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OzMosaics Artworks! Mosaic Art Professionals - Australia - Mosaic Store, Workshops, Studio - Incredible Service!

Sandy Robertson - Mosaic Artist & Instructor. Fine Art, Bespoke Art, Public & Community Projects, Studio & Online Mosaic Shop - Huge range of Mosaic art & craft supplies/mosaic classes & workshops - mosaic tiles, tools, mesh, smalti, art glass etc. Brisbane 3847 4873 email [email protected] Everything for mosaics in the mosaic store. Learn to mosaic!

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Mosaic Vitreous Glass Tile

A wonderland of colourful glass mosaic tiles.
It's easy to be overwhelmed at first.....but that's a good thing!
OzMosaics studio shop is often called the Mosaic Lolly Shop!

Click this link for a large image of the tile chart.

OzMosaics stock a quality product but more importantly we will inspire you to make fabulous mosaic art from these little beauties -vitreous glass mosaic tile range includes opal effect, swirly, gold-streaked, mini, and more!

Vitreous mosaic tiles are resistant to fading, frost, water, chemicals and may be used indoor and outdoor.  Suitable for birdbaths, swimming pools, spas, fountains and garden decor.  Stunning in bathroom and kitchen mosaics or feature areas

These tiles add value to your garden, living environment and business areas.Mosaic tiles are the perfect complement for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom to boardroom providing a practical and functional look.  Perfect for sink splash backs, decorator nooks, entry areas, mirror surrounds, bathroom inserts or bedheads!   Why not a full wall?  Mix and match to suit your style.

You may purchase one tile, a strip of tiles (15), a sheet of tiles (105) or a handful.....or a mixed bag of colour families. You will see the tiles up close in the mosaic shop.The prices vary due to colours and materials used to make the tile.

Pale colours are less expensive than reds, opals and gold-streaked. Often the basic colours can be highlighted with sprinkles of the luscious range. This will be evident in the gallery of mosaics in the OzMosaics shop - see how Sandy and others have worked their magic to make the tiles work to any mosaic mood.


The 2cm x 2cm x 4mm (3/4" x 3/4" x 1/8") glass tile, is a mosaic industry standard.  Amazing mosaics around the world are crafted from these tiles.

The mosaic journey begins from your first basic half cut....you will experiment and learn that from basic half cuts to lovely leaves and flower petals, you get some fabulous cuts and shapes.

Suddenly the tiles are not "square" any more, they are shaped to your bidding...It's a great moment when you discover yourself in the mosaic zone.

Don't be pedanticthat every mosaic needs to be dead flat!   Mixing tile of different thickness creates texture and beauty - light bounces off the uneven surfaces. If you are making a table, you may wish to buy tiles of the same thickness (there are mosaic methods to fabric and even surface from different thickness of tile - the indirect method or reverse mosaic method - if you need to do this!).... but dare to work with texture, you will love it.

You will find when searching for glass mosaic tile that different brands will carry the 2cm x 2cm tile, this is very helpful. It's easy to see that stone, ceramic and mirror can be different thickness - so plan your mosaic before you start - or be like Sandy, who can't resist a tile! Beware the cheap tile that crumbles when you cut.....a waste of your money and time.

OzMosaics tiles are all tried and tested....some colours do need a little extra care, due to their graininess, so to speak, but the colours are good to use, so Sandy knows how to handle these tiles. It's a matter of experience and how you hold and shape the tile. It's not the tiles fault, it's the cutter and the mosaic craftsman. Once you know how, you can have your tile and cut it too!

Some vitreous mosaic tiles are very smooth on the surface and some have mosaic pitting in the surface. Both surfaces bring to the mosaic table a different look and benefit. Some will argue that the pits are a pain in the ! as they fill with grout, but I love this as it creates mood and feel in the tile.

Why, oh why, do we live to have perfection when it's the imperfections, little pits and flaws that tie the mosaic together - giving the mosaic emotion!

Of course Sandy has shared great tips and tricks on how to get around pits, if you need to; just keep an open mind to finishes and imagine the grout as your mosaic mate and allow it to do it's thing!

When you turn a mosaic glass tile over you will notice some have ridges or lines. These indentations on the back of the tiles allow the tile to grip the glue and surface of your substrate. Sandy has tips to share on how to make these work for you too! Indoor or outdoor these little beauties will give you a lasting mosaic to be proud of.

What do you cut these tiles with?
Drum roll please!   The best tool - the Leponitt Mosaic Tile cutter. It's Sandy's favourite tool in the whole wide world of mosaics. If you don't have one, don't ask how to mosaic. You have to have one.

Yes, I know, just about every garage has a standard, heavy tile nipper, but it's not the nipper for vitreous tiles for delicate shaping and it's heavy to handle. You will use this tool and well stock a great tile nipper.

You will gradually fill your tool box with what YOU need - not what you are forced into.....that's why my mosaic workshops and dvd assist the beginner to know what is needed to suit the style of mosaic making is for you!Enrich and refine work and living spaces with long-lasting, beautiful mosaic artworks.

Note: Not recommended for extremely heavy wear - for example skate boards or heavy motor traffic. Take care in slip zones. If in doubt, make samples and test in expected installation areas.
Consult your council for stress and slip tests.Crafters, artists and clients range from students, interior designers, contractors, builders, decorators, re modelers and school students - these tiles are quality and fit the most exacting tastes!Use the mosaic mesh method and create your dream mosaic panels - make your own mosaics and save money! Let us show you how or othewise contact us for a quote for a "made to order" mosaic especially for you!

*Use a pair of Leponitt Mosaic Tile Cutters to get the best results when nibbling/shaping these tiles.
* Purchase a mosaic tile file for excellent smoothing and shaping of mosaic tiles.
*Buy a tile grid - you will be so glad you did!
Borders are a dream using the grid and Sandy has taken the grid method to a whole new level - find out how to do it Sandy Style! You could put together your swimming pool friezes! Children love the grids too - hours of happy mosaic making!

Health & Safety:
Wear safety goggles when cutting mosaics!   Wear shoes   Use a dust pan and broom to sweep up shards.

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OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

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Dave Robertson, Customer Service & Sales Manager takes pride in running the business, co-ordinating the Mosaic School and Workshops, plus shipping out mosaic orders on a daily basis! 

There is never a dull moment at OzMosaics - we hope to meet you or make friends on Facebook.

You are here: Home Mosaic glass tiles