Mosaics, indeed therapy, have been my solace. The Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled nipper tools have been my companions, even when I couldn’t be in my studio.
  • Dave, working tirelessly, kept things going. A MAANZ meetup is on the horizon, and workshops will soon resume.

4. The MOS (Mosaic Online School)

  • Despite physical limitations, I’ve poured my mosaic wisdom into The MOS. My moon boot and wheelie walker haven’t hindered my dedication.
  • My family, friends, and mosaicing mum—true pillars of strength—cheer me on. My sister Julie inspires me, and my grandsons bring laughter.
  • My heart overflows with love, and soon my hands will be full of mosaics once more. Look out for the MOS in 2024.

5. A Message of Encouragement

  • To those facing difficulties, I send warm hugs. Resilience shines as a beacon of hope.
  • Dave, my hero, continues to support me. And my students and fellow mosaic enthusiasts? They’re busy creating, fueled by my passion.

6. MAANZ Symposium and Beyond

  • Although I missed the 2019 MAANZ Symposium due to my foot injury, my spirit remains undaunted.
  • As I share mosaic tips and tricks, remember that my journey inspires others. Mosaic making—an addictive and satisfying pursuit—awaits all who embrace it.

My story, like the tesserae in a mosaic, weaves resilience, creativity, and love. May my hands continue to shape beauty, and may my journey inspire countless others on their artistic paths. 🌟