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Sandy Robertson - Mosaic Artist & Instructor. Fine Art, Bespoke Art, Public & Community Projects, Studio & Online Mosaic Shop - Huge range of Mosaic art & craft supplies/mosaic classes & workshops - mosaic tiles, tools, mesh, smalti, art glass etc. Brisbane 3847 4873 email [email protected] Everything for mosaics in the mosaic store. Learn to mosaic!

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January 2013 - snapshots 5 day workshop

Mosaic workshop australia

5 day Mosaic Workshop - BOOK NOW!

hammer t_animado
A great mosaic experience!  Mosaic Work & Play!
Nip, shape, smash & crash like you never have before!
Go beyond the mosaic limits!
Your mosaic instructor  & mosaic guru - mosaic artist Sandy Robertson!
Modern mosaics have come a long way over the last 2 decades and Sandy is often a mosaic step-ahead.
Never happy to rest on her mosaic laurels, Sandy has a genuine love of mosaic experimentation and loves to grow with her students mixing traditional and modern mosaic methods.
Find what moves you in mosaics!
Learn, share, grow and have fun with mosaics in Brisbane!  
Book into the 5 day workshop and experience the OzMosaics difference!
Inspiration overload is guaranteed!
Work together on The Great Wall of Moz project - details below!
Comfortable, air-conditioned studio to create and a huge wall to decorate!
great wall of moz ozmosaics mural 1
 mosaic wall mural brisbane australia





 Wait for the surprise mosaic designs!

Brisbane:  5 day mosaic workshop  9 - 5 pm daily $550.00 (incl gst).  

Min 4 students - Max 6 students
Note: Mosaic experience is necessary for the Mosaic Week. We have scheduled a 
special Beginners Workshop on the Saturday prior to the Mosaic Week.
Students in the 5 day workshop are expected to be up to speed with the mosaic mesh method.
OzMosaics beginner workshop (1 day) is a great way to learn the mosaic mesh method and many of Sandy's tips and tricks.
It is so much more than the usual beginner class!
Not sure?  Please email details/photos of your mosaic experience, other mosaic workshops attended and photos of your mosaics.

B&B Accommodation is available, but book early to avoid disappointment. See below for more details.

Deposit:  $200.00 with booking
If you cancel up to 3 weeks prior to your workshop, your deposit will not be refunded unless another student is found to take your booking.

  MOSAIC WEEK  -  2018         

Monday 29th  - Friday 2nd November                    AVAILABLE

      (  Beginners Mosaic  Workshop available on Saturday 27th October  )


All students will work OzMosaics studio project - the GREAT WALL OF mOz!
A huge concrete block wall surrounding Studio OzMosaics!
Just turn up with your apron and lots of enthusiasm to try out many techniques!
Why work on OzMosaics Great Wall of mOz?
No need to worry about designs, substrates, tools, what to make, shipping or materials!  
Lots of hands-on mosaics and fun!  Use the hammer and hardie and OzMosaics incredible range of Dynasty smalti!

Mosaic on fabulous large scale mosaic shapes, including whimsical and modern shaped, hand-formed planters and crazy toparis, butterflies and abstract circles.  Always wanted to work with intricate cutting of china, pique assiette style by Sandy is really quite amazing!
Flower power with 3-D china!  Australian natives and creatures with whimsical and weird eyes!
Creeping vines made from wine bottles and exquisite mosaic ferns, mosaic portraits within flower centres and much, much more!  

Fantastic substrates await, design options and tesserae for each section to inspire students!

It's taken Sandy some time to bring this workshop concept to the mosaic table, but students will really benefit.

More interesting mosaic experiences, diversity - and fun!  Yes, you are helping make an amazing mural but you are taken from making small, restricted mosaic samples in a workshop to really getting stuck into mosaics that allow your creativity to soar! You also find what you like to do in mosaics and you can experience "mosaic musical chairs!".  When the music stops (haha) or you are ready to try something else, swap with another student or select another mosaic in progress from the wonderful mosaic substrates, patterns and materials.  Grout indoors or outdoors.  Install mesh mosaics on light-weight board or cement sheeting, work on layered substrates, work directly on the wall or in comfort at the workbench.
Sandy's tips and tricks allow you to work faster, more efficiently and add that special OzMosaics flair!

Know your glues!  OzMosaics uses professional Laticrete Australia products.  Students will take their mosaic art to new heights using thinset (cement based adhesives), epoxy grouts and adhesives, sanded grout, Mac glue, Weldbond, waterproof membranes and more.  Special effects are Sandy's mosaic forte!  Where others are just getting the idea, Sandy introduced  many of the techniques and still thinks outside the mosaic square.  Enthusiasm abounds, be part of this wonderful environment.  Expect the unexpected!

Work on a section of a cement torso - do your own thing or be guided by Sandy.
Pour one while you are here.
Use the wet saw!   Cut cups in half if you must to include in the Great Wall of mOz.
Spin the mosaic bottles with Sandy for special mosaic effects.
Bring along your mosaic questions and enjoy mosaic group discussions.

When you arrive back home after the workshop, you may want to do a large scale mural or put the techniques you learn at OzMosaics into a small project - no matter what, you will be confident to mosaic on! Y
You may make samples of techniques home with you or be confident from your experience, notes and workshop alone!  Less samples, more large scale work really makes sense!    Refer to your photographs!

Want to know how to enlarge and enhance your mosaic designs?  It's easy when you know how..

Students at the workshops may not video OzMosaics workshops or studio and projects, without permission.
Sandy's techniques are for students only - not to be uploaded to Facebook or given to other mosaic teachers, without Sandy's approval, during the workshop or afterwards.  Mosaic teachers are welcome to book into a workshop. This is fair to Sandy and Sandy's enrolled students.

It has taken Sandy many years of hard work, experimentation, community and public mosaic projects/teaching near and far, and hands-on experience to hone her techniques.
Permission must be sought to share media or notes and shared information must give due acknowledgement to Studio OzMosaics/Sandy Robertson. 
In due course, OzMosaics tutorials and mosaic projects will be available in MOSi, Mosaic online School, where OzMosaics students and others interested persons may enrol in Mosi.  
This will be very exciting and OzMosaics students will be offered special incentives and discounts.
The making of the Great Wall of Moz will be shown in MOSi along with many other projects and workshops.
The many mosaic projects included in the GWOM will be featured in MOSi and tips and tricks, of which there are many!

Students attending OzMosaics workshops may be photographed and filmed during the workshop.  You will be offered the chance to be excluded if this does not suit you, but you are assured of fun  -  often it will simply be "hands on views".  

During your mosaic week, you will use OzMosaics materials and substrates and learn lots of mosaic technique, have no pressure and have fun working on a large scale project.   Work on different projects, materials, substrates, techniques with other students across the wall mural designs - from small intricate sections to wonderful large areas to have a smashing good time, all incorporating Sandy's many years of mosaic experience and wonderful tips and tricks.

Experience 3-D, mesh, lightweight board, smalti, china, vitreous tiles, glass on glass, shattered safety glass, sculptures, light weight board, cement sheeting and more!  Try your mosaic hand at the indirect method, layered methods and fabulous cement rendering in backgrounds and mosaic inclusions.

For more information on accommodation, what to bring, transport etc. please email or phone Dave Robertson at OzMosaics Studio Brisbane 3847 4873 or email the Studio.  Sandy is happy to have a chat with you on the phone before the workshop or please email about any special mosaic techniques you are interested in during your workshop and she will do her best to help you.

Feedback from September 2013     5 day workshop:

Thanks to all who attended!
mosaic workshop class ozmosaics brisbane

The 6 students had a wonderful time!  

Thanks so much to everyone who attended this mosaic workshop. Students came from Perth, New Zealand, NSW and Queensland to experience a week of mosaics with Sandy.  The wet saw demo was a great success and one student Carol, was totally into cutting her plates, vases, cups etc for a beautiful mosaic Florist Shop mural for her home, inspired by Oliver Budd.  A mosaic zebra, 2 mosaic mirrors, a mosaic garden rock, New Zealand flowers and other mosaics were in the making during the mosaic week.  
Lots of time was spent by Sandy demonstrating mosaic techniques, sharing tips and tricks and we also found time to run a few mini mosaic computer sessions - the students were very interested to learn how to enlarge designs, photos etc for their mosaic murals etc. Happy times were spent sharing food, wine and conversation on Sandy's Queenslander deck after the workshop.  We had two guests stay in our B & B, thanks to Shar and George for your company, friendship and of course mosaic enthusiasm!

January 2013 

Student feedback: January 2013:
by Margaret Laasonen WA (thank you Margaret, hope to see you again soon!) hugs Sandy

In January I was lucky to attend a week long Mosaic Marathon Workshop run by Sandy Robertson in Brisbane. 

I first met Sandy 6 or 7 years ago on Norfolk Island when she was an artist in residence for a mural project to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Pit Cairn Islanders arrival on Norfolk Island and always said one day that I would visit her studio in Brisbane on my way home from one of my annual visits to Norfolk Is. This course was timed just right and what a full-on week of mosaicking it was!

Sandy and her husband Dave live in a big Queenslander house in the hills just south of Brisbane. Backing board and vase ready.

They have accommodation for out of town students (with full board as an option) and I had the upstairs 'Diva suite', and downstairs was a lovely 'granny flat' used by Penny from Adelaide. The house and garden were more like an art gallery, full of Sandy's mosaics. Downstairs was completely given over to the mosaic classes, a large air conditioned studio which led out to a lovely pool, a well-supplied shop and a work area which was Dave's domain.

Sunday, our first class and we were in the studio by 8:30am - our mission (project) - to make a 3D vase of flowers on a black cement board with the tiles we were given and any wine bottle, old china plates, cups, mugs, beads, copper wire, mirror glass from the 3d elements create the composition. Huge stacks of stuff that Sandy had on shelves, in shopping trolleys , in buckets and jars, around the garden and studio.The most important thing we had to use was the thinset, a 2 part latex mortar adhesive, the mainstay to building a 3D design. We had to use black for our vase of flowers but the latex can be mixed with white or coloured grout to achieve any colour. We learnt how to smash wine bottles to use for leaves, cut petals from china, pipe thinset to be part of the design, make stamens from copper wire, and much more.

Sandy's enthusiasm and energy was amazing and by 5:00pm we had eight fantastic and each very different vases of flowers, some of us were still adding finishing touches at 6:30. Grout, gold and wire all add interest.On Monday we cleaned up our 3D flowers then started our planned projects, while waiting for help from Sandy. I didn't have a big project planned but wanted to learn and practice using smalti.Sandy and Dave stock a new glass smalti from China -Dynasty - it comes in an Antique and Modern range with about 100  (264!) beautiful colours in each. I loved it.

Just as well I didn't want to work on my own project, there was so much going on,Sandy would buzz around from student to student calling out to come and see how to do this and how to fix that, it was a real hands on learning experience. There was a wonderful camaraderie among the eight students. Wactually worked quite hard but loved what we were doing, laughed lots and had fun !

Sandy and Dave are a great team, Sandy our inspiration and motivator with Dependable Dave as support to cut boards, prep substrates,  find stuff, serve morning tea and lunch by the pool, prepare great dinners, fix tools, run to the shops for French Champagne.

By Tuesday we had added butler to Dave's list of jobs and he brought champagne, glasses, and nibbles down to the studio every day at 5:00pm !

Friday arvo arrived all too soon, Dave carefully packed precious projects for their trips home, and we celebrated a wonderful week of mosaics, new friends and great fun with Indian takeaway, and of course champagne, on the lovely Queenslander verandah.I flew home to Perth on Saturday full of inspiration and even more enthusiastic for my hobby of mosaics. I'm sure I'll be detouring to the OzMosaics studio on another trip to Norfolk Island soon.

Happy Mosaicing, Margaret

2013 September Workshop Project:  It was fabulous!

2013 workshop: Make a mosaic mural on Lightweight Mosaic Board - supplied by OzMosaics $55.00

During this mosaic week Sandy will share her tips and tricks, provide demos on many mosaic methods, including mixed media mosaics, smalti, special effects, working with thinset, making mosaic substrates, 3-D forms, glass on glass and mosaic underlays and more.  We will do as much as we can in the time available.  Watch the demos, ask questions and work away on the Great Wall of mOz project and make samples to take home.  

Your mosaic substrate will be waiting for you! hanging hardware installed, hanging wire and prepped with waterproof membrane.

If you are travelling to OzMosaics, we can organise to ship your mosaics back home for you but we recommend working on the Great Wall of mOz project and gaining experience across the many mosaics in progress for the huge outdoor mosaic project.  No lugging anything home or shipping expenses.  Go home and build your mosaics on your workshop experience and tips and tricks.

Sandy Says:
"I am looking forward to meeting the students and enjoying making and sharing the joy of mosaics with the group!  I appreciate the distance some of the students are travelling to attend my mosaic workshop; the babysitting arrangements and school holiday plans which have had to have workarounds!  Don't forget to bring your swimming togs (if it's summer!)....(or we may have our spa boiling...) as the pool is just outside the studio door and you are welcome to take a dip between mosaic nips"....  See you all soon!  Safe travels! 

Immerse yourself in mosaics for a week with other mosaic addicts!
Stay with us at OzMosaics Studio for mosaic overdose or go home at night to recover!
What a great gift for someone special (Birthday, thank you, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or early Christmas ....!)
Imagine working on your mosaic every day, no packing up each night, sharing mosaic stories, adventures with other mosaic enthusiasts and having a wonderful time at OzMosaics Studio!
Call/email Sandy or Dave to discuss your mosaic mural or take this opportunity to hone your mosaic skills. If you can drag yourself away from your own project, you can help put some mosaic artwork on the huge wall surrounding Studio OzMosaics!  Great hands on experience with mesh to walls and direct mosaics, flat and 3-D!

What's included?
-Tuition -
Sandy will assist each student with their mosaics on a rotation basis or as called for.

Everyone will learn and gain more mosaic experience with their own project and projects by other students

-morning/afternoon tea - tea/coffee/biscuits.
Please advise if you require special milk etc.
Lunch- Bring your own or use our mosaic kitchen.

OzMosaics can arrange your lunch at extra cost (ie pizza, sandwiches, take-away, chicken etc). This will be added to your account and settled on last day.

Swim - depending on the weather, bring your swimmers, the studio is poolside!  Wear old clothes, we get down and mosaic dirty! 

Purchase made for materials used during the workshop or if you wish to shop before you leave in our Studio Store, will be added to your final account.  Eftpos, credit card (Visa/Mastercard), cash accepted.  American Express not available. 

We have lots of Dynasty Smalti, glass vitreous tiles, bling glass tiles, glues, grouts, sealers, tools etc. Just make sure to order any special colours or materials prior to your workshop.
Accommodation at OzMosaics Studio:

Please check availability re- accommodation at booking time.
- $75.00 per day per person incl breakfast
We can accommodate 4 students - 2 in the granny flat studio (queen size bed and fold out lounge) and our Diva Room has two queen size beds (book it for yourself or share with another student).  Bathroom is separate to the Diva Room.  All students may use the granny flat kitchen facilities.

Motels are close by and Dave will collect you and return each day. See Accommodation in the side menu for more info.

Breakfast/lunch/evening meals may be prepared by students in our granny flat kitchen or provided by OzMosaics and added to your account, as you go, during the week.  You are welcome to bring your own food items etc if you wish.

Perhaps book in the day before your workshop, settle in and go shopping to local shops with Dave for supplies.
Cafes and restaurants are within walking distance.
Takeaway can be ordered in.

Please arrange your own transport to/from OzMosaics by bus/train/taxi etc or contact Dave for more information.

Getting your mosaics home!
If you are a true mosaic addict and still gluing/grouting/
thinsetting till 5pm on the last day of the workshop, don't stress!!!!  If you reside out of Brisbane, OzMosaics will organise to get your mosaic packed and shipped to your home address (at your cost) .  Locals may collect the mosaic when it's "dry".

We are here to help make this a great mosaic experience.  Please phone or email us today for more info or to book in!

OzMosaics - Excellent instruction in mosaic art - traditional to contemporary techniques!

Photos from January 2013 5 day (some did 7 days!) mosaic workshop/retreat:
mosaic-workshop-ozmosaics-laticretePhoto courtesty of Gail (c)
8 students (Virginia, Penny, Sara, Gail, Denise, Lesley, Margaret, Stephanie with Sandy Robertson and Nick Collett from Laticrete) enjoying a fun and informative time with Laticrete epoxy grout demo!

gail-step-biloela-ozmosaics-workshop-ceramic-tilePhoto courtesy of Gail (c)
Gail is delighted to report that her mosaic on fibreglass mesh to decorate her front "entry site'" fits and will be installed soon!  Great news!  Can't wait for photos of installed mosaic.  It travelled back to Biloela well and Sandy explained to Gail how to ensure "the pieces stay put" during the drive home.  Can't wait to see what Gail does with the torso she poured here during the workshop.  Her letter "A" mosaic, which Dave cut out of our mOzboard (light weight board) looks scrumptious decorated with mosaic, featuring 3-D and the push-in to cement method.  The 5 day workshop was not just about making a mosaic, but working on samples of methods, watching many mosaic tutorials and demos by Sandy and being "inspired beyond belief". 

champagne-ozmosaics-workshop-mosaicPhoto courtesty of Gail (c)
At the end of a huge mosaic week, not the whole group, but most of us...enjoying an Indian meal on the Robertson verandah.  Dave and Sandy supplied champagne, Indian food and we all toasted a great time all round.  Not the most flattering photo of me (Sandy)....the denim shorts are very special to me, I have worn them constantly in many huge mosaic installations, I love every cement blob, tear, lots of mosaic blood, sweat, tears and joy have made my mosaic short so special (I do have a good collection of jeans, tops, aprons etc that I hang on the walls!).   These are the words of a true mosaic addict!  We hope we celebrate a mosaic workshop with you on our deck in the future!

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  • Always wear safety glasses
  • Wear closed in shoes
  • Wear a dusk mask
  • Wear protectivie clothing

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OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

Students visit from around the world to learn with Sandy Robertson. 

Dave Robertson, Customer Service & Sales Manager takes pride in running the business, co-ordinating the Mosaic School and Workshops, plus shipping out mosaic orders on a daily basis! 

There is never a dull moment at OzMosaics - we hope to meet you or make friends on Facebook.

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