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OzMosaics Artworks! Mosaic Art Professionals - Australia - Mosaic Store, Workshops, Studio - Incredible Service!

Sandy Robertson - Mosaic Artist & Instructor. Fine Art, Bespoke Art, Public & Community Projects, Studio & Online Mosaic Shop - Huge range of Mosaic art & craft supplies/mosaic classes & workshops - mosaic tiles, tools, mesh, smalti, art glass etc. Brisbane 3847 4873 email [email protected] Everything for mosaics in the mosaic store. Learn to mosaic!

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Smalti Mosaic Workshop - Australia

mosaic portrait_face_workshopSmalti Workshop Australia
Stunning Glass, beautiful mosaics!
$150.00  Book today!  maximum 6 students per workshop.

Mosaic design, exploring the colour wheel, smalti cutting techniques, adhesives, methods and more!

eye-ozmosaics-mosaic-class-australia-smalti-green         SMALTI Workshops -  2017     $150

           Saturday   5th August                           FULLY BOOKED
          Sunday     6th August                           FULLY BOOKED


  Over 264 shades of smalti glass!

Come and run your eye over the beautiful Dynasty smalti and learn how Sandy "spreads your smalti further!".....

Traditional or Modern Mosaics - it's your choice!

Travel the world, discover the beauty of mosaics - it's an incredible thing to do.... but you don't need to visit Mexico or Italy to attend a mosaic smalti workshop!  OzMosaics has it all under the one roof - smalti - tools - workshops - supplies - inpiration!

Join mosaic artist Sandy Robertson for a day and get started with smalti. 

Imagine ...
mixing smalti with china, found objects, metal, slate, mirror, ceramic, gravel....yes, it's amazing!  It's stunning and it takes your smalti mosaics to a new dimension!  Yes, you can repeat mosaics of yesteryear, print out the picture, put it under fibreglass mesh or use other methods to produce your working design......but it's also wonderful to create modern smalti artworks, with a difference!   Whatever method you use, it's about your imagination and how you make the tesserae perform. 

The tesserae should never control you.   You are always mindful of the tesserae, the shadows, the highs and lows, the reflections, the spaces in between, underneath, sides and on top....the tesserae can appear to be toppling, on edge, upside down, almost inside out....be free to experiment, put your heART into your art. 

mosaic-smalti-glass-eye-ozmosaicsBUT, it does help to have some friendly advice, inspiration and guidance along the way....See you in my smalti class!

Basic Dynasty smalti/materials -included in this workshop!
Students need to have completed Sandy's Workshop A before booking into this smalti workshop.


-All materials/tools supplied for your mosaic smalti samplers!
- see what works best for you when cutting smalti.
-Bring an apron, your lunch etc - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 38474873 to book in or discuss the class in more detail.
-We will email you after you book in with a list of what to bring, how to get here etc.

Sandy Says "Dynasty smalti - a beautiful glass in both Antique and Modern Shades.  You will love the texture and shine Dynasty smalti adds to your mosaic works.  Available in blocks, bricks, slabs and a huge range of colours, you can afford to use smalti as never before!  Most don't grout smalti due to the "pits" in the smalti bricks etc, but Dynasty has provided a glass of beauty and little pitting, so for those times you want to grout, you can!  Join me in a one day smalti workshop in Brisbane and you will soon be cutting and shaping smalti to your 'art's content.  Mix it with other mosaic materials. 

During your workshop you will make a mosaic "sampler".  It's not all about traditional eyes and faces, smalti has it's place in contemporary mosaics! You will make a modern "eye" and a traditonal mosaic "eye" easily in this class - as well as other samples.   Be prepared to be thrilled!  You will love it.  So many people are in awe of smalti, are nervous to use smalti and think they HAVE TO HAVE a hammer and hardie....well let Sandy show you her mosaic techniques using smalti...."   

...and we have so much smalti in our mosaic shop......Sandy will also show you her smalti art produced from her kiln! Dynasty smalti is amazing for use in the kiln (find out why at the workshop!). You will love the slabs of smalti ($10 each) to score and shape - and combine with the bricks, blocks etc. ($3.50 per 100g).   All colour groups, except the Gold smalti - are the same price!  No messing around with different colour groups and this means you can select from the whole range without any hassles.  How easy is that?!

 You can buy Dynasty smalti from OzMosaics! - browse through the amazing wall of smalti colour in our studio shop and buy one brick or a bag!  So easy.  We have the largest range of Dynasty smalti in stock in Australia. The gold is shimmering, the colours are mouth watering and you can fondle the smalti. 

OzMosaics Dynasty smalti glass, sample boards are beautiful and priced at $10 each (Modern and Antique Range). We recommend you order them while we have stocks as the sample boards are a wonderful resource for your mosaics or selecting colours with your clients/commissions.

A wonderful workshop with mosaic artist Sandy Robertson for beginners to smalti!
Enjoy a hands-on mosaic workshop using Dynasty Smalti!
***Suitable for students who have completed OzMosaics Workshop A.

Cost:  $150.00
Deposit:  $50 on booking, balance due at workshop.
Duration:  One Day 9-5pm
-make mini mosaics in sample form using Dynasty smalti - direct method/mosaic mesh method
-pattern/tools provided during workshop
-use Weldbond, Mac Glue, tinted cement thinset and epoxy for special effects
-shape and nip Dynasty smalti using standard tile nippers & Leponitt mosaic tile cutters
-traditional and contemporary smalti mosaic techniques/design tips and tricks

OzMosaics stocks and sells the full range of Dynasty smalti in mosaic blocks and bricks!  Stunning modern and antique smalti!
-Smalti and adhesive supplied for workshop samples, students may purchase more if required during the workshop.

Smalti glass can be used on it's own, with mixed media mosaic materials for beautiful art works:
Mosaic Artist Sandy Robertson has produced many mosaic artworks featuring smalti, recent works include 6 murals commissioned for the  The Holy Spirit Church at Carseldine, Brisbane, Queenlsand, Loreto College Brisbane and numerous private commissions for pool walls, wall murals, garden features, Fine Art Works, bespoke art.  Some murals were fabricated entirely from smalti and others included a mix of smalti /mixed media to created Sandy's unique 3-D mosaic artworks. 

Sandy brings a freshness to the use of smalti and knows there are no mosaic bounds.  Using quality products such as Laticrete, Sandy is confident your smalti artwork will last the distance.  Discover the beauty of smalti and the endless possibilities.  Smalti has been used throughout the ages and Dynasty smalti brings a new glass for mosaic artists to decorate and use in every mosaic which way!  Search the web - you will see the beauty of smalti but when you have passion for mosaics, your own works will shine bringing you endless joy and satisfaction.


 Work in progress mosaic mural 2012 by Sandy Robertson.

The large pieces shown in the "flames" mosaic, are smalti, not stained glass!
Zeng Fang provided OzMosaics with large sheets of "thin smalti tile" which scored effortlessly using OzMosaics specialized tile/scorer/breaker tool.  The secret is the small wheel on this special cutter (priced at $19.50 check it out in our webshop).  Try the tool in your smalti lesson, everyone who uses the tool, has to have one!

You will use Leponitt wheeled mosaic tile/tesserae cutters, tile nippers and more in your smalti OzMosaics class.  You can watch videos of the hammer and hardie and Sandy will share some great smalti tips and tricks!  The Dynasty Gold smalti, 24k leaf is actually fused to yellow Dynasty smalti in 2cm x 2cm blocks.  You can cut the smaltishape, you will love this gold smalti, with an antique finish.  Something new, something different - very special mosaic glass.

wip-pool-mural-centre-2This photo shows one of Sandy's commissions for a pool wall in progress.
The substrate is prepared, the border is made of Dynasty Smalti blocks.
The mosaic centre is Dynasty Smalti bricks, cut and shaped using the Leponitt Mosaic tool, which easily cuts and shapes smalti (once you know Sandy's Smalti tips!).  The tile nipper tool, mosaic metal file are also used for special edge nips and shaping.  OzMosaics beautiful bronze glass tile is used as a feature combo with the smalti.

The background of the mosaic motif (fabricated on fibreglass mesh) was surrounded with textural mosaic effects using porcelain mosaic tile.  The green circles were made by Sandy using Dynasty smalti and other glass mosaic tiles available in our online store and studio mosaic shop. This mosaic looked beautiful "in the raw" (ie no grouting) but I decided to grout it and had no problem at all (due to no pits in the Dynasty smalti I used in this project.).  Every piece of smalti in this central motif was nipped and shaped to fit into the delicate design.  The colour combination worked so wel- it was a joy to work with this client.  Three mosaics were made, a central design with two mosaics with a different design gracing at each end.


....Once you know Sandy's smalti tips and tricks, practice at home after your workshop at OzMosaics and see the opportunities to include Dynasty smalti in your mosaic artworks, whether a few pieces or an entire mosaic of smalti...you will fall in love with smalti.   Sandy loves to mix it in with many forms of tesserae, that's really important.   Smalti is produced in Italy, Mexico and China - all three smaltiproducts bring beauty to your mosaics.  Sandy will show you her stocks of these materials during the workshop. 

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  • Wear protectivie clothing
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OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

Students visit from around the world to learn with Sandy Robertson. 

Dave Robertson, Customer Service & Sales Manager takes pride in running the business, co-ordinating the Mosaic School and Workshops, plus shipping out mosaic orders on a daily basis! 

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You are here: Home Workshop C - Smalti