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Mosaic Tools for all your mosaic cutting needs.
Everyone needs a pair of Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled cuttes in their mosaic tool kit.
Next comes the metal tile file, a glass/tile scorer/snapper tool, hammer, safety glasses and inspiration.

Always wear safety glasses when making mosaics to protect your eyes from grout dust glass/tesserae shards.
Wear suitable footwear and take a break to stretch!

Product Image Price- Item Name
Safety Glasses $6.00


Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses - a must!!!!!!!!! Suitable for use in workshops, labs, factories and worksites and mosaic studios Safe wrap-around design Suitable for economical general purpose, multi-wearer use It is up to the user to ensure a good fit and keep the glasses clean.  Clean carefully to avoid...
Tweezers $4.00



Tweezers - 15.5 cm length Handy when placing small mosaic pieces!
Leponitt Wheels - spares $19.00


Leponitt Wheels - spares

Pair of Leponitt replacement wheels for Leponitt Cutters. Includes an allen key.
Scorer/Cutter for Glass & Tile $19.50


Scorer/Cutter for Glass & Tile

Glass/tile/mirror -  Mosaic Plier/Scorer Sandy Says: A must have in your mosaic tool box. This tool is not available in Hardware Stores. It has a smaller wheel than the standard scorer/plier and enables an easier score and snap method for straight and curved scores and cuts. -This is one of...
Hammer, for use with Hardie, 750gm $135.00


Hammer, for use with Hardie, 750gm

Hammer with one steel and one widia ( carbide ) edge, 750gm ,  includes handle. The mosaic hammers ensure a clean and precise cut of the mosaic tiles, thanks to the sharpened edge and the high balancing that allows you to calibrate the intensity of the stroke on the material. Features: The...
Hardie, Desktop, Steel Edge, Steel base $115.00


Hardie, Desktop, Steel Edge, Steel base

Mosaic Hardy , desktop version, with steel edge. Solid steel base.  
Leponitt Mosaic Cutter $39.00


Leponitt Mosaic Cutter

Leponitt Mosaic Cutter - wheeled mosaic tool - when only the best will do! Cut glass, ceramic, china, porcelain, mirror, smalti.   Nip, cut, shape and nibble your tesserae!  The professional mosaic tool!  A must have in your mosaic tool box.  OzMosaics also stocks spare...
Tile Nipper $25.00


Tile Nipper

Straight Tile Nipper - Hardened tungsten carbide jaw - Cuts small straight sections in tiles - great to nibble around square cuts, to make circles, especially in ceramic tile!  
File $16.00



Flat Tile File - smooth and shape!   Choice of Professionals - Quality Coarse and fine filing surfaces Tungsten carbide piece construction Smooths rough tile edges on vitreous mosaic tile, glass, marble, fibreglass, concrete, bricks, slate, steel, laminate!  Also on china! *****...
Mixing Tool, Steel $17.00


Mixing Tool, Steel

Mixing Tool, Steel Sandy loves this professional grade tool and uses it for: - mixing thinset and epoxy - stirring grout and adding tints -applying adhesive to substrates or tessera -etching for special effects -special effect background rendering in mosaics (using thinset). -Long handle makes it...
Tile Cutter - 30cm Slider $35.00


Tile Cutter - 30cm Slider

Tile Cutter - 30cm Slider 300mm Economy Tile Cutter Push action wall tile cutter Lightweight construction with steel base and polished dual rails Sandy and her students love this cutter! Cut strips of ceramic wall and floor tile up to 30cm in length! Sandy has amazing tips and tricks to use this...
Mosaic Cutter - Wheeled (DTA) $30.00


Mosaic Cutter - Wheeled (DTA)

Tile Nip and Shaper - Red Handled Wheeled mosaic tool - DTA - Wheeled mosaic tool, adjustable wheel - economical tool - good starter tool - cuts china beautifully Sandy Says - This is a good tool for the beginner and it cuts china, especially plates.  Both the Leponitt and this wheeled nipper...
Sponge - Grouting $3.50


Sponge - Grouting

Spreader - plastic notched $3.00


Spreader - plastic notched

Plastic Adhesive Spreader - 4mm square notched edge designed for small wall tiles - Perfect for small repairs or spreading small quantities of mastic or thinset. - Very affordable, use once or re-use Q: How do you get an even spread of adhesive to a mosaic surface/substrate? A: Use a notched...
Spreader - metal notched $5.00


Spreader - metal notched

Adhesive Spreader - Galvanised Combination Adhesive Spreader 4mm - 4mm square and 4mm v-notch edged design - durable galvanised steel construction Sandy's favourite adhesive spreader!   Perfect for vitreous mosaic tiles!  Get it right the first time with this fabulous spreader...
Mesh - Fibreglass per Metre, 118cm wide $9.00


Mesh - Fibreglass per Metre, 118cm wide

Fibreglass mesh, 118cm wide, 165gsm, approx 5mm squares.

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