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OzMosaics Artworks! Mosaic Art Professionals - Australia - Mosaic Store, Workshops, Studio - Incredible Service!

Sandy Robertson - Mosaic Artist & Instructor. Fine Art, Bespoke Art, Public & Community Projects, Studio & Online Mosaic Shop - Huge range of Mosaic art & craft supplies/mosaic classes & workshops - mosaic tiles, tools, mesh, smalti, art glass etc. Brisbane 3847 4873 email [email protected] Everything for mosaics in the mosaic store. Learn to mosaic!

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OzMosaics has everything you need to make mosaics!
& massive range of mosaic Supplies
Buy mosaic supplies online in OzMosaics Mosaic Store.
Contact us to organise Gift Certificates
Special project?  Contact us for a chat?

School, Public & Community Art Projects & Management
Break, & create at Studio OzMosaics!
Sandy & Dave Robertson look forward to your participation in our fabulous mosaic workshops in Brisbane.  Beginner, Advanced & Special Project classes.
Student comments November 2017:

Beginner Class:   "When I attended OzMosaic Beginners course I knew not one thing about mosaics.  Boy did that change quickly!  Sandy is absolutely bursting with knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, techniques, tips, tricks and great mosaicing stories.  The workshop had a lovely welcoming and personable atmosphere and her passion for mosaicing is just so contagious.  By the end of the day I felt so motivated and confident to start my own mosaicing journey.  An absolutely fantastic day and so worthwhile for anyone who wants to try this fun craft! "    Michelle.

Advanced Course:  Wow!  Talk about value for money!  Our day was jam packed with even more information, techniques and hands on fun!  And the nicest part is that I took home a unique 3D mosaic that was my personal creation, yet made with the help of Sandy’s expert knowledge.  Not sure if the best part was smashing wine bottles, cutting glass, oozing grout, or just the great company!  I’d definitely recommend this course to challenge those further who have already done the Beginners Course.  Fantastic!".   Michelle

Special occasion coming up for a creative friend?  
Surprise them
with an OzMosaics Gift Voucher
They will love it.  Perfect for mosaic supplies or a mosaic workshop.
Contact Dave Robertson, Studio Manager on 07 3847 4873
to purchase the Gift Certificate which can be mailed or posted.
mosaic table
Imagine yourself in a mosaic workshop.
Learn to mosasic or update your mosaic skills.  Fun, creative and wonderfully addictive.

Your mosaic teacher, Sandy Robertson, looks forward to meeting you and sharing the joy of mosaics!
Beginner classes, advanced, 3D, smalti.  Learn the pique assiette method, mixed media, push-in, mosaic on mesh, indirect and many other methods with Sandy's famous mosaic tips and tricks!

What colour grout should you use?  What is thinset?  What mosaic tools are needed for smalti, glass, mirror and ceramic?

Use your imagination, explore Sandy's studio and mosaic store;  be inspired to create mosaics for your home, gifts, garden and who knows where it may lead?  Love OP shops? Sandy will help you reshape and embed found objects, precious mementos and more into your mosaic art and crafts.

Create contemporary portraits of your children, friends, loved ones, pets or adorn your pool walls, pots and floors!  
Anything is possible in mosaics!

Pools, walls, seats, pots, birdbaths, sculptures, mirrors, picture frames, cars, bathtubs, floors, windows, doors, kettles just about anything that stands still long enough to mosaic on!
OzMosaics specialises in traditional to modern mosaic techniques - from flat, mixed media, 3-D, whimsical and sculptural.

August 2016 saw the installation of the mosaic mural commission for University of Queensland Water Engineering - Level 1 of the Advanced Engineering Building.
 *more info here

sandy robertson mosaic artist teacher ozmosaics

Dynasty smalti is beautiful for making interesting tesserae in your glass kiln!
Use your Leponitt mosaic wheeled cutters, standard tile nippers or Hammer & Hardie to shape this beautiful tesserae.   
Compare OzMosaics prices on smalti, millefiori, Weldbond, Leponitt tools, files, grouting accessories, Mac Glue, Laticrete products, hammer and hardies, glass tiles, mirror, sealers, mosaicstandard/sticky mesh - and more!

ozmosaics new year art

OzMosaics are Australia's professional mosaic supply store.
Great value, customer service and mosaic workshops.  
Students travel from interstate and overseas to learn Sandy's mosaic tips and tricks and absorb the creative atmosphere, with a devoted mosaic teacher.

Follow this link to set up your free online OzMosaics Mosaic Store Account or log-in and enjoy the great specials at OzMosaics Web Shop!

Hope you find some creative mosaic time in 2018!

The Mosaic Professionals

Mosaic Bathroom at OzMosaics Studio Project

Sandy dares to be different and goes wild with mosaics.  Her students and guests have seen it develop over the last twelve months and the reaction has been most satisfying!
The bathroom floor mosaic and 2 floor to ceiling shower mosaic walls, shower floor and hobs were hand cut and installed by Sandy.  Final photos will be shared in due course as more mosaic features are to come.  I hope you enjoy the photos and the "making of this mural" will be in the MOSi online school (in due course).

 dynasty orsoni smalti australia ozmosaics
Finally, I have finished the mosaic ensuite in the OzMosaic Studio apartment.  It looks fabulous and is so completely "over the top!" mosaic madness.  I truly let my mosaic heART run with the design and I am so happy to have included my mosaicking mum's mosaic lizards and a sunflower.  The photo above shows some large slabs of Dynasty thin smalti slab tiles, which are my favourite tile at the moment!  I will use one of my original mosaic tips and tricks to take off edges of some glass mosaic tile shards (the bottle shaker, yes it was my mosaic tip and is used all around the world!).  

mosaic school lessons workshop australia


Using a specialty adhesive from Laticrete, I will press the treated shards into the adhesive for an incredible mosaic grout effect!  Hopefully, I will get this done when I complete some mosaic tiling the mosaic studio kitchen!  Always something on the go!

michelle1michelle-br2The glass door panels work so well and the mosaic tiled floor is such a happy place to be!  We are waiting on the hinges for one of the door frames, once we receive the missing hardware, we will put on the front shower glass door.


 However,  our current guests are using the shower anyway and loving it.  Hard to wake up in a bad mood with a funky shower like this to wash away any worries!

If you would like to mosaic your bathroom come and learn to mosaic with me or commission me to make your bespoke mosaic artwork!  I have the most incredible installation method and design ideas, so book a consultation and have the mosaic bathroom or mosaic mural of your dreams!  Need a mosaic for your pool?  Everyone wants to know about Sandy's special mosaic method for pools, but at the moment it's a secret!  Sandy has lots of amazing new mosaic tips and tricks to share in due course - methods to transfer patterns to mosaic substrates, pool mosaics, easy shower installations etc - all will be revealed in due course!

OzMosaics has a wonderful range of mosaic glass tiles for your mosaic murals - learn to mosaic and have fun decorating or renovating your home, your style, your mosaics.  Mosaics are a good investment and made professionaly will last and last.  However, if you wish to move your mosaic or take it with you, Sandy has the perfect installation methods!  So exciting and so much more to come!

mosaic reflections mirror studio


 Mixing glass smalti tile, with mosaic vitreous tiles, ceramic, porcelain tile, mirror, pebbles rocks, found objects makes for mosaic diversity!
Whether you smash, crash, drop the tesserae for creative cuts or carefully shape, nip and nibble every piece, bring out your creativity.  If you have tried painting, pottery, ceramic and still are yearning for the perfect creative art form, mosaics will suit you as it's a never-ending journey of discovery.
Visit OzMosaics, enjoy a happy, busy, informative and hands on workshop and let your mosaic addiction begin!

Ps! Thanks to one of my best mosaic mates for giving me the black and white spot tiles to use in the bathroom.  Maureen, I was really inspired by the tiles and thanks once again!  To think this bathroom was going to be all green and white featuring fern leaves!   
I can't wait to stART on the bedroom, hallway, cupboard doors, lounge room and kitchen in the mosaic apartment!  Dave may regret telling me "Yes dear, you can go wild with mosaics in the downstairs flat".  Yipee!!!


 mosaic mural australia workshop artist ozmosaics













mosaic bathroom shower wall floor ceramic tile









before-after grouting sealing ozmosaics









This photo shows mosaic with "before and after gloss sealer" effects.



New in Store! Ceramic tiles & more!

OzMosaics are proud to bring hand made ceramic mosaic tesserae to our online Mosaic Store!  
Hand made by a Queensland ceramic artist with mosaic input from OzMosaics, it's exciting to have ceramic mosaic inclusions for our customer, clients and students to mix into their mosaic creations and artworks.
Loose leaves. pots and petals sell fast.
Contact Dave for special order or watch the shop for new arrivals.
For info on how to order and info about the ceramics visit these links and explore the products in store:
Ceramics for your mosaics  
Take a look at the ceramic flowers

Hammer and Hardie

Mosaic Hammer & Hardie traditional tools and modern PORTABLE desk top Hardies are now available from OzMosaics Web Shop - Tools Dept
The H&H will cut, shape, slice and dice your smalti, marble and a range of mixed media.  

Use your imagination and mix and match tesserae.
Sandy likes to use both the Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Cutter and a Hammer and Hardie  for efficient shaping of mosaic tesserae.
From traditional to contemporary mosaic art, mosaic tools are at your fingertips. Explore.

Proudly Australian!

ozmosaics-australian-owned-proudly-australianOzMosaics has a comfy Room on the Deck for visitors to OzMosaics, B & B - accommodation for visiting artists, friends and students (check for availability).

It's always fun, busy and exciting at Studio OzMosaics - never, ever a dull moment.  OzMosaics provides a wonderful mosaic haven - our Mosaic Workshops in Australia will inspire and excite you.

Mosaic Artworks


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  • Mosaic Online Shop
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  • Studio Store - by appointment
  • Bespoke Mosaic Art
  • Public & Community Art
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  • Always wear safety glasses
  • Wear closed in shoes
  • Wear a dusk mask
  • Wear protectivie clothing
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About us


OzMosaics provides a safe, happy environment for the making of mosaics! award-mosaic

Situatied in the hills of Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia our grand old Queenslander provides a mosaic haven for mosaic artists.

Students visit from around the world to learn with Sandy Robertson. 

Dave Robertson, Customer Service & Sales Manager takes pride in running the business, co-ordinating the Mosaic School and Workshops, plus shipping out mosaic orders on a daily basis! 

There is never a dull moment at OzMosaics - we hope to meet you or make friends on Facebook.

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