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Glass mosaic tiles 2x2cm

Incredible value, quality mosaic glass vitreous tiles.  Beware of low grade glass tiles.
OzMosaics stocks mosaic glass tiles suitable for reshaping with Leponitt mosaic tile cutters!
Buy a strip of 15 tiles or a sheet of 105 tiles, or contact Dave for special order groupings.
The sheets of mixed colours are a great way to build your mosaic supplies.  

Strips are priced in colour grades.  15 tiles for 50c, 15 tiles for $1.00 and 15 tles for $1.50.  Visit the Strips Product Section for all the colours and prices!

Sheets are priced in lots of 105 tiles.  Price of colour grades goes from $3.00, $6.00 and $9.00 for 105 tiles per sheet!
Buy a base colour sheet of 105 tiles and add some strips of colours for shading!  Great way to build your stocks of colour shades in mosaic glass tiles!  


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